Honey Badger vs Monitor. Honey Badger Kills, and Eats Monitor Lizard!. Monitor the hunter, becomes the hunted.

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Author 123TauruZ321 (15 days)
So fucking shitty narration. "Swings it's tail ferosiously" YEAH

Author Trevordestroyer1 (4 months)
that guy has it all wrong the lizard was looking for a place to hide to get
away from the scorching sun but where it wanted to go there was a honey
badger in the hole... monitor lizards know when food is too large to be
consumed because they eat food whole and that badger was just too big to be
swallowed whole. 

Author Barry Thomas (4 months)
off with his head you got served

Author Aizen Sosuke (1 month)
Lol saw the claws go right into the lizards eyes...eeek 1:34

Author Jason Vorhees (1 day)
Reptiles can't fuck with mammals. 

Author Dino Shaun (3 months)
Honey Badger Rules!

Author Muhammad Mian (4 months)
Shit just got real

Author John Houlgate (4 months)
Never mess with a Mustelid, no matter what continent you are on.

Author Ernie Williams (4 months)
monitors need to learn how to fuck
ing bite lol the tail can only help them out so far

Author zombie_chickens (3 months)
okay seriously....a fight between a honey badger and a wolverine would be
the most epic thing on earth. I don't know which one is more bad ass

Author Malang Sob (3 months)
Honey Badger don't give a shit.

Author Pedro Oliveira (5 months)
vc e doido felipe

Author Andres Gonzalez (1 month)
You shouldn't have told us that the honey badger won the fight.

Author Miriam Hernandez (5 months)
Make s full grown mointor lizard with very power claws and attack very fast

Author Jizz oner pig (5 months)
a predator becomes a prey

Author Revanjj (4 months)
You just don't FCK with a honey badger lol

Author Simon W (11 months)
That's some scary shit.

Author Marcelo Moldes (2 years)

Author Revanjj (4 months)
Honey badger just doesn't give a shit

Author Miriam Hernandez (5 months)
Make a very aggressive gaint mointor lizard attack a honey badger 

Author Leyath Tractus (3 months)
lol, i wish that komodo's could live in some other places where they could
whoop this badgers ass! Well, i guess you can't have everything. 

Author Gianni Sanchez (4 months)
So much for the monitor

Author Paran0idPanda (5 months)
It must suck to be a lizard in a mammal world lizard are to slow for
mammals. Well except Komodo dragons their saliva ain't no joke

Author thabiznes (1 month)
I like how the badger comes out like you done fucked up lizard

Author geile sau (3 months)
wolverine pwns badger

Author Miriam Hernandez (5 months)
Make a very aggressive gaint mointor lizard attack a honey badger 

Author LaDr0n3 (1 year)
Honey badger or bust

Author MrBadgerology (1 year)
What do you mean? I am no honey badger! :)

Author EnigmaDrath (10 months)
In Savannah, room service serves itself!

Author Nexgcs (1 year)
"Damn nature, you scary."

Author Tunnel Rat (1 year)
Honey badger don't care, he just takes a nap and walks it off.

Author geile sau (10 months)
wolverine owns badger

Author Arini48 (8 months)
and chuck norris trained by cia every cia agent is trained by honey badger
from birth

Author Librarooster31969 (1 year)
Honey Badger says thanks for free meal stupid!!! your it. Honey Badger dont
give a shit!!!

Author Cstel987 (10 months)
Roger that!

Author Ryan40291 (1 year)
Honey Badger just lucky Cousin Komodo sits on a damn Island or Honey Badger
be fucked.

Author ambigsmustache (1 year)

Author RedVixen0 (1 year)
Honey badger+ moongoose=honey moonbadger (THE STRONGEST MOST EPIC THING

Author DesertDragons13 (8 months)
The honey badger totally gouged the lizard's eye! 1:33

Author scott sloane (10 months)
that was pretty intense...

Author Ronald Tang (1 year)
1:34 fucked his eye up!!

Author trogger70 (11 months)
So did the badger

Author DestructoDot (1 year)
And on that day Not a single honey-badger-fuck was given.

Author 500019579 (1 year)

Author Elli Arbel (8 months)
haha the honey badger came out of its hole like wassup nigga u want some o

Author Valsprok (1 year)
Fuck guns. If we went to war with droves of honey badgers, it would last
for about 2 days.

Author ForsakenMadMan (10 months)
Going to a Honey Badger nest its like poking the hornet's nest.

Author ImLoGiCzxTGc (10 months)
xD fast food service

Author Calvin Wong (11 months)
why did they give it such a cute name..? should be called death badger

Author Rockteen1010 (1 year)
Honey badger don't give a fuck

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