Leadbelly - If it wasn't for Dicky

Leadbelly - If it wasn't for Dicky.
Apparently Lead Belly's influence for this song came from an Irish singer by the name of Sam Kennedy and a song he recorded about a farmer and his dead cow, this song is known as "Drimmin Dow". Lead Belly recorded his own take of this song in 1937 and named it "If it wasn't for Dicky".
Then in 1950, The Weavers adapted Lead Belly's version of this song, and turned it into a love song named "Kisses Sweeter then Wine". Seeger and Lee Hays who were part of the band molded their thoughts together for this version, and it ended up hitting #19 on the US hit parade in 1951.

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Author Dirk Puehl (11 months)
"Millions long for immortality who don't know what to do with themselves on
a rainy Sunday afternoon." (Susan Ertz)

Thus, it was actually a good thing that +john williams shared an old Lead
Belly song to his stream... I haven't listen to Lead Belly in ages, fired
up a stream on YT and promptly found this gem, one of the very few mashups
between the Blues and Irish Folk from the earlies I know of - quoth

"Apparently the folk musician Lead Belly heard Irish performer Sam Kennedy
in Greenwich Village singing the traditional Irish song "Drimmin Down" aka
"Drimmen Dow", about a farmer and his dead cow. (The song, in fact, is
called "An droimfhionn donn dilís" ("The whitebacked brown faithful
cow/calf"). It is of the type categorised as "aisling" (dream) where the
country of Ireland is given form. Most times the form is that of a comely
young woman but here it is the faithful handsome cow. Lead Belly adapted
the tune for his own farmer/cow song "If it Wasn't for Dicky" which he
first recorded in 1937. Lead Belly did not like the lack of rhythm, which
had been a part of many free flowing Irish songs, so he made the piece more
rhythmic, playing the chorus with a 12-string guitar."

The tune ended up as "Kisses Sweeter than Wine" in the 1960s...

Author Nickolas Elliott (25 days)
Good ol' Leadbelly.

Author recomputed (6 months)
Ahead of his time ….

Author TheShoreman1 (3 months)
My lyrics may not be exactly right. ...but most of you "second guessers"
are so far off that it is laughable. I know the traditional song, but
clearly leadbelly is singing his own version.... well you all are smarter
than me, more versed in traditional Insular Celtic folk music and know way
more about raising cows. ....Oh and, of course, way more in tune with the
Southern slang of that time period. Go ahead shit on my effort. But yours
is bullshit nonsense. Sorry to be blunt but....

Author toribjork10 (1 year)
i think it's "over hedges and ditches and fields he had fled, over hedges
and ditches and fields he had plowed...."

Author diecast jam (3 years)
@pauloverbey1 I think it's a touch faster and al (the other version I
mean)l, I've heard a good few other of his songs on here that are better
quality than the ones I have on the likes of Gwine dig hole, and the
library of congress albums, great stuff anyway,it's a pity I don't see the
tab for this or his version of house of the rising sun, any place on-line
if any of you guys know where I can get either or both of them from i'd
much appreciate it.

Author iraplikeyoubreathe (1 year)
Sounds like eddies in the chorus second time hedges then eddies

Author akerswizard779 (1 year)
It's the blues. There are know written words. Just do the best you can.

Author boredcrab2 (1 year)
jamma saw past. she gave a me a feeling without any feels. but the blood of
her lice still doubt of her pail. so now i sit down and eat my dry meals
but i have no butter to put in my teeth. I have no milk to soppa my bread
but the way the big ole jamma jaw did. and if if weren't for dickie...
thats what I got. pretty sure its accurate

Author neighborhoodhoodlum (9 months)
My great grandfather looks just like him

Author MrJoedonbaker1 (2 years)
A cajun would be understanding of the words

Author Joe Oneto (1 year)
He says, "a sourful ditty I will tell you right now". not If it wasnt for
dicky. This is an old Irish song that he learned from a fellow folk artist.
musha sweeter than thou, musha is milk in Galic. Pete Seger talks about
this recording.

Author OtisFan1 (1 year)
Thanks for your parody lyrics. I've been laughing so hard that my sides
hurt. Seriously, I remember many years ago hearing this for the first time
and saying, "Hey, that's 'Kisses Sweeter Than Wine' (which I knew from the
Jimmie Rodgers hit)"--Leadbelly adapted his version from an Irish
farmer-&-cow song, then the Weavers got the tune from Leadbelly and changed
it into a guy-&-gal song. Such is folk music.

Author fuckyoutube (2 years)
some of the fun in singing these real old songs is that u can change SOME
of the words around, like eveyone else has done to his songs its folk music

Author NO (4 years)
@michaelpatrickfox then i stand corrected haha

Author HiramLazarusChristian Rosenkreuz (1 year)
ooh, ooh which is sweeter than jam?

Author TheShoreman1 (2 years)
Thats the best I can come up with.

Author oupsenjoy (2 years)
Incredible sounds.....

Author upaluppa (3 years)
@mightybisons I apologize, I never noticed that I removed my video response
by accident until now. I actually uploaded the two Drimindown versions from
my folk collection to youtube months ago but I never reposted the response
to your video until now.

Author Tetsuos2ndComing (2 years)
I keep hearing Oohhh, oohh, witches wade at the dam... and at the end of
the second verse, it sounds like he sings, And a premature wife daddy gave
you his cow... 8>}

Author TheShoreman1 (1 year)
I have listened to that part over and over again and cannot make out what
he is actually singing. The gist of it is that the cow was his main
concern. So... I sing it "had no worry in life 'til it came to his cow."

Author Hulderen (2 years)
wheres the lyrics?? :(

Author Lynette Komidar (1 year)
I hear 'Kisses Sweeter than Wine', eh? I have never heard this song before.
Leadbelly changed my life in '66.

Author allenshepard (2 years)
@trilobite3339 This is actually drimmers cow and later the weavers rewrote
some of the lyrics well most of them and it then became kisses sweeter than
wine. alot of these older lyrics are hard to find. you might have luck on
the roger mcguinn folk den site and you can contact him he may be able to
help also

Author a10gary (1 year)
Dilla knows his shit.

Author Matthew Presti (1 year)
she-cow got too old to give milk, so they beat her to death, hocked her up
for fodder...poor Drimma. Now only Dicky is left. He'll soon go the way of
all cows too.

Author Joe Oneto (1 year)
He says, "a sourful ditty I will tell you right now of an old man he had
but 1 cow."

Author kenjikent (2 years)
@wms72469 Complete Recorded Works Vol 6 1947

Author Aaron McCoy (1 year)
dude was a stone cold killer

Author NO (4 years)
Another blues song turned white lol

Author 1L2E3V4I (1 year)
never privy to his wife (or life?) til it came to his cow - maybe?

Author Bloocky Blockblock (10 months)
From Matthew Presti

Author Manganzy (2 years)
Hi man ! I really really thank you !!! I don't understand everything but I
now I can begin to sing ! Thanks again !

Author 0geez (2 years)

Author Manganzy (2 years)
Hi, I'm french so I'm not good in english. I would really know the lyris of
this song ! you're talking about it but but you never show it. Please let
me know. I would of course prefer to know what leadbelly is exactly saying
but I understand it's not possible ! I'll take what you got ! Thanks in

Author m pres (3 years)
I can play this on guitar, but can't figure out the words to save my life.
Cant find it online anywhere... Anybody know? Such an awesome song!

Author Lynette Komidar (1 year)
from a G chord run down the E string from G to open E

Author neighborhoodhoodlum (9 months)
Best leadbelly tune

Author RacingMindPress (1 year)
anyone know the tabs/chords to this or what album or CD collection you can
find this on?

Author Art Homer (2 years)
Done by others as "Wicked Dicky"

Author osensei75 (2 years)
@controlesexism I would love to see your interpretation of "Dicky" lyrics.
My favorite LeadBelly song of all time. Please Pleeease respond. I've never
been able to understand enough to even guess at what he says.

Author TheShoreman1 (2 years)
Oops typo, few should be fed. Each time it says Ooh Ooh.... that means Ooh
Ooh, which is sweeter than Dow? repeats. Still can't get two short
phrases,but any descent bluesman will just make up the bits they can't
understand or remember and then say that they wrote the song!

Author Cwray27 (2 years)
@kenjikent my response to every Leadbelly song

Author justforever96 (2 years)
@trilobite3339 LOL, I think I can barely make out the lyrics to less than
half of his songs, but he is one of my absolute FAVORITE singers/musicians
EVER. I never knew he wrote the music to "Kisses Sweeter Than Wine", but
it's not surprising at all, considering the vast influence he had on music
in general. A true legend, but under-appreciated.

Author michael patrick fox (4 years)
@izaks14 It's the other way around. Leadbelly learned this song in NYC in
the 1930's from Irish folksinger Sam Kennedy, but wrote new words to it.

Author kratoplasm (1 year)
Check out Rasputina's cover of this, called Wicked Dickie.

Author RacingMindPress (1 year)
What are the complete lyrics?

Author QuintinPenola (2 years)
hes a true songster

Author psychosic666 (2 years)
thank you i love this song!!!

Author Lynette Komidar (10 months)
Paul, I checked out all the available data on this track .. wow, I am
listening to it again... I passed it around to my muso mates. Thank you..

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