BAE Systems - RG35 4X4 Reconnaissance Patrol Utility (RPU) Vehicle [480p]

The RG35 RPU is providing the essential balance between firepower, survivability and mobility.

Crew survivability is centred around a proven "crew citadel" protection approach against mine, IED's and gunfire, through a compact design optimised for Recce roles. RG35 RPU is based on an open architecture built for multiple missions. The vehicle can be modified to transport cargo, conduct routine patrols or be outfitted with cameras and other electronics for surveillance missions.

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Author Bigg Macca (26 days)
Just who are these sale's pitch vid's intended for? the ignorant general
public dazzled by slick promotion film??, all it does is blast big bold
statements in your face and tells you nothing you really need to know about
its combat effectiveness. 

Author SalveMonesvol (6 months)
Is it necessary to pressent weapns inthe style of 90's toys commercials?

Author bestamerica (1 month)
a nice armor vehicle...
dont have to put a word -- economics -- in here video...
not important

Author Victor Ramos (3 months)
Ive been sitting here a watching all this Bae military technology stuff my
generation of soldiers,Marines,sailors and airmen are going to have a lot
of fun XD 

Author claude bawls (3 months)
Real intended purpose...riot control. Hell is coming to Britain.

Author Chiburi Splash (9 months)
Where do i buy the camping version?

Author Muhammad Nurcahyo Pratomo (8 months)
ggwp keren pokoknya

Author Unit 2357 (10 months)
But are you *sure* it's actually not a Martian rover?

Author Yuan Jimenez (11 months)

Author DakkaDakka12 (9 months)
Too slow and huge, easy rocket target.

Author Flop Flip (2 months)
Fun car

Author Miguel A Velazquez Robles (8 months)
Cost price?

Author Mohammed Al Mehairi (7 months)

Author Youcan't .Beserious (1 year)
I bet it'd be easy to put a boat in the water with that.

Author Luciano Santos (2 years)
Preciso de um carro desse, pra enfrentar a buraqueira e os assaltantes de

Author Dragon Butt (2 years)
Now if only we could replace all the humvees with these, then we'd truly be
less vulnerable.

Author Кнут Андерсен (1 year)

Author MegaDoctor2012 (3 years)
glamour crossover!!! fucking toy for west boys

Author MrVonKruger (2 years)
That comming from someone in Australia is the most funny thing I have ever
heard in my life.

Author llewellleo (1 year)
Love South African engineering.

Author Lucian Ene (1 year)
This vehicle is optimized for withstanding mines and IED's, not RPG hits.
Besides, sloped armor doesn't do much against RPG's, only reactive armor
can help. And reactive armor is found only on tanks.

Author iluvmym4 (2 years)
& a whole 8 MPG right?

Author nPsite (2 years)
1990s /QYb6TBa-LTY

Author Imprudentman (1 year)
а флаг Украины. Чего так ?

Author SanityShortage (3 years)
the dutch Fennek is better

Author WaRcRaFtIV (1 year)
It looks like an angry charging rhino.

Author GingerbreadMan1994 (3 years)
looks smart..

Author MRrHaCkZ (3 years)
@t43562 I only said that the company is British, Which it is.

Author MsAlan65 (3 years)
yes song please ;)

Author ZAman4978 (2 years)
yah, just save up bout 8 mil, then ull get it!!!!!!

Author micge92 (2 years)
what are german rheinmetall and BAE?asskickers made in europe!! Like this

Author bent540 (1 year)
1:15 a unimog could overtake this uphill by driving over it.

Author Causic (2 years)
This thing hauls ass and is not that price-E. worth looking into if you can.

Author artifice celeste (3 years)
who plays the music??

Author jonnyb1900 (3 years)
Dear Santa, i know i haven't been a good boy this year, but.......

Author john hanrahan (1 year)
Makes you mean!

Author MRrHaCkZ (3 years)
@Rammstein9317 BAE Systems is British

Author Dragon Butt (2 years)
Knowing BAE they'll mistake that for the darkest shade of green they have :P

Author woldanchampion (2 years)
sure, take one camaro and then put some HEAVY armor for he, let's see if
they can move

Author Fox hound (2 years)
so thats what will substitute the hmmwv?

Author Trung Do (2 years)
America was founded by terrorists, for terrorists.

Author Rammstein9317 (3 years)
is this American or forign!

Author ukmlmmlm (2 years)
So Please Ask Yourself! Who Is The Terrorist?

Author James IV (2 years)
And they called the Hummer a box on wheels

Author FreeTh1nk3r (2 years)
good thing it's got sloped armor to deflect incoming rounds and RPG's... oh

Author ZaTraveller (3 years)
@MsAlan65 hey, did u get the song name yet?

Author CivilCIA (1 year)
nice wide and flat sides for rpg hits :/ has anyone ever herd of slope

Author hans2406 (2 years)
German Fennek? Designed in Holland! Co-production between german and Dutch

Author Pringles352 (2 years)
who is this being built for?

Author urbansoldier1 (2 years)
nothing will substitute the hummer h1/humvee ... thrust me, nothing... i
have had them all. first was VW - Kübelwagen. second G-Model, third
Land-Rover and now :-)

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