Nephilim Annunaki and the Sumerian giant skeletons

A collection of photographs of the Sumerian giant skeletons that have been excavated in the middle east. Soundtrack composed by: Michael St. John

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Author Poseidon63 (1 month)
Amazing what you can do with photoshop and fool the gullible, all these
have been proven false many times.

Author Eugene Victor Tooms (1 month)
In Wienna 1972, i spoke with known german anthropologist, member of
so-called Club of Rome...It doesnt mean anything, but he had common sense
and he asked me, if i want to know the real truth. Maybe he was just joking
but looked serious.,He said to me literally "We are highly effective
intergalactic scale virus, which is usualy changing habitated planets to
unhabitable. He said our interstellar ancestors added mitochondrial DNA to
chosen humanoid species, one of the few, which lived on this planet
during paleolithic era. Native humanoid species werent able to create
anything more than hand axe for almost 1 000 000 years. Creating of hand
axe was automatic, like birds are building their nests. But then, cca 100
000 years ago, natural process was stopped since the newborn species was
seeding on Earth.., He said they were speculating about panspermia theory
or their real presence in our solar system. So these teachable newborns
started to reproduce on Earth quickly, because they instantly added hand
axe to stick and created "key weapon" - spear. So haunt was much more
effective..more food, more reproducing,. Then they started to annihilate
all native humanoid kinds as the preventive elimination of competition. He
also said we should imagine Stars and planets as living lifeforms. He
actualy said our planet is the live comensal and Sun is his live
host.Comensals with fluids, magnetic field and active vulcanism are "those
who are alive" so it doesnt mean Venus is dead because it cant contain homo
sapiens virus" 

Author Marry King (10 days)
Nephilim Annunaki and the Sumerian giant skeletons:

Author LeonAmarantos (4 months)
1:47 This map is in GREECE. If the theory is real , i read that the most of
the giant skeletons were found in GREECE. Greek mythology by the way is
full of giants.

Author pestleman1951 (2 months)
This video is SO FULL OF SHIT !!! LOL These "Giant skeleton" photos are
a well known photoshop school assignment a kid did for a class project and
dishonest jackasses like this post them as fact to get views and $$$$$$

Author Enkidu Five (6 days)
Has the maker of this video or any of the commenters ever heard of the
square cubed law? Sorry, dullards; humans can't simply be scaled up.

Author Abbey Rose (27 days)
1:23 is a Hindu Votiv Figure that is supposed to be

Author Luca Lazzarini (2 months)

Author Nolana Miller (2 months)
Nephilim Annunaki and the Sumerian giant skeletons:

Author kxmode (25 days)
If God saw to it that Noah's Ark, the Ark of the Covenant, and Moses body
were removed from earth it stands to reason that the corpses of
the Nephilim (sons of God's enemies) were also removed.

Author Brett Levingston (14 days)
It is quite naive of a particular group of people to classify *humans in
the animal category*, on one hand -- and *agree that there used to be
"giant animals"* from the same animal category -- on the other hand, they *disagree
that Humans who are also animals (according to them)* could not have had
giants from their kind. In other words *they're saying: Yes animals were
giants in the past; but no, animals could not have been giants in the past!*
<==This type of rationale is beyond imbecility. The more I engage people in
this world, the more I realize how dumb and lacking of understand they are!
*They do not realize that giants can be a result of cross-breeding between
two different species. Just as when a lion, for instance, breeds with a
tiger and produces the much larger so-called liger.*

*There is a historical book that tells these idiots that such an occurrence
of cross-breeding took place between two different types of entities
resulting in a similar effect as the liger -- producing giants.* But they
are so stupid, so void of understanding, so dumb they cannot realize it;
yet can come in here and make an argument for these images not being real. *Of
course they are not real, you idiots. They are a diversion, a distraction
to cause your small brain to visually SEE that these things are not real
(since you can only understand what you see, sadly) -- so that dummies like
you can put to rest the REALITY OF GIANTS. Because dummies like you will
say: I saw those images with my own eyes, they are fake; they are not real.*
Thus falling prey to the this magician trap. SO SAD!

It is beyond sadness realizing how dumb this nation is.

Author 2000jago (20 days)
Ahh, this is one of those "no talking" video's... Thumbs down, NEXT!

Author Dyana Hepburn (1 month)
Re Gigantism, there was a guy posting as Bro John a while back (rumors that
someone killed him) who had some interesting theories. He had tried to get
scientists to listen to him but they dismissed him as a crackpot. Several
sounded worth looking into, though. He said that back in the Cretaceous and
maybe earlier, the Earth was more oblate, now it's wider at the top and
narrows down. He thought that at the equator the oblateness made gravity
weaker because it was further from the center and that is why such huge
dinosaurs could walk and be supported by their bones and muscles. It has
been recently found that super giant dinosaurs, turtles, snakes lived in
South America, no known reason why they should be so big. Remember that SA
was further up north when attached to Gondwanda before it cracked off.
Another idea had to do with the Moon's pull on the Earth. He believed an
asteroid collided with the Earth, hurling a large chunk of crust that
became the Moon (of course the time doesn't fit) because there is some type
of similar crust that is distributed all over the Earth, including the
bottom of the oceans, and a large quantity of it is unaccounted for. He
thought that became the Moon. Sounds weird, why would any one want to get
rid of him?

Author Rick Wright (10 days)
I have a massive head. I must be related.

Author Lujayn Aljumaley (5 days)
Look up kane and ables coffins in Arabic habeel and nabeel they are huge

Author An Canlas (13 days)
i just saw this video and i can tell that this shit you are all talking
about is real....i've seen one November 19,2013 is the day i did...i've
seen some giant coffins and the skeleton ...try searching its real...try
something about the moon and this will appear and i searched it when i saw
it because like i said i've seen some i even touched it i understand that
some of you don't believe on this but TO SEE IS TO BELIEVE GUYS try looking
for some i did

Author RemoteBasher (4 months)
Awesome music at the beginning

Author rothstein zetoun (21 hour)
photo sop and silly cuts!!!

Author Evil Betty (14 days)
People who believe these images are real are extremely naive.

Author Trevor DesRosiers (15 days)
The nephilim, from what I have read in the emerald tablets are not enemies
of anyone, and as far as giants go, at the next level or phase of
consciousness we would be I'm the range of 8-10 ft tall. This process
continues in height which each phase of consciousness.

Author regfadfagrafdzcv (2 months)
"And wonder at the giant bones in the opened graves." [Virgil, Georgics
I.497] Truly the shinbone of that man (Arthur) when placed next to the shin
of the tallest man there, whom our abbot showed to us; and fixed in the
ground next to his foot, greatly extended across the knee of that one by
three fingers. Moreover, the skull was spacious and large to the point of
being a freak or prodigy, so much so that the space between the eyebrows
and the space between the eyes would contain entirely a small handswidth.
However, ten wounds or more were apparent on the skull, one of which was
greater than all the others, which made a large hole, and which alone
seemed to have been fatal; the wounds healed in a solid scar.

Gerald of Wales: The Discovery of the Tomb of King Arthur, from On the
Instruction of a Prince (De Instructione Principis), c. 1223

I fount this in sir richard francis burtons "terminal essay" from the 1800's

Speaking of the arrival of the Giants at Point Santa Elena, Cieza says
(chap. Iii.), they were detested by the natives, because in using their
women they killed them, and their men also in another way. All the natives
declare that God brought upon them a punishment proportioned to the
enormity of their offence. When they were engaged together in their
accursed intercourse, a fearful and terrible fire came down from Heaven
with a great noise, out of the midst of which there issued a shining Angel
with a glittering sword, wherewith at one blow they were all killed and the
fire consumed them. There remained a few bones and skulls which God allowed
to bide unconsumed by the fire, as a memorial of this punishment.

Author Andresgameing (1 day)
Anyone else think Attack on Titan

Author joeneil fata-ek (1 month)
,the release of the pieces of evidence would destroy the claims of
evolutionists and many others who supports them, and they don't like that,
, , they prefer that the narrow-minded people would remain believing and
propagating the lies. . . I can already imagine how the people involved in
the discoveries of these were silenced. . . but why are there people who
strongly comment against these, why are they so enraged by something they
don't believe. . . I can't see any logic in them. . . this is the problem
with narrow-minded organisms. . .

Author Y Brynecho (1 month)
Oh, great photo-shopping job! I'll bet lots of gullible dorks believe this
to be real.

Author Hoss2678 (2 months)
Surely something (human bones) of such enormous stature would be on display
in the Smithsonian museum.... This shit is bogus and you know it! 

Author paintermezzo (4 days)
némelyik kép köztudomásúlag photoshop verseny győztes kép... "- hány éves
vagy herceg? - huszonhét. - és még hiszel a mesékben?"

Author EdwardRichtofen (1 month)
show a film of somebody actually uncovering a giant. jesus christ.

Author richard ikin (2 months)
Those 'giant skeletons' are a well known hoax. Take this away and stop
trying to con people. 

Author cebuana uyab (1 month)
No these are true . Remember the story of david and goliath . David killed
the giant with a rock . And there was another giant most recently called
shaquil O'neil . Aka shak . 

Author Andrew Morgan (2 months)
So say you have a race of giant human like people. These giants would be
subject to the gravitational forces all things on land experience. So how
could they exist without major body structure adaptations? All these fake
Photoshop pictures show skeletons that appear to be normal human skeletons
without any difference to regular humans. How is that possible as all other
land dwelling animals and human have to had adaptations to gravity's
forces? Just scaling up a human to massive sizes will not allow said giant
to function as humans do. They would likely die like a beached whale unable
to move or breath because of gravity. Also as to the "giants" ancient
Greeks found they where just collections of Greeks prehistoric extinct
mammals. There where many species of these mammals that died out before
humans started living in Greece. So having no contemporary animals to
compare the fossils to ancient Greeks used their legends to explain what
these fossils where. They used collections of fossils to construct heroes
and monsters of legend as they had no other explanation for the giant
mammal fossils. So there are no giants just the occasionally very tall
human suffering from a gene mutation.

Author Fran Brown (16 days)
Very interesting video so they do exist, that's amazing!

Author kissoumou kiki (1 month)
this not a nephilim the sons of annunaki sheet , i'm sorry this is another
kind of humman giant in yemen (the peopole of aad and people of thamud ,
the quran the only book tel us about those 2 giants humman forms villages
and what they did do in earth ) please check and you will see , when
muhammet (po him) come to medina the jewes cmmunate asked him about 2
anciant villages and he ansered them about the giants they did exist, and
now the zionist would not let you know the truth because if you believe in
giant you do believe in quran.

Author jayden smith (2 months)
now i find us humans scary in a way with our history 

Author SuonoCheBrucia (24 days)
giant skeleton with the giant handgun at 3:25 ?? WTF That's really
INCREDIBLE, where the giant factorys are?

Author Tim4Games (23 days)
if this is photoshopped, it's done pretty darn well :)

Author jason chillman (22 days)
its all fake
if they found that it would been shown befor

Author jasapeliculas (1 month)
Esos son esqueletos normales y realizando un montaje fotográfico han
insertado a las personas, maquinas etc.... ¡¡ PUTO BULOOOO !!

Author Daniel Salamu (26 days)
boring pictures want to get a video of such an excavation !!!!!

Author Bob Chiprean (24 days)
Hey Pestel, check out the Egyptian depictions on the architecture, might
change your mind.

Author Scott Milan (27 days)
these skeletons and fossils are FAKE!!!!! YOU JUST ANIMATED THE FOSSILS AND

Author chris r (14 days)
WOW!!! What a crock of shit.

Author Pero Xepatonio (2 months)
Majority of photos are fake 

Author Crobular I (1 month)
Load of bollocks !!!!.

Author Bread Sandwich (2 months)
I believe in the "giants" from the bible but most of these pics are fakes.

Author Marc Treiser (2 months)
Where are tools or pots for cooking, weapons, musical instruments or
anything except skeletons? If there were giants where ore the large seats,
thrones, buildings... Steps up to temples I have not seen that could
accommodate the large feet of these giants. only skeletons and nothing
more. I need more than skeletons. Something, anything else???

Author eterpe1 (1 month)
the making of fake pictures to mislead the general public is a propaganda
tool most commonly known as misinformation. For crying out loud people,
there is even a show on the history channel about the ancient giant cover
up. They were real, and possibly still are. Now put 2 and 2 together and
figure out what that means on your own.

Author puggieworld (1 month)
LMAO!!! Nice photoshop!

Author Dyana Hepburn (1 month)
Would like to know how to view that 1970s film "Foot prints in Stone" which
someone on this thread 2 months ago says shows human footprints alongside a
dinosaur's tracks. It was supposedly taken by the Smithsonian. A lot of
accusations against the Smithsonian here. Wonder why it would be engaging
in a cover up of historical finds of other types of ancient humans?

Author 8000SAC (1 month)
Stupid fake.

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