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In this tutorial I'm going to show you guy's how to get Free Xbox Live MICROSOFT POINTS! (GLITCH).

This glitch will enable you to get 7500 Microsoft points First month, then 25,000 Microsoft points Next month & 42,500 Microsoft points the next, which you can spend on anything you want! .. YES ANYTHING!


1) Make sure you have a rewards account for your main Xbox account on Xbox Live. If you dont have a rewards account sign up to it here:

2) Sign into your main account on and on your Xbox.

3) Change your Local to JAPAN.

4) Sign out of your account on Xbox and click "Create an account".

5) Create an account as normal then join Xbox Live.

6) When joining Xbox Live set your email as your REAL email. So instead of or ect .. put at the end of your REAL email. So for me, I'd would put

7) Now set your security questions to the top one (Pick an answer).

8) Date of birth to 18+ (1990)

9) Everything else is your options.

10) Now click learn more about Xbox Live.

11) Continue to the page which offers prices, then click NO THANKS.

12) Now go to the Game Market place and search "Mortal Hunter Frontier 5" (MHF)' (This could be on Game spotlight).

13) Download if you dont have it already. If you do have the game just load it up as it is. When it loads up click the top link then write down the code with 48H above it.

14) Now log onto your Xbox Rewards account on on your main account.

15) Then click "Refer a friend"

16) Refer 5 accounts (do the @JP Glitch 5 times per day) you've created.


18) Now click refer.

19) Now once refereed, create a rewards account for all accounts you referred.

20) Once created sign into your email you used for the account set up, but instead of signing in with, you just put,

21) Once the email account and rewards set up, you can now claim the email sent to the account, and claim 400 Microsoft points on the and 100 Microsoft points on the main account. If you refer 5 per day, and keep referring 5 every day, you'll be earning 100k Microsoft points in no time.

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Music Credit:
Omar LinX & JR Mint

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Author Pain Akatsuki (8 months)
you need to go to familly and disable ^^

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Author Nico (8 months)
Music: Omar LinX - Party On Ft. JR Mint BenniB - Uncharted (Prod. Joey C)
Other don´t know guys. Give a like ;)

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Hey man I'm really lost can you just send me some codes plz if u don't want
to or can't it's cool

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so the xbox live works but how come when i enter in the bottom code it says
i can't?

Author Jesus Gonzalez (5 months)
im so lost

Author kevin giardino (8 months)
What r the names of the songs

Author SherrellHarper315 (8 months)
Burton Blake

Author Kenneth Espinoza (8 months)
It says MHF G

Author ProGamer11 (8 months)
can u help me the 30 minuet quiz not showing

Author oP Clan (5 months)
I cant set my locale or whatever its called

Author ProGamer11 (8 months)
thanks u

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Can u please send me a code im 40 msp away from mw3

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