Beyblade AMV: Hell Kerbecs vs Gravity Destroyer

Looks like the Hell Hound is having no problem taking the Hero down!!! Try your best and watch out Julian!! Let it Rip!!

Beyblade: Metal Fusion Game (Counter Leone Edition) HERE -

Song: Time of Dying
Artist: Three Days Grace
Epiosde: Episode 90
Anime: Metal Fight Beyblade Explosion

I DO NOT Own the song, anime, episode, or artist. Go Shoot!

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Views: 1,936,229
Added: 3 years
Runtime: 4:26
Comments: 829

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Author -BuddySquad- (6 months)
To be honest, Beyblade went downhill when they did shogun steel, i used to
really like Beyblade, but now :/

what is the name of this song?please

Author приключение hazbro (29 days)
как называется эта музыка

Author LetsGoCena 2014 (25 days)
i don't know how i got here..

Author ♥Aitu♥ (28 days)
esta muy buena la musica amv sos lo mas

Author Cory Vaughan (1 month)
Speeding up clips doesn't make you a great video editor, just saying

Author Rodrigo Hernandez C. (1 month)
el gerrero espartano se enfrento al perro del ades y perdio o hades en
ralidad no entiendo los nombres y siempre me los confunden ¡los nombres! pa
k sepan 

Author Casey Meighan (4 months)
I like bey blade and I.m a girl

Author ya ya (5 months)
comment elle s'appelle la chanson

Author ulquiorra ciffer (6 months)
damian is like the 3rd most ruthless blader

Author Marcia Dias (2 months)
Melhor vidio que eu ja vi

Author chase tillman (4 months)
called sorry typo

Author AbuBakr Akram (4 months)
Remember when bey blade was a thing ;)
Ah......good times :)

Author FuriousCinciBengals911 (3 months)
Man this song goes great with this battle!

Author Ginga Hagane (9 months)

Author Sandra são paulo (4 months)
so ele q ganha assim q merda

Author Rajan Kagale (2 months)
i looooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it

Author Neyreyny Rodriguez (4 months)
Beyblade is for everyone and must be enjoyed to the fullest

Author ColososGamer br (3 months)
wath name the music

Author hal0reachmaster (3 months)
Make one of wish right now

Author Gabrielle Cicarelli (4 months)
loveeeeeeee time of dying

Author chase tillman (4 months)
dont i miss this video 

Author Pedro Herique (5 months)
Qual eo nome da musica ??

Author Rhonda Johnson (5 months)
Y they jump in the battle. Kerbecs shuld killed them

Author MrUnstoppableArt (25 days)
gundam is better :P

Author Carlito Pasion (5 months)
I watch this episode before but nice

Author Tazer Blok (4 months)
daora o video é foda

Author chase tillman (4 months)
what is this song caled

Author paul26185 (4 months)
Like the song

Author Josue M. (4 months)
Go hell kerbecs

Author Ashton Pinto (8 months)
im watching this till now .. its been years before i had seen this same
video of yours
its the best AMV !

Author Voodoo HD (8 months)
Best AMV ever + with the 2 coolest beyblades ever! :)

Author João Paulo GBL FOA (6 months)
kerbeks perdia para o nemeses

Author Matheus Lima Santos (6 months)
kerbecs kerbcs kerbcs

Author Nevaeh Santos (11 months)
I love this song

Author ward Bousaad (3 months)

Author RAFAEL GHINATO (8 months)
very good 

Author Nerandzic Valentina (4 months)

Author A.J MISTBORN Divergent (8 months)
i love gravity detroyer how dare you defaet him battle me

Author Susan Wesely (6 months)
awesome song

Author ginkakonsern ginka (1 year)
epic batlle
Kerbecs vs Destroyer

Author caua eduardo (6 months)

Author Juan Carlos Carreño Barrera (7 months)
la cancion y el video de bley blade combinan y es muy bacano el video

Author Camilo Eduardo Muñoz Albornoz (1 year)
Hello this playa it

Author Omari Boyd (9 months)
I knew from the start that Julian would loose, when I first watched this
video 2 yrs. ago. Cuz none of his best moves worked. I've never really
liked Julian anyway so this battle also made me happy.

Author Fire Pokemon Master (7 months)
damian is a badass.

Author Hina Hussain (9 months)
I will not die I will survive

Author wanda blount (5 months)

Author tomaso (10 months)
es lo mejor 

Author Species rage (7 months)
What song

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