Bronze age copper smelting

Bronze age copper smelting during the "Iron smelting days" & ancient metalworkers weekend in Archeon (Alphen a/d Rijn, Netherlands), 17 October 2010. I performed my first demonstrations on how copper smelting could have taken place during the bronze age 2000-800B.C. The smelts were succesful, and yielded 3-4kg copper from 10kg malachite ore in two runs of the furnace. Each run took about 2-3hours, and used up about 4kg of charcoal. At the end of the video you can see a big lump of copper stuck to the bottom, weighing about 2kg. I also smelted some tin in the smaller furnace to the left. Both the tin and copper will be used to cast into bronze tools or weapons later on.

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Author Leon612 (4 months)
What was that furnace made of? And why didn't it melt? 

Author ikki (7 months)
waar kan je malachite kopen?

Author Aj halo (2 months)
Looks fun

Author rebecca manley (8 months)

Author FRXable (2 years)
@cowofthemonth Hello. I've not tried any sulfides yet. The temperatures
shouldn't be any different. The only difference is that you need to roast
the sulfides first in an oxygen rich open fire, to burn off all off the
sulfur. It's important this is done completely, as any sulphur left will
make the copper/bronze weak.

Author Froddofromtheshire (3 years)
Smelting copper barefoot = 100% badass

Author Artexerxes101 (2 years)
Could you make a video that explained the steps of how copper was smelted
during the Bronze Age?

Author FRXable (3 years)
The ore I used is mainly malachite, with some azurite and cuprite mixed in.

Author cowofthemonth (2 years)
@FRXable have you smelted sulfide ore, other than cuprite? I want to try
with some bornite/chalcopyrite, but it seems that malachite is more popular
as it requires lower temperatures. cheers, nice vid.

Author GIDMOTO (3 years)

Author cowofthemonth (2 years)
@FRXable cheers, really helpful. thanks

Author RaveleijnRidder (4 years)
het is toch altijd weer indrukwekkend zo iets

Author vtgandalf1 (3 years)
This is truly amazing! Looks so simple! Do you have more videos about it?
Could you show us?

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