Nephilim Annunaki and the Sumerian giant skeletons

A collection of photographs of the Sumerian giant skeletons that have been excavated in the middle east. Soundtrack composed by: Michael St. John

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Author TheSoloAsylum (3 months)
holy shit you people will believe anything.....I'm a little pissed you
dummies get to breath my air....

Author Ben Ni (1 month)
Nephilim Annunaki and the Sumerian giant skeletons

Author detcord1 (3 months)
My head hurts at how obviously faked the pictures are, but hurts even more
that anyone might believe it. Got any actual video of archeologists
digging them up? If not, why not? Was the moment not historical enough to
video it? Where are all the testimonies of the diggers?

Author MCkakan (2 months)
Oh no Titans!

Author Paul Ryan (4 months)
Genesis 6 ; 1 ;And it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face
of the earth, and daughters were born unto them, 2 That the sons of God saw
the daughters of men that they were fair; and they took them wives of all
which they chose.3 And the Lord said, My spirit shall not always strive
with man, for that he also is flesh: yet his days shall be an hundred and
twenty years. 4 There were giants in the earth in those days; and also
after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and
they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old,
men of renown. 

Author Arizona person (3 months)
The smithsonian institute, has the majority locked away in there basement,
they are one of the biggest supporters of the 'evolution hoax', the remains
are real and are of Nephilims and fallen angels. More people need to read
the infallible word of God

Author DrexRetro (3 months)
This is the biggest fakery in the history of fakery! 

Author Out Spoken with Curtis & Kelsey (8 months)

Author Graeme Pryce (5 months)
1.13 - they're not 'Annanuki' or 'Nephilim' - that is Pharoah Akhenaten and
his Wife in a well known egyptian scene from an ancient egyptian monument.
They aren't giant - the small figures are their two daughters. Heiroglyphs
in the scene clearly state that - but as usual, those who believe in this
kind of thing aren't that interested in proper evidence. I'm sure people
who have studied the cultures they come from could easily explain all the
other images too. Every ancient Egyptian one is out of place and pointless
because it is well documented that the higher you were in society in Egypt
the larger you were depicted in pictures of you. There is no suggestion
whatsoever that they were 'giants', even in ancient egyptian scriptures
from the earliest tombs.

Author James Godin (12 days)
This is all fake. Based on a photoshop contest that was held years ago.
Only a fool would push this as real.

Author Lily M (4 months)
I think people have to keep in mind that we are living in an age of
deception, and there are forces who want to confuse people, plant seeds of
doubt and discredit Christianity. While I do believe that giants existed,
I also know that for the enemy, the best way to muddy the waters and cause
people to throw out the entire idea is to spread disinformation, fake
photos, etc... which of course will cause people to say, "See! The whole
thing is a lie." When in reality, there is too much actual evidence to
ignore, when you do the research, keeping in mind that there are people and
spiritual forces who want to hide the truth. Pray for wisdom and

Author pauljackowacko552 (8 months)
Im not trying to entirely point out that this is true. Let me give examples
in egypt gods were astronomical events such as amons life and story came
from the actions of the sun (jesus, mithra,dionysus, attis and krishna) But
then the egyptians say there "gods came from the sky on a ship" and among
them legend tells there was a pharoah that had a elongated skull and
potbelly stomach so i believe this is an example of what a nephilim should
be not huge in appearance. Now lets look at Sumeria you got this other
hybrid(gilgamesh) that was said to be 2/3rd god and 1/3rd human. He said
that he built ziggurats, temples, laid down orchards and fields etc. Then
another story told that he raped women and oppressed people. But what gets
me off is that gilgamesh ruled for 126 years .IM GOING TO BE PRETTY
antediluvian rulers are "aliens" so aliens fuck humans and you get giants
which is the first dynasty of kish or a little before the dynasty of kish
they had huge unbelievable life spans and were everywhere. Because of this
a flood came over. Antediluvian rulers loved to fuck human women(just like
gilgamesh) because god created the likeness of man "according to his
likeness" and thus the part of angels having relationship with mankind in
the bible was burned and destroyed as dangerious knowledge. So i think the
1st and 2nd dynasty of kish and 1st and 2nd dynasty of Uruk had pretty big
life spans for ruling long so i guess fucking was at a minimum for aliens
so they had some of there dna to rulers like gilgamesh so gilgamesh could
fuck every woman to his heart's content so the children could have his dna
in them while the other men will fuck the women gilgamesh had fucked to
have children coming out without this dna to fuck gilgameshes children and
thus the process goes on and on to start a civilization where life spans
for rulers are 100-300 years. Enkidu came to tell the hybrid to stop
fucking everyone's women and rulers after gilgamesh had regular human life

Author MIA (19 days)
Great video! Saved to favs and subbed! I did a lot of reading on Dr.
Zachariah Sitchin and the Annunaki. It also coincided with Genesis which I
always thought was allegorical but it's not. It got me very intrigued when
I found out that I was rh-. What are your feelings about people who are

Author Chris L (19 days)
Absolutely authentic no doubt about it! UFOs fly over this planet about as
regular as any aircraft do... We are going to see them in our lifetime this
will all happen before 2025

Author m yaz (2 months)
only in iraq and iran you see this.. ancient Persian history.. 

Author Roger Jenks (1 month)
Guess that's what happens when you are too big for your own good. Good
thing i'm infinite. lol. No size needed.

Author Tony De (1 month)
If you compared a Basket ball players body size to a pigmys body, or a
normal size person to a dwarf size person, you can see the vast sizes of
body shapes there are out there! My point is anything is possible!

Author wilf609 (1 month)
youtube video with added music = hoax or fake.
Why was music added? If it was real it would be interesting enough without

Author Marcus Magnusson (2 months)
On that day, mankind recieved a grim reminder...

Author Nyarlathotep Flagg (1 month)
Pretty rare to see these kind of pictures, nowadays. It's far too easy to
see that they've been tampered with. The men in the picture lack the right
3d-depth, and there is enourmous difference in resolution, from one spot to
another. They are so obviously out of place.

Author praxisnode (1 month)
nice photoshopped pictures, they look soo real

Author walkergarya (2 months)

Author dan katla iceland sharpe (3 months)
In Genesis chapter 6

Author Stephano GamerHD (1 month)
Real or fake

Author EndofUSA (1 month)
for those who will say that the pictures of giants are fake.... THEY ARE

Author DrShittyBottomHammer (2 months)
the ancients had a sense of humour " hey bob, lets make some statues and
engravings of lizard people and other weird shit, that'll freak em out in a
few thousand years lol "

Author Peer (4 months)
The giant skeletons are from a photoshop contest. Rest is real from

Author Michael Wayne (4 months)
We have come realize that if we came out with the truth your species will
still say it's not real. Small heads equal small closet minds. The planet
was different everything is huge you can't even imagine it. Dinosaurs were
huge so these giants were NOT HUMAN LOOKING. Stop research your a creations
from other life forms humans aren't original small minds.Why are you able
to talk with your mouth when centuries ago your species had the ability of
telepathy, wake up people please!

Author AlexBkatzmann (4 months)

Author TheGaming Bandit (4 months)
nice try WOW they were first.

Author Emster Erick (4 months)
Repent of your sins turn away from your gods and idols. Jesus is the true
god. Jesus is coming and he is coming soon please my brothers and sisters

Author juan camilo rodriguez mendoza (4 months)

Author Emirhan Yildirim (1 month)

Author ilovecats92 (2 months)
they dont look very big to me!

Author kilokloX (4 months)
On that day... Human kind had a grim reminder...

Author Alan GTT (5 months)
Interesting, But the Pics are all Fake/Photoshoped.
But in the Bible there were People who "were called Giants" (Eg David and
Goliath. From my research "Goliath the Giant" was nothing Like these Fake
Pictures. He was More Like between 8 and 9 Feet.
Even today a person that height would be considered a Giant.

Author Glenn parent (1 year)

Author Lee Bagley (1 year)
Gotta love Photoshop :-) 

Author Ben Ni (1 month)
Nephilim Annunaki and the Sumerian giant skeletons

Author Karen Grainger-Allen (11 months)
Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Author Cardio King (1 year)
Another YouTube production describing excavation of Giant skeletons from
another location.

Author TSEPHAN ROBERTSON (1 month)
While some of those pics might be "photoshopped", I know, for a fact, some
of them ARE real. People can laugh and make fun of this person's post but
there is coming a day, quite soon, when NO ONE will be laughing. Watch.
None of you ignorant mockers would have been laughing when those things
were still around, trust me.

Author London_law_inforcement (4 months)

Author Bad Dog (4 months)
I am skeptical of this..........and I am skeptical of snopes. That's all
we need is an organization that everyone accepts as the truth.....because
they say so. I would have to see the skeltons myself and then probably
have them tested by someone I know. Of course if the ones that were half
excavated still in place I think that would be convincing. This would
explain a few how all those huge rocks were moved etc.
What did they eat? The little people? LOL. This takes BBC to a whole
new level.

Author Janez Vrenjak (1 year)
And they say we are alone and there are no Giants :-)=

Author Adis Jamak (5 months)
If you are serious about seeing how deep the rabbit hole actually goes, get
off of Youtube and research for yourselves.

Author Chris G (5 months)
Imagine the Giant Breasts and Vaginas =O

Gimme a TimeMaschiene!! 

Author Mitko Heaven (4 months)
It`s the first time I`ve seen a video with unusual footage with great
music. All others are with some creepy ass music that makes the video
annoying to watch.

Author Gary Mitchell (5 months)
I'm struggling with this- you have to consider bone density and thickness,
adequate diet etc for this sort of growth and for a man of this height to
even stand upright. The strain on his knees and ankles would be
astronomical. No creature this size could be bi-pedal, it's legs would have
be disproportionately thick. This is also not considering musculature.
These guys just look bigger in proportion to us- maybe like a blown up
Photograph???!! Why do people have to feed us horse shit?

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