Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn - Jill Swaggart & Bob Henderson

The Darkest Hour Is Just Before Dawn, performed by Jill Swaggart and Bob Henderson at Family Worship Center Church in Baton Rouge, LA.

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anointed Song


Author Aubrey Dyer (3 months)
Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning
The darkest hour is just before dawn 

Author Earlene Lockett (6 months)
I love listening to the singing. Make me remember and think about how much
I love God. and without him in my life where would I be today.

Author anthony wade (10 months)
One day we will see dawn see jesus face to face and get to live with him
forever i love jesus hes the only way to get home from here thanks be to
God we are going home

Author Ben Gray (7 months)

Author Sethu Mkhatshwa (8 months)
What a message. Dear Lord, help us hold on as dark as it is until dawn
comes in our lives. There are times when darkness is so thick in our lives
that it suffocates us , but our God is still with us. Brothers and sisters,
lets hold on to His promises.

Author lordjesusforray (1 year)
my son loves this song, sometimes we sang it togather, he has a beautiful
voice but he needs to no the lord, so everyone who reads this pray for him
, my wife and me.

Author John Abraham (10 months)
so beautiful ..............

Author stella04332 (9 months)

Author joann peshel (7 months)

Author darla arnold (10 months)
as so many time i lay in bed cant even hold my head being so sick this song
come to mind and can see jill sawaggert singing this song with bob h
enderson and it just blessed me so much ty . when my head hurting so
bad and get so sick i cant even have sound i hear that song in mind it
bring a peace i need 

Author Ben Gray (8 months)

Author Renee Brown (10 months)

Author D Hart (7 months)
Keep the Faith! Although the darkness falls, our Great Hope is just beyond
the horizon!

Author Bj Joyfanne (8 months)
What a beautiful song. Jill and Bob do a great job. God bless you all

Author Eva Buttrick (1 year)

Author salvation (1 year)
Hey, Jill, we need to hear from you more. Hallelujah!

Author Mike Allen (1 year)
I love this song and I feel the holy spirit moving through it I can not
stop listening to great job by bob and jill . I would love to hear it more
in the services . Thank you sbn for bringing the truth to our homes and all
the anointed music 

Author Alisa beardy (7 months)

Author Mike Allen (1 year)
I love this song and I feel the holy spirit moving through it I can not
stop listening to great job by bob and jill . I would love to hear it more
in the services . Thank you sbn for bringing the truth to our homes and all
the anointed music 

Author cindibrat561 (1 year)
I love this song and you guys do it beautifully.....Thanks...

Author truckersministry mark (1 year)

Author Bessica Yowell (1 year)

Author Carlos Roberto (1 year)

Author Kjell Åke Granlund (1 year)

Author Trudy Schrader (1 year)
Never lose hope

Author joelma ferreira da conceição alves (1 year)

Author Hans-Ulrich Buchardt (2 years)
Lad dette være os en trøst!
Rigtig god week-end til jer. 

Author Raymond Brown (2 years)
I love the song and the singing

Author ConnieAnna1 (3 years)
Jill is awesome..Her Strong alto voice is so clear and Beautiful..Brian is
GOOD, dynamite piano Man as usual..

Author JMMUSA (1 year)
What a blessing this song is. Thank ya lord for that darkest hour before

Author IantheWoodcraftsman (2 years)
Great song and rendition. Thanks for posting it. Unusual that Jill main
vocalist yet there was no close up of her until right at the end. Being
involved in TV camerawork some years back we always gave good coverage to
all the main talent. And yes, Jill make a great contribution. God bless JSM
and all those involved.

Author Shirlene1049 (3 years)
This is so wonderful. I love to hear this song by Bob Henderson, Jill
Swaggart and the wonderful piano player Haney. I wish that I could find
this on a CD. The young man playing the piano on this is by far the
greatest piano and singer that I have ever heard. They are just awesome.

Author Calvin Lilly (1 year)
You Can Order It On

Author ClassicsPlus (3 years)
Bob Henderson is the best singer at FWC. His singing is easy and natural
sounding. He's also a great musician. FWC is blessed to have him. Jill and
Brian are also doing a great job on this song.

Author Tobi Akiode (1 year)
Me tooooooooooooooooooooo...and very VERY soon, in Jesus name!

Author Judy Wilkinson (2 years)
so this song

Author Saundra MCcain (2 years)
Wonderful song..Good job!

Author Joyce Simoes (1 year)
I really enjoy hearing Bob Henderson sing. He and Jill make a great duet.

Author Jasmine Rosa (1 year)
This is my second time hearing Bob Sing

Author ClassicsPlus (3 years)
@ClassicsPlus One more thing..I have Bob Henderson's CD, and it is GREAT!

Author DurDurist (3 years)
I watch SBN all the time too godsgal. I love this song, and all their
anointed music. And I love their preaching and teaching on HOW to live for
God, once you get saved. It lines up with the Word, and thank God, the Lord
is using their ministry to get this message (the Message of the Cross) out
to anyone who will believe. I now know how to live for God, where "sin no
longer has dominion over me", because I'm under Grace, not law. Halleleujah
to the Lamb!!!

Author Monica Romero (1 year)
Yes, I was going thru a very difficult time of separation with my husband 3
years, when I heard this song-the Lord began to minister to me and thru
this song, I knew my husband was returning home he had been in Mexico 3
years. 2 weeks later, I received the news he was coming back to U.S.A.! God
gave us the dawn!! Beautiful anointed song

Author ConnieAnna1 (3 years)
Jill is awesome 2...

Author MissBurr1 (2 years)
too awesome to tell........brian and bob really brings this down to where
the rubber meets the road............lay down your soul at jesus
feet.......the darkest hour is just before dawn...amen

Author Woman of God (1 year)

Author danny b. (2 years)

Author DurDurist (3 years)
I watch SBN all the time too godsgal. It's so nice to see other postings
about this ministry. And I'm so glad they (their ministry) is preaching and
teaching, on HOW to live for God, once you get saved. Since watching this
ministry, and getting their, (actually God's) teaching in my spirit, I've
not only found what they preach and teach the truth, but I've never had
such a close walk with the Lord. Believe me, my brother's and sister's,
this is the "message" that we need for the church!

Author bjsosh13 (3 years)
i love this song does anyone have the words to this song

Author hyacinth rodney (1 year)
Music is the happiest time in my life.

Author ole kittilsen (1 year)
great song. Great singer

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