SpongeBob SquarePants Dilly Dabbler TV Game

Video footage of SpongeBob SquarePants Dilly Dabbler, a TV Game that I produced while working at Backbone Entertainment in 2004. The game was released by Jakks Pacific.

It's a collection of seven SpongeBob-themed activities including a coloring book, sliding tile puzzles, a memory game, and more.

I go into a bit more detail about my work on this game here:

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Author SpongeBob (8 days)
I have that game

Author Huntet Combs (2 months)
did he really make a ick?

Author B Morris (4 months)
YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! :-$

Author Awesome Galaxy (8 months)
I remember this omg.

Author Jose Cruz (7 months)
I liked this game I had it, but my dad threw it out and I was mad so I
forgot about it

Author Jennifer Cox (7 months)

NuujjjpooiuzlZlLoll @@@ pLoooooo9KLAo@9@@ jump. L

Author Mireya Lara (8 months)
I love you spongebob

Author Carmine Baccaro (1 year)

Author josias ferreira (4 months)

Author Carmine Baccaro (1 year)

Author josias ferreira (4 months)

Author Juancarlos PLata (7 months)

Author MrVinny1113 (1 year)
These types of games were dope back then

Author Tushar Kumar (6 months)
Wat tha

Author NlDavissim (1 year)
How old was that Dilly Dabbler Game???

Author The Organization XIII (2 years)
Me too. I would just stack anchors on the patty :)

Author Simply Kenya (2 years)

Author Bfdi rocky (1 year)
That is a game not a youtube poop

Author Rleustean 'Andrew Leustean' (2 years)
mmdwxter1 it does say Gary but the y looks like a l that's all do it says

Author Cristina Hernandez (1 year)

Author Rafacz Owy (1 year)
this is children

Author wwegames1 (2 years)
i hathis wen i was 8 i still have it im 12

Author TheAwesomeGamerPro (2 years)

Author B Swizzle (2 years)
omg i had this game when i was little i miss it

Author daylan cunningham (2 years)
lol i had this when i was 4

Author Nemo Shipley (1 year)
5:05 what kind of picture is that

Author Faded Unicorns (1 year)

Author stormyluanne (2 years)
┏━┳━━━━━━━━┓ ┃◯┃╭┻┻╮╭┻┻╮┃ ┃╮┃┃╭╮┃┃╭╮┃┃ ┃╯┃┗┻┻┛┗┻┻┻┻╮ ┃◯┃╭╮╰╯┏━━━┳╯
┃╭┃╰┏┳┳┳┳┓◯┃ ┃╰┃◯╰┗┛┗┛╯╭

Author taylor person (2 years)
The comment below me is so cool:)

Author haylestormable (2 years)
The mix and match Patrick game was always my favorite on there

Author hollyxfallen (1 year)
I have this game.... somewhere

Author sabasvideo (2 years)
why are you guys showing this crap?

Author FiZzLE Meme (1 year)
looks like a cdi game...

Author anime otaku XD (2 years)
wasnt there a spongebob olympics game? i think i still have it hidden
somewhere.....but do you know what it is? its just a game of spongebob and
patrick fighting each other to see who will win the olympics, just like the
real episode!

Author TheHD345 (2 years)

Author midnite12inc (2 years)
i have that! i am now 12 and i lost it 5 yrs ago

Author mya salama (1 year)
A Rock!

Author pinkheartswithwings8 (2 years)
haha anchor sandwich

Author Meg E (1 year)
Had it but broke it

Author Tammra Mcclay (1 year)
Love it cant live without it ... laughter.... for spongbob. Some
people say its wrong too listen to him all day but me as a Mom ill really
love to let my daughter to enjoy the happiness and laughter with spongbob
too so i figure theres nothing wrong with him........!!!!!!!!

Author Sam Goldman (2 years)
lucky 3:

Author Bum Angela (1 year)
Thx alaxander.., btw I'm a Christian

Author SwimOdin (1 year)
P1P 5life

Author Teacup Dawson (2 years)
i have this

Author polinakalinina83 (2 years)

Author Abbie Hamilton (2 years)
Did he do Gary I mean the game Gary?

Author B. Deslate (1 year)
what kind of game is this

Author Melina Peza (2 years)
dont use bad words like the f word the s the b words bad

Author bill moth (2 years)

Author Simply Kenya (2 years)
Aw.... This game is on what website? It look lukes itsd really old.

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