Jesse Ventura Ozark illuminati Underground

Jesse Ventura Ozark illuminati Underground

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Author Indigo Braveman (5 months)

Author Thrillcekr (4 months)
Missouri has caves all over the state. Many of which are being turned into
complexes businesses can rent because they're cheap. No building
maintenance and dirt cheap utilities because caves maintain a constant and
human friendly temperature. The company I work for used to have a plant
that built seats for Ford trucks in one of those caves. This stuff is
complete bullshit. These people are complete nut cases.

Author Lance Hall (5 months)
If these guys can just drive in like that then they had permission.
Although I suppose if you have areas just for bulk storage you could also
have restricted areas for living and the "storage" could just be cover.
There must be an extensive ventilation system to keep the carbon monoxide
out and fresh air coming in. That's where all those electric (assumed)
vehicles are useful, they must be strictly for inside use not shuttling
from a city. Notice they are all just sitting there waiting. I don't get
why they would even be there if the place is ONLY for storage and they are
not all employee cars.

Author Jissamar (3 months)
Are just wrong or are you on their side ? this is the new Monsanto

Author 10toria19 (5 months)
Good grief, everyone knows the Ozark Underground is used for cheese

Author Thrillcekr (4 months)
The thing these fruitcakes never think of is that if this was a "hideout"
why would you make it so easy to see from the road? And why are there big
fucking signs outside of them telling you they are there? Lol. 

Author Richard Perez Bello (2 months)
Jesse Ventura Ozark illuminati Underground:

Author Rylee Harrison (4 months)
I live here where you are talking about!!!!!!!! hahahah i will live the end
of the world suckers!!

Author Brandi Foster (5 months)
That is the Springfield Underground.... It is nothing more than a Storage
unit 100 feet underground. It does not go to PENSMORE Mansion. ANYONE who
believes this video is soooo stupid. Please do us all a favor and remove
yourself from the Gene pool..........

Author Philip Verso (5 months)
there is a underground base in the arctic miles long.

Author Kellen Fitzpacktrich (5 months)
More interesting Illuminati information. I have been recording videos like
this with Replay Media Catcher, here is the link: I am going searching for a
better copy of this episode, thanks for posting!

Author Jacoby Mast (8 months)
I'm from Springfield Mo and my best friends grandparents own the
Springfield underground i talked to them and they said they talked to
Jessie to get permission to go down there.

Author Jeffrey Jenness (1 year)
This is so dumb. It is a business complex with lots of different
businesses inside. Its a limestone mine that they have hollowed out and
now lease the space inside....1,500 people work there. Its not even in the
Ozarks, it is in Kansas City. It has a water park and amusement park on
top of it and is well known in the Kansas CIty area. It looks really cool
actually its called subtropolis. It seriously took me about 30 seconds of
research after watching this video to find out Jesse is once again lying
through his teeth. He knew it was in Kansas City, knew it was a business
park, and probably saw the damn amusement park on top of it. What a
ratings whore...I will never watch his show or take him seriously again.

Author Jason Black (1 year)

Author Steve Man (2 years)
i swear i can't believe we're gona sit back & let these MOTHER FUCKERS do
us like this! GODDAMN...they use our money to build them shelters! boy we
look like some dumb motherfucking idiots to them! NOBODY WANTS TO DO
ANYTHING ABOUT IT?? i'm so GODDAMN MAD! fuck i kno i'v paid for some of

Author Thomas Oxley (1 year)
And to you morons that think this cave is in Springfield it isn't. It's in
Kansas City mo. Google it Hunt Midwest Subtropolis. Dumb asses....

Author brayan feliz (2 years)
what bad view no offense thou

Author renegadeR75 (2 years)
Actually the mine is in KCMO owned by Hunt midwest no where near the
Ozarks, the cars are there from the Ford plant up the road, they actually
have a auto rail loading facility just down them tracks where they load
them into the suposidly fema railcars, I'm a fan of Jesse but that part
isn't fact

Author TheManfromNibiru (2 years)
Why do they keep sending me over there ? Iluminati?

Author TheMabes69 (2 years)
dude, get a new tv

Author Ouskie (2 years)
actually there is a you tuber a awhile back that did a video of this. this
is nothing new

Author Kim S (2 years)
YHWH and Yeshua loves you , accept them today in your heart and be saved.
God promissed that who ever loves God , all things shall work toward their
good. Then trust in the One True God , YHWH and thank Him for his offer of
salvation in Yeshua Hamashiach.

Author TCInc09Productions (1 year)
The Mountain Complex Storage Faclity

Author Kim S (2 years)
Psalm 83They have taken crafty counsel against Your people,And consulted
together against Your sheltered ones.4 They have said, “Come, and let us
cut them off from being a nation, That the name of Israel may be remembered
no more.”5 For they have consulted together with one consent;They form a
confederacy against You:The tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites;Moab and the
Hagrites;7 Gebal, Ammon, and Amalek;Philistia with the inhabitants of
Tyre;8 Assyria also has joined with them;

Author Thomas Oxley (1 year)
Jesse your an idiot!!!!! I work in that cave. It's underground warehousing
that evolved from a limestone mine. And yes idiot they are still mining it

Author Kim S (2 years)
Pray daily that you be found worthy to escape the things coming on the
earth the Bible said. Only YHWH and Yeshua can help us.

Author xbradx11 (2 years)
I already have a copy of the video.

Author 19Coop66 (2 years)
miles from me

Author desager1 (2 years)
Used to be an old Limestone mine right?

Author ashlyn31690 (2 years)
I'm from Springfield,Mo and that "underground city" isn't a city I know
people who work there it's the Springfield underground the have factories
down there they store food like cheese down there to its also open to the
public schools do field trips to it as well it's a public storm shelter

Author countdumas (1 year)
@xbradx11 Michael Tsarion is the world's premier conspiracy
researcher/lecturer/author. Dr. Bill Deagle, Leo Zagami, Arturo Perez
Reverte, Manda Scott, Alexander Dumas pere and Jordan Maxwell are highly
informative as well. p.s. Melting Euphoria is similar to Ozric Tentacles
and Gong.

Author rx4pain (2 years)
That place is MASSIVE!

Author ishaofpistis1 (2 years)
Yeah, but what if the absence of proof is predicted? Jesus said to Thomas "
Do you believe because you have seen? Blessed are those who have not
seen...and yet believe."

Author WrexDaKid (2 years)
I worked there its not so secretive really...

Author ashlyn31690 (2 years)
Oh and the only reason they block of some caves is usually one of the 2
reasons its dangerous or the bats are diseased

Author binzing (2 years)
God is not real you stupid fuck, get with the times. Man created god in his
image. Absence of proof if proof of absence.

Author JamesCamaro1 (2 years)
Ozark is in Arkansas man, google it yourself.

Author 19Coop66 (2 years)
and ur a fucking idiot

Author 19Coop66 (2 years)
its in missouri 65 milrd from me fucktard

Author xbradx11 (2 years)
if you're going to record video, then you should invest in a capture card.

Author signbum (2 years)
the location at end is called the springfield underground it is not secret.
it is used for storage warehousing. location-springfield mo, there are
however areas you cannot go and it may connect to other areas. trucks with
fresh foods and frozen foods ect go in out every day. it is cheap to store
there as it is undergroud cold storage ect. the big so called house however
i have seen this aswell is very spooky. i live just outside branson mo.
been to all these locations in the show.

Author Doug Foster (1 year)
The railroad tracks again (no brainer) are for the trailers taken off and
put back on the cars. If you live near any decent sized city with a rail
yard look there are trucks with trailers and warehouses, here the
warehouses are underground. I like Jesse but he could have done a little
better homework on this one. And white rabbit puhlease. Oh and MO is the
"cave state" duh guys.

Author Tom Corbett (2 years)
Yeah Time Warner bought out his Tru Tv and cancelled his show. So any more
suggestions? LOL muppet.

Author 19Coop66 (2 years)
yeah and the man who doesnt even know if hes black or white or kenyan or
wtf ever let alone an american is telling us the truth about
everything..hes an honest fucking liar isnt he? ole noback osamabama is
stand the fuck up aint he

Author PayDroVideos (2 years)
a very brown one :X

Author Yoshi181313 (2 years)
dude really your complaining about the fucking tv? Its not about the tv
that matters u stupid fuk, its about the message it delivers. Your tv aint
worth shit whether its the newest 2012 3D tv

Author infrareddreamz (2 years)
sounds like a well reherst play dont it,, a play that is going to happen i

Author Kim S (2 years)
Psalm 83 predicted the surrounding arab nations would say to Israel
thousands of years ago. YHWH is the One true God: Psalm 83.For they have
consulted together with one consent; They form a confederacy against You:
The tents of Edom and the Ishmaelites; Moab and the Hagrites;7 Gebal,
Ammon, and Amalek;Philistia with the inhabitants of Tyre; 8 Assyria also
has joined with them;They have helped the children of Lot.

Author J Smoove (2 years)
@ishaofpistis1 but in that context he Thomas did not believe that Jesus was
in the flesh but Jesus so pretty much he is talking about faith which
believing without seeing

Author duk balla (2 years)

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