WHY and HOW we LOVE Tom Hiddleston

pretty late to post here this but you know, I'm always so sluggish...

Just one of my weird ideas... again...
Everything is explained/shown in the video (with various movie clips, my commentary etc.).
Enjoy :o) And Happy hiddles/summer holidays :)

YT is bothering me with bad-standing status of my account so if you like my work, don't forget to add my back-up account

-------LINKS WITH TOM---------
Lots of you asked me for Tom's clips I used; so there are the most wanted:
Miss piggy:
1:27 Archipelago, movie
2:00 'Loki'd' With Tom Hiddleston:
Hello baby:
Inappropriate speech:

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Author Talia Rojano (21 day)
Love his joey impression. And that speech at the end was inspiring.

You are a genius. 😊

Author Regina Phalange (9 months)
OMG!! This is Brilliant!! 

Author Mishy Laufeyson (5 months)
supernatural and tom at the same time!

Author Nany104 (6 months)
IceFloe... Jesus, this, is, FANTASTIC! A few minutes ago, I just have seen
the videos "All Hiddlestoners want to marry Tom Hiddleston" and I really
love it... and then I see this... and WOW hahaha i have to say it again,
It's a really clever and amazing editing hahah everything in the video is
so hilarious. TOM SHOULD see the both videos, i'm pretty sure he would love
them, and he would give us some "ehehehe"
IceFloe, your videos are awesome hahah
I haven't been so smiling since a long, long time ago, and the videos
really made me smile and laugh. Thank you, for your lovely and beautiful
hiddles videos.

Author Rangers Fan Jill (1 year)
This is truly creative. I love the transitions and the way you stitched
everything together to make a "story." Great job! Thanks for sharing.

Author holly and co (2 months)
Oh my god! Hole through the wall thing!!

Author Anastasia N. (1 year)
Wow, that's a really really really cool video. It takes some great talent
to pile something like this up. This should be shown some where on the
national television! Great work!

Author Soo Park (2 months)
He will marry me

Author LadyMinaMasters (3 months)
.... too good...(falls over dead)

Author Loki Lover (1 year)
3:50 to end.

OH MY FREAKING GOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD

Author Itsawholockianthing (1 year)
This is brilliant! 

Author Devin Visconti (9 months)
When he did the horse impression I died 😂😂😂😂😍😍😍😍

Author Eliška Záhorová (1 year)
"Hello baby" " Oh my god.. he's back" :D brilliant :3

Author The Mag-A- Muffin (11 months)

Author Sara Mosier (11 months)
LOL! This is the most accurate description I have ever come across!

Author Boussami Abir (1 year)
paring jensen ackles and tom hiddleston in one vidéo is bad for my
ovaries.just saying 

Author Miriam Escalante (11 months)
I need Christians' to be safe okay please don't watch it bad and evil
just turn to the
lord the devil is hurting you Jesus never see you guys hurt and hear this
the devil
is liar Christian's don't lie is this is the battle of the lord don't
listing to the devil 

Author ztslovebird (1 year)
Good God, it seems like there are only 2 kinds of men in Hollywood; those
who have flirted with Miss Piggy, and those who have been sexually harassed
by Miss Piggy.

Author Carmy S (1 year)
This video accurately explains all of the Tom Hiddleston feels. Gosh, can
he be cloned and distributed to all Hiddlestoners?

Author tiffany mcdonald (1 year)
*breathing hard as ever* "he was young....and sexy"

Author pnar13 (1 year)
Just when I thought I couldn't love Tom Hiddleston any more than I do
now...This man is gorgeous; why is it SO hard to find men like Tom? <3

Author 0izziejok0 (8 months)
"Hello baby !
Oh god he's back... " haha !

Author Miriam Escalante (11 months)
don't let Satan hurt you I don't what Christians' to get hurt and demonic

Author Whitney Stephens (7 months)
Good, now he's got a boner. 

Author Mary Price (1 year)
Shakespeare IS sexy.

Author madeinheaven1946 (1 year)
This is the best fan video of Tom Hiddleston I've ever seen. Fabulous

Author Loki Lover (1 year)
One word...
Hilarious! ♥

Author euzinhatoaqui (6 months)
thank you

Author Lanna K (9 months)
omg.just perfect.kkk

Author darkangelscruffy (1 year)
It's funny because its truuuuuue... XD

Author Miriam Escalante (11 months)
don't watch bad stuff bad things will happen to your life I hate demonic
shows make watching something is good for Christians okay 

Author insanelikedru (9 months)
which episode of black books does fran keep talking about the guys voice?

Author Darya Cherry (8 months)
I got chills in the end. 18+, huh?

Author simonetta rosi (1 year)
Simply fabulous in tuxedo's!!

Author Fabulous Fangirl (1 year)
Thanks so much for making this! His speech at the end almost makes me cry
every time I watch it :3

Author HyperClownhater1 (1 year)
He is an above average dancer

Author Jennifer Jones (8 months)
So funny,loved it!

Author Km8 Top (10 months)
That's just fantastic!!!!!

Author poeticnerd1990 (1 year)
my entire womb just exploded

Author gothdaisy (1 year)
I had the biggest grin on my face during that entire thing! That was
amazing! You really put some huge effort into this! Tying all those
random scenes and voiceovers together! Really awesome! Great work! :D

Author bananachocolate:33 (8 months)
Hello Baby :D

Author UKlinx233 (10 months)
Someone show this to Tom.

Author Sofia Shandybina (10 months)
Wow,this is wonderful !!!

Author Anais Guzman (1 year)

Author alice lewis (1 year)
great job!

Author zarshyg (1 year)
my heart swelled and i couldnt stop squealing!!

Author Tami LovesFandoms (11 months)
wow, now i ship dean winchester and loki. i need to find a fanfiction!

Author Lori Shaffer (10 months)
Would someone please tell me what show this is from, at 2:43, and 2:57. It
looks hilarious! !

Author Karen Alien (11 months)
Damn! I can only give it one "like." XP
Where's that towel....?

Author unknownmagician15 (1 year)
Lol that part from spn at the end XD

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