Blops 2 Zombies | Tranzit Part Locations!

Could we get 10 likes? :)
This is a tutorial on where the parts are and how to put the parts together in Black Ops 2 zombies. I hope this helps you out. I wish you the best of luck! Have fun! :]

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Author F0RDSTARR (1 year)
you can hit zombies with the sheild

Author PKuall4life (1 year)
wheres the ladder

Author night1821 (1 year)
You mad bro?

Author xSanityClanx (1 year)
u forgot the bus parts and the electric trap, n the power source

Author khack37 (1 year)
By the way the turbine is suppost to open doors that you need the power to
open them but the turbine opens it instead.

Author MultiSKRILLEX1 (1 year)
u can mlee whit the shild -_-

Author UnlimitedHitmarker (1 year)
Hope this helps! :)

Author MrNoah98 (1 year)
This guy doesn't know what he's talking about you can hit with the shield

Author Skate or Die Productions (1 year)
The part you didn't know where it went goes on the front of the buss

Author Rafael Demetriou (1 year)
you can open the door with the turbine stupid

Author stout1996 (1 year)
yea you can hit people with the shield

Author 2alerees (1 year)
Good video buddy , thanks for the tips

Author UnlimitedHitmarker (1 year)
You are very welcome! Glad I could help! :P

Author UnlimitedHitmarker (1 year)
You could've told me that the shield is in three different locations
without being a dick.

Author mike F (1 year)
You could hit with the shield

Author HellzFuryRC (1 year)
i'm sure you know by now, but if you're outside and bump them with that
shield, "like a riot shield" they go only part i love about
that shield.

Author UnlimitedHitmarker (1 year)
I'm sorry, I played about 10 times and every single time it was in there.

Author Odoa (1 year)
You're such a moron, dude. This video is very old, in fact it was done the
day of release. Obviously everyone has learned this by now. Just like
everyone else, he had to learn it himself because this was all brand new.
He didn't have everyone else's videos to learn from. Dumb ass.

Author brandon mcdonald (1 year)
bro ur the stupidest player ever and dont deserve to play

Author UnlimitedHitmarker (1 year)

Author riffi15 (1 year)
Fucking noob helpless

Author UnlimitedHitmarker (1 year)
If you know the locations for everything why are you looking up videos to
help you? Anyways, thanks for the video view :)

Author Kristijonas Raudys (1 year)
im not going to tease but zombie shield is for knocking enemies off

Author sambomang123 (1 year)
Dude, fuck yeah. This helped a ton. Thanks!

Author Josh Nardone (1 year)
ur clueless kid

Author UnlimitedHitmarker (1 year)
Aw, Thank you :)

Author Navarro Aschenbrenner (1 year)
The huge thing you switched for is for the bus

Author luke41597 (1 year)
Iwhen it says wrong part it is supposed to go on the bus

Author DieingPupet123 (1 year)
dude whats ur prob i did not no wear the parts are and i got it on the day
it came out!!

Author Craftminer10 (1 year)
Press RS to hit with zombie shield

Author Cody Stewart (1 year)
i was trying to find all the parts for the wonder ass

Author EPICDYNAMITE1044 (1 year)
Thanks UnlimitedHitMArker It helped me alot cheers

Author zack myers (1 year)
this helped.

Author Cloud9Sniper (1 year)
awks how u payed to open the door at the start

Author UnlimitedHitmarker (1 year)
@DougieMaster03 4 :-)

Author christianlinton5 (1 year)
Hey nikoGasms your a FUCKING dick sucker if you already knew how to do all
this stuff then why the fuck did you look up this video you fagote so just
go back and suck your boy friend dry like yesterday so leave this kid
FUCKING alone nigga and this video was really helpfull

Author John Zeitler (1 year)
Hit the melee button with the shield, not the trigger, to hit zombies with

Author Matthew Reed (1 year)
Youre a real noob xD

Author UnlimitedHitmarker (1 year)
You are very welcome! :)

Author legendslayer98 (1 year)
what can you build in the town

Author Odoa (1 year)
You're quite the jackass too, friend.

Author Skye Harnden (1 year)
you can hit zombies with the zombie shield and the dolly for it can be
behind one of the booths in the diner

Author Odoa (1 year)
Yeah I bet it's real easy to say that after the game's been out for this
long. This was posted on day one, let's see you find ALL the parts in an
hour. And at no point did he claim that this showed every location. Let's
see you do a better video, asshole.

Author legendslayer98 (1 year)
thats what you build at the power station after you turn the power on not
in the town

Author UnlimitedHitmarker (1 year)
@Junior Castillo Yeah bro. It's on my YouTube channel

Author DieingPupet123 (1 year)
o ok than FRIEAND!!!!!!!!!!! aka penus liker!!!

Author James Kilpatrick (1 year)
Missed bus parts

Author Jansen Ross (1 year)
ive found all of them some of them is hard cause loads of zombies chase
after you and i died

Author Odoa (1 year)
So according to your logic, every time something new develops everyone
should go back and completely redo and re-upload any videos related to said
update? You're so stupid, bro. No ones making you watch this, he simply
posted it to try to help everyone out on the starting night. Get the fuck
out, dipshit.

Author Junior Castillo (1 year)
can i get your gamertag.

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