Boss Rc-3 Loop Station demo

This is a short demo/tutorial of the brand new Boss RC-3 played on a Gibson Les Paul - Custom Ebony, and I know.. the guitar wasn't tuned, but the video is about the loopstation, not my playing.
Hope you guys like it ;)

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Author ibbajonsd (5 days)
Thank you! This was very helpful.
Do you happen to know if I can plug the looper into regular speakers
instead of an amp?

Author sidmalicious (8 days)
Skynyrd sucks - TURN IT OFF!

Author Jose Ortega (5 months)
don't you have a tuner?

Author Mohd Khairul (9 months)
tune that guitar !!!!!!!! 

Author Jacob Michaud-Pelletier (9 months)
Please tune your guitar dude!

Author Michel Brito (1 year)
you must tune up your guitar before recording & before you load up the
video to youtube

Author 거거거 (7 months)
can i use this music
and upload u tube?

Author rouanmarkus (9 months)
Bonne demo d'utilisation. Merci à toi.... et fuck the tuner !

Author Kat yeah (11 months)
lol omg, still getting pedal, but man oh man. you're playing. tune tune

Author mrwyn (1 year)
Hi...did you know your guitar is out of tune slightly?

Author shredtilyurdead (3 years)
Thanks for this vid.I just got one! and you showed me how t work the damn
thing without reading the stinkin manual XD

Author BreakingJDF (3 years)
what other equipment will i need to buy if i have the loop station cables
and amp?

Author Carlinhos Alves (2 years)
eu gostei da musicar rsrsrs, tenho ela no meu celular da motorola, em um
jogo de sinuca kkkk...

Author Roan van Straaten (2 years)
@sexypoetry its allright

Author Green St (3 years)
@awsomedude9111 I sure do.I give her 8 since there is also the GT10. The
difference with other manufacturers is that in ME 70 instead of having
different pedals (delay, phlanger etc) you got it all in one. Some other
multi effects that i've used pay more attention in recreating the sound of
well known guitarist or amplifiers. I prefer the Boss Philosophy. Plus in
the Boss ME70 the playbality is better and sounds much better than its

Author D Christ (1 year)
Which is better, this one or Twin pedal Digitech Jamman? Thanks so much for
the demo.

Author rjmprod (2 years)
Real good demo!

Author will33ify (2 years)
Those socks are smooth like black butter.

Author LeEcHeR 1 (2 years)
Yes you can. If you can connect it to the pedal, you can record with it.

Author Green St (3 years)
A stupid question. Can it be connected with a boss ME25, or ME70 pedal
system and play togehter??? Using the rc3 as a loop station and using the
effects of ME25/70 for adding the second guitar.

Author Jax0r1337 (1 year)
When I turned my amp up it also turned up the volume of the loop I
recorded. I don't have a boost pedal and I'm not particularly keen on
buying one just so I can use a loop pedal every now and again. Seems to me
the manufacturers should just make gear that works, and if they can't they
should make it known that it doesn't.

Author tietje van de berg (1 year)
is it possible to play without the beat. or to make you own with a
bassrdrum on the guitar.

Author Bubu2012100 (1 year)
Great video!!!, thank you. I wonder how one should do with the RC-3 to
record a phrase and continue to play it back without having to stop at all,
so that one can play over it without overdubbing. Also, could this simple
operation be done away of the pedal using a long cable connecting one or
two footswitches (FS-5Ux2 or a FS-6) to the STOP/MEMORY SHIFT jack (i.e. I
am thinking about setting the pedal in a rack tray with some other pedals
connected to an audio switcher). I appreciate your answer

Author Green St (2 years)
@awsomedude9111 Boss is a great manufacturer and the ME70 won't let you
down. I give her an 8,5. Its close to perfect. I wouldn't change that
because BOSS has concentrated all the knowledge of its pedals to one Pedal
Effects board. Unlike Line 6 or Zoom models that try to copy sounds from
amps or guitar heroes. If you need something better than that check the
GT10 from Boss.

Author thedorkfinder (2 years)
why must you idiots insist on not wearing shoes.

Author Paul Woida (1 year)
Hey man! Is it possible to set it up so that if I had two loop petals I
could run them in-sync? In other words can I a loop on two different loop
petals with out them getting off from one another? I've been looking
everywhere for someone to show how to do it.

Author ZOMBIELANDakaUSA (3 years)
@gbsons The douchebag whiners will give a shit per tunings, these same
douchebags probably are the spellcheckeeng trolls as wellll some will
always find fault in something, sad what drives some

Author soonerred22 (1 year)
May your next purchase be a tuner.

Author Roan van Straaten (2 years)
why a boss rc3 looper and not a DigiTech Jam Man Solo Looper?

Author Louis Takooree (3 years)
can you plug a mic in? is there one built in?

Author Levon Gevorgyan (2 years)
Bryson Andres brought me here ! =)

Author PeterPeli (2 years)
Thanx brother...I`ve had to watch a few tutorials on this box in order to
master it... Your vid provided very helpful info not covered in others.

Author DarthNater96 (3 years)
@breakingJDF A guitar

Author turoniner (1 year)
Yes, this sounds like an obvious amp issue. You need a powerful amp that
can handle two guitar parts at the same time. Not the pedal's fault.

Author Einfach Valle (2 years)
there are 99 Loopstores but 10 preasigned i think..

Author humblejumpify (2 years)
ha!! funny

Author matt hebert (2 years)
do you want to sell it

Author NordicPete1 (3 years)
I bought this for live performances only, i.e. no recordings stored into
the pedal ahead of time, everything done live. Can the overdub feature be
turned off? If I record something and then press the pedal once (or even
twice) it goes into overdub mode, so I'm forced to record 2 lines when I
only want one (even when I press the pedal twice to stop recording it still
records a little bit). I want 1 recording and control of when that
recording play back. Please help!

Author Keepsu (3 years)
@nightoftheshape Yes, just 10. Starting around 1:23, the uploader scrolls
through rhythms r3 - r9, and then r0 - r3.

Author Ben Tweedy (1 year)
Chris....just add a distortion pedal in front of the looper.

Author sexypoetry (2 years)
@zvennn ...can i stick the mike in it?

Author Louis McCall (3 years)
How long is the max loop time on it?

Author Nicolas Castillo (2 years)
How may it sound to have two different things plugged into the station at
once? -a guitar and mic for example

Author LeEcHeR 1 (2 years)
No, you'll stop everyting. But you can do that with the Boss RC-30 if I'm
not mistaking.

Author UKToneKing (2 years)
nice socks

Author Keepsu (3 years)
@nightoftheshape Yes.

Author misBeaC (2 years)
can you connect it to a microphone and then redord with it?

Author Andy G (1 year)
haha +AA comedy vid. ordered one today

Author Darragh Kennedy (2 years)
hey, thanks for the demo, im seriously thinking of buying one of these, but
i have a question! do you know the way holding the pedal down will take
away ONE recording and holding it thereafter will get that recording back,
well is it possible to take away TWO previous recordings at once, and then
get them back at once also?? Thanks!

Author AhoyCaleb (1 year)
Does this work with a microphone, too?

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