The Worst Ski Crash Ever

Ski Racer Almost Dies

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Author FuckYouGooglePlus (6 months)
If only it wasn't ruined with music that every junior high school student
is embarrassed that they liked as soon as they reach puberty.

Author pismo10 (6 months)
Does not look that bad but it certainly was.

Author Joe Honegger (7 months)
Compensation? He was playing a game what would this world be if everyone
who got hurt playing a game got paid for it yes it was amazing what he did
in 1984 it was stupidity to try to make a comeback at 50 and I'm sorry the
man got her no one deserves to go out like that and ever since that crash
hes had a horrible life but please compensation for the man? He shoulda
gave up 27 years ago when he won his gold medal and then he could have been
like Bruce Jenner a plastic man living with the rich woman

Author Andy Grimm (5 months)
Ski to die! 

Author Ted Slayer (8 months)
I was the last minute stripper for Gina before they married and met Bill
for the first time the next evening. We hit it off as we're both wild
men. Should have kept in touch. God speed, Bill! 

Author damouldo (8 months)
As an avid skirr in N.H. and a yeat apart from Bill Johnson in age. I have
to say that this man is a hero in U.S. ski history and in life. No
questions. There ought to be compensation for former Olympians acquiring
injurys in there chosen sport just as veterans...which isint much at all.
Bill Johnson needs to be, (I will) remembered for his talent & courage as
part of an American Tean which very few make in this life..:(

Author MonolithsFriend (4 years)
The 1984 men's Olympic downhill champion Bill Johnson made an ill-fated
decision to return to the sport in the year 2000, and started working his
way through qualification races, trying to earn a spot on the U.S. Ski Team
at age 40 - something that never happens. Johnson was racing downhill at
the national championships in Montana when he fell hard into the ice and
hit his head, sustaining brain damage that limits him physically and
mentally to this day.

Author BlueStarFish111 (3 years)
so why did you put music on???

Author PhrostyPhoenix (3 years)
Todd Brooker wrote the textbook on ski crashes. Todds balls fell off during
the crash. His scrotum reattached with jute twine and a fish bone. He spent
the next 19 months in rehab with only a 8 track of Anne Murray.

Author Nick Ciatto (1 year)
If french fry when you are supposed to pizza, you are gonna have a bad time.

Author Fred Nava (2 years)
That skiier was 1984 Downhill Gold Medalist, Bill Johnson. He was in a coma
after that crash. He was never the same.

Author t0adman (1 year)
Dumbest Title Ever

Author Jae Regan (3 years)
U want a bad ski fucking crash. My dad was skiing at 65 mph at waterville
valley, and he hit a rock, went over his skis, broke his neck, and is
paralyzed right now from the neck down at a rehab center. yeah fuck u.

Author boofull32 (3 years)
@Hans418 yah no kidding

Author Kiwanee Smith (1 year)
Is this Brian Stemmle 1989 Canada or Bill Johnson Big Mountain

Author Mission Z (1 year)
lol south park references =)

Author kgf;;fsl;kfs (2 years)
yard sale!

Author wwekristian (2 years)
Aksel Lund Svindals crash is worser

Author criticalpuppets (4 years)
@Fichengafter Ok, lets start. This is SuperG, not "doownhill". Also, I have
been racing for 7 years. I have had crashes like this. This isnt an
everyday crash, this is actually a painful crash. Worst ever? ABSOLUTLY
not. Coma? Killed? NO. Whoever posted this has NO knowlage of alpine
racing. "Ski Racer Almost Dies." Somebody with any ski racing knowlage
wouldve put the exact race, location, description, and WHO IT WAS. Worst
case scenario, he couldve broken an arm, leg. MAYBE minor whiplash.

Author Thomas Stroble (1 year)
This skier took a pretty bad fall going a good speed. Were there any
injuries to this skier as a result of this crash?

Author JackRabbitSlim (2 years)
This is NOT the worst, nowhere near the worst! Have you not seen Hermann
Maier's crash at Nagano '98 Winter Olympics? That tops them all!

Author Nick Masur (1 year)
Worst Quality Ever

Author Mattbabyjack (2 years)
Todd brokers is the worst made me want to yack when I watched it!

Author MrDanielsk8dude1 (3 years)
that was some intense shit

Author Luke Phillips (2 years)
ha eat a dick!

Author metal40050 (2 years)
Painfull but not worst. Worst: /watch?v=EdHg_-Az4q8

Author freddie dewey (2 years)
@loganalt10 he's in a race he wants to go fast so he can win

Author mazio baraldi (1 year)
Idiot comment. That skier is Bill Johnson, former Olympic Gold Medal, who
sustained heavy brain damages in a bid to qualify at 40 years old to the
2002 Olympics. Now he lives on disability and his speech and memory are
permanently impaired

Author DexterVane (3 years)
@criticalpuppets You have no idea of skiing. It doesn't mtter how bad a
crash LOOKS, ist how bad it IS. He really almost got killed and now is

Author 1delahoussaye (3 years)
nice wat a looser

Author Thomas Arndt (3 years)
Just because someone almost dies, or does die... doesn't make it the worst
crash ever. Perfect example. Look the Nascar crash that killed Dale
Earnhart. Very minor crash. Same with your video here. A great tragedy,
yes. The worst crash ever? Not even close.

Author SuperSocomSeals (3 years)
wow this is not even close to the worst

Author betterthancrabpeople (3 years)
Johnson currently lives in Zigzag, near Mount Hood, and remains
brain-damaged and in need of constant care, mostly from his mother. He
lives on disability and has become slightly more functional, though his
speech and memory are permanently impaired. Wikipedia begs to differ those
who say it wasnt a bad crash

Author criticalpuppets (3 years)
@einhornproductions 'minor crash' was a bit of an overreaction, this crash
could injore somebody, but the titie 'worst ski crash in history' is very
misleading. This is nothing compared to the Daniel Albrecht and Scott
McCartney Kitzbuhel crashes.

Author MrQwerty123456789ish (2 years)
yeah thats the worst alright.....

Author thepanzerknacker (3 years)
Bugger me did you see how his head got whipped around?

Author skiman047 (3 years)
that was fine. thats what the 4 fences are for. impact fencing is for that
exact reason. normal crash

Author deivonator (3 years)
that's nothing Do you see the crash of Daniel Albrecht ?

Author Heikki Ahopelto (10 months)

Author Sam Marsh (1 year)
He was skiing alright but then he decided to take up fencing........

Author Der Hammer (1 year)
Gernot Reinstadler ?

Author jcf20298 (2 years)
wooooooooooowwwwwww I just watched this before my downhill race today... i
was so scared up theree.... :s

Author skaterat121 (4 years)
0:07 sucks is a horrible feeling to have.

Author Fichengafter (4 years)
@criticalpuppets no, you know nothing of alpine doown hill you fucking

Author MisAnkic (3 years)
@TibblesFTW You are so funny. I saw people who had more serious crashes
slipping on the ice on streets. Be serious man!!!

Author maffo91hfs (4 years)
cooome on! it's not so bad!

Author Alyas Grey (10 months)
Yeah, this is 1984 Gold Medalist Bill Johnson. He was attempting a comeback
at age 41 when he crashed in Olympic team qualifying. He sustained massive
brain damage and remembers nothing between 1996 and 2002 and is now
confined to a wheelchair with virtually no motor control after suffering
dozens of strokes as a result of this crash.

Author kobojen (3 years)
oooooooh snaaaap!, I was looking forward to the ski season but I don't
really know...

Author spiker84 (3 years)
@maffo91hfs keep in mind that they are going somewhere between 60-80 mph on
solid ice

Author DexterVane (3 years)
@criticalpuppets Nadia Fanchini "only" broke her leg or something: He Is
scared for the rest of his live!!! He will never ever be the same as he was

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