Galaxy Note II REVIEW *All you need to know* (Note II vs S III vs Original Note)


In depth Exynos mDNIe screen issues.
Susie Driskle S Pen Sabotage

Hello everyone!!! Here is probably -- pretentiously the most in-depth review on the Note II that you will ever see... LOL Enjoy, relax, stay a while, and pick a topic. OR watch the whole thing!!!

1. Intro (00:14)
2. Form Factor (1:15)
3. 4 device pile up (2:39)
4. Build Quality (3:30)
5. Durability - my dad dropped it!!! (5:26)
6. Out Door / Direct Sunlight Readability (7:09)
7. Pocket test (7:46)
8. Operating System *Start* (9:25)
9. Sensors and Motion (10:47)
10. Voice Recognition - S Voice and Google Now (15:35)
11. How to get Flash on Jelly Bean!!! (19:31)
12. S Pen Features *Start* (20:11)
13. Pen commands *menu, back, quick command, ETC (20:24)
14. USING S NOTE is a BLAST (23:08)
15. Pen and Photo Editing Wizardry (25:06)
16. Don't forget these Pen Tools! (27:16)
17. Pop Up BROWSER (28:12)
18. Multi-window (28:51)
19. Galaxy Note II Processors and Power *vs Note and SIII* (29:21)
20. CPU Browser speed test Note II vs SIII (30:58)
21. GPU and Game Play Power!!!! (32:21)
22. RAM Power 2GB buttery smoothness (34:29)
23. THE DISPLAY *START* (35:32)
24. Up close of Note Original and Note II Pixels (36:39)
25. Burn in??? (38:27)
26. Gorgeous MEDIA EXPERIENCE & NO black clipping!!!! (38:59)
27. NO Black Clipping demonstration (41:06)
28. Display IMPERFECTIONS (42:45)
29. Battery Life (45:58)
30. Antennas and Phone Versions (47:47)
31. The Cameras and Demonstrations (48:41)
32. Outside Video Tests and Photos (52:08)
33. THE END! Thank You for watching!!! (54:12)

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Author Andria CY (1 month)
Note 3 is better!!

Author hannes hebben (1 month)
oh do they have pizzahut in Amerca also?

Author sadadda (1 month)
with limelight, ps3 controller and gameklip you have a bigger nvidia

Author Jamaal Bellamy (3 months)
Love this chic, great in-depth video. My note 2 is coming in the mail
Monday night.

Author dave gale (2 months)
why would you use anything from T mobile????

Author deewas Tamang (2 months)
Does it has gorilla glasd protection ?

Author Betty McDonald (22 hours)
I Love you My Girlfriend you are the best

Author Leo Rivera (1 day)
I like note original 

Author Aiz Manilay (23 hours)
hi..good day..can i ask for your opinion..because i'm planning to buy the
note 2..and i'm having some doubts because i'm not sure if it's still worth
the buy..because i've seen you've been using note 2 for quite
i know you know if its still okay to buy these days..thanks :)

Author Ivan Neres de Souza (2 days)
you are so beautiful, congratulations for the video

Author Daniel Woolsey (8 days)
Great video 

Author kidchronic74 (8 days)
Beautiful and smart keep the note ill take her

Author Jose Martinez (9 days)
Your gorgeous =)

Author Vjatchelslav Antropov (11 days)
Sacha Grey? Is that you:D? 

Author giacomino multistore (3 months)
hello congratulations for your videos, in your opinion which phone and
better, more powerful, including galaxy nexus Notes 2 and 5? which one
should I buy?

Author Roger Magnusson (3 months)
Great video. I love my Note 2 even more now!

Author Carlos Munoz (2 months)
You take too long on making reviews!

Author Marlyne Alao (1 month)
oh i love my galaxy note II than any any other kind, i got i phone 4s but
letters are too small, so although i wasn't finish my 3 years contract with
my phone 4s , i replaced it with this already

Author jj felix (3 months)
Love the note 2 and erica :-)

Author Will Miller (1 month)

Author Cary Steele (3 months)
I've had my phone a year this month and love it! "Really enjoyed this

Author whispers delgado (2 months)
I can't wait for this phone I'm getting it Friday some people have said it
has bad exerpince just cause off battery takes for ever charge but I'm
excited to get this from t mobile 4g I could immation how fast while be
with 4 g network I can't wait for Friday to buy this

Author Justin Credible (5 months)
Anything is better than an iPhone....

Author Qamar Zaman (3 months)
Good job...

Author RJ White (2 months)
This is the best phone ever

Author Mohammad Irfan Safdar Ali (5 months)
Any method to reverse the knox warranty 0×1 to 0×0. Thanks

Author Fatima Barrie (2 months)
Fatima Barrie607

Author dalton6578 (2 months)
My s3 didnt break when i dropped it at school and it skidded across the
floor and it was fine

Author Happy Slant (2 months)
Thanks for the informative review! I learned a lot of things!!

Author Clive P (25 days)
Bought a note 3 over my note 2. I didnt like the note 3 so I sold it on
ebay.I am back to my note 2 and happier.
Oh good video by the way.

Author duby149 (2 months)
im 6'4 260 pounds and i put my Galaxy tab 3 8 inch in my pocket LMAO

Author Betty Ann Rosengrant. (1 month)
Very imforative , you help me make up my decision , am do for an up-grade
with my carrier . Now just what store to buy from ? Best Buy or Radio Shack

Author Ray McCleary (1 month)
Nice jeans!!!

Author Gerald Perkins (3 months)
Thx U Erica

Author Antonio Vanlandingham (2 months)
The way Erica described the way it came apart reminds me of a Nokia phone
from back in the early 2000's 

Author jujhar Singh (1 month)
This is good for everyone. 

Author Lane Elrod (1 month)

Author timtambishop (3 months)
Great review, good detail. Thumbs up :-)
Well done Erica!

Author Jared Lee (3 months)
Hey on the main screen. How do you make it so you can scroll through
repeatedly instead of stop when you've reached the last page? Lol whew that
was hard to describe. 

Author mohamad nasrah (2 months) have a nice sense if make me laugh out you ericca

Author Lenray Gandy (3 months)
Wow, awesome job Erica... mine is on the way!!!

Author Rye B (2 months)
Is Peter your uncle?

Author bivens3ify (1 month)
Erica you are the best and alot of fun with smartphones. Will smartwatches
pickup more momentum in the near future. I really want a futuristic one or
will try to make my own. A warm smile for Erica.

Author Dam351 (2 months)
Is there any info about sd cards pls? Thats about the only thing i cant use
properly(nothing wants to go on it besides a few pics n songs. No apps etc)
Having used mine for 9mths now I can't see myself downsizing anytime soon.
Took sum time to be used to 1 handed typing etc though. . Great ph. And
great video demo. +1 subscriber

Author Richard Garcia (3 months)
love it note 2... thank you....

Author Milos Kuruzovic (2 months)
Your attitude, young lady, is absolutely phenomenal.

Author Peter Tung (3 months)
excellent review! thank you... keep on making reviews...

Author Juan Carlos Lopez (1 month)
I got the note 3 few days ago and it's the best phone I had. Galaxy

Author 1DJSkittles (1 month)
u r a nut i love it 

Author Arshi19x (3 months)
niCe.. your every word very impressive!

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