Tapping for Fifty Thousand Dollars! visit my website for my mini video course on clearing money blocks through the chakras! yes, chakras! we can use the chakra system as a map to find your mind/body/money blocks at a whole new level! Then we clear those blocks so you can earn more money and create more wealth.

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Author Jethro Joshua (2 months)
What an utter nonsense! Why walk with crutches when you can walk without
it? EFT has nothing to do with LOA. Whatever you tap, you are also talking
to your mind and reinforcing it. In other words, EFT is a mumbo jumbo
scie-fi version of re-wiring or conditioning our mind with affirmations.
Over and over we repeat it, it imprints in our mind deeply regardless of
tapping. There is no correlation between meridian points and LAO. People
tend to fantasize things in order to make it believable. Why on earth do
we need to stretch or dilute the truth? So many charlatans and ignorant
gurus out there to prey on you with some free techniques. Their whole game
is to lead you to their website and sell you something. Don't buy those and
if they made money, why do they need a website and products? Don't lose
your logic when it comes to this field. Gullible people always been coned
by these gurus. See what the comments down here people asking this point or
that point. They do not understand that points got nothing to do with LOA.
Without tapping (such a waste of time), we can still make money by
affirming the positive statements over and over again. Chakra system is a
failed theory. The reality lies within the mind not in chakra system.
Change your belief system -- upload and upgrade it!

Author gooderprose (4 months)
No Brad Yates...

Author nerisa b (24 days)
This is effective based on my experience. A month ago I was thinking of our
budget for our vacay tickets this December.I tried again this procedure of
tapping.Voila,money just came and now I will try again for the business
money I am aiming for this half of 2014.Thank you Margaret.Cheers

Author Faith Barnard (5 months)
Margaret, I love your tapping videos. Very powerful. I have been clearing
and opening up to new levels of prosperity. Fun and easy to do as well.
Love your upbeat style.

Author julzbo (3 months)
@Greg Hopkins I'm surprised you would make those kinds of comments
without, obviously, having even looked at the book reviews. And how many
New York Times best selling authors have you convinced to open up their
bank records to you?

Author serchingthetruth (5 months)
Thank you Margaret. Is there a reason for that you don't tap on the point
under your arm on your rib cage like others do? Just curious...

Author gooderprose (4 months)
Nice guns tho

Author Rey Gold Evans (7 months)
i like your style. rey gold evans. in panama, 

Author deanjet (3 months)
Screw it, I am tapping for $500,000,000,0000,000,000,000,0000,0000,000.00

Author Susan Parente (6 months)
Thank you Margaret!

Author Jason Lovett (3 months)
Sorry guys, but this lady is full of crap. None of this stuff will help AT
ALL to get to the $50,000. Sure, it makes you feel good, but if you measure
it beside your results, you'll realize that it doesn't do anything to help
your results.

What DOES work, I'm discovering, is lots of hard work, hard realistic
self-reflection, setting high goals and taking steps and actions towards
those goals, admitting you're wrong if something isn't working and seeing
what does work instead, and so on.

Unfortunately, success isn't as easy as "tapping" or pretending to be
receptive to positive energy. Success is hard, and grueling, but eventually
you will become a stronger person because of the hardships if you can adapt
to them. These techniques will only set yourself up for disappointment.

Nothing against Margaret, she seems like a very nice lady! But the efficacy
of these techniques are dubious.

Author Patsy Roberts (8 months)
does any one on here ever get a reply from Margaret her self ! I have not
got one.

Author Anrirua (4 months)
Well, I've been tapping a while now, on and off. I follow some of the
scripts and videos on Magnus on Tapping dot com. I've also watched some of
Margaret's stuff. And come back to this video after seeing it a year ago.
All I can is that tapping has improved me greatly. As I watched this this
time, after using Magnus' chakra clearing tapping session, I began to
laugh. Not AT Margaret, like some here. I began to laugh in a strange,
uncontrollable way that told me that energy was on the move. I've felt this
feeling a few times before; unfortunately rarely. But once definitely when
practicing a form of Qigong called Zhan Zhuang (Stand Still, be Fit is the
book/video course). I'm talking about a grown man suddenly starting to
giggle like a teenage girl. And you know what? For a morose SOB most of the
time, it felt GREAT !! :D If THAT is all I got from doing this session,
then I would kiss Margaret a thousand times if I could.
Hey, you don't need to buy anything from any of these people. They're
offering so much for free. You buy from them to reward them and you. But
its all here for FREE, if you're willing to complete your end of the
bargain and MAKE AN EFFORT.

Thanks Margaret for putting a big, daft smile on my face and, with what's
going on in my life with others, that is not easy.
I would pay e5K to laugh like that again. Its an internal laugh, nothing
external could cause that much mirth & joy.

Author Gold Will Set You Free (7 months)
I started tapping while in line at local grocery store. Security escorted
me out. Are you people serious.

Author Roberto Sixty Roberto (8 months)

Author EDDIE MARATRE (3 days)
I love you for this ....thank you..

Author Amy Riddle (4 days)
Thank you Margaret for sharing! This video is fantastic. I'm going to do it
every day for a week and see what happens! I already feel a shift by just
following this video once. Thank you for all you do. Blessings!

Author Hesham Zubaidah (8 days)
Question: Why is it so hard for me to sit through the karate chop point
that spot HURTS after like 5 times. Is that normal? And it doesn't matter
which hand it really hurts to the point of tears coming...

Author N. Fernando Guel (2 months)
LOL I guess I've wandered onto the wacky part of youtube again. xD

Author Rainy M (4 months)
This is soooo funny

Author DAYANAND S. Ohal (5 months)
Amazing Margaret loving you.

Author Tatiana R de Souza (2 months)
I did and my mom gave me 10k. lol

Author BeauJames59 (5 months)
Why don't you open a second savings account so we don't see your primary
account, then you can make a few videos and show live screen shots of you
tapping for the money so we can hopefully catch the $50,000 appearing in
your account on video. Wouldn't that be awesome!

Author WeAreWhiteLight (6 months)
My phone is being 'tapped' now that I started 'tapping'... and I've got a
constant headache!

Author Zaria Moon (5 months)
parts of my body unwind when I say, i totally honor it.

Author Marie Margo (4 months)
Hi Margaret, I had fun with the tapping! Now, I'm smiling more than 15
minutes ago.
I feel happy. Thank you and be well. 

Author Stefánia Major (3 months)
youre adorable. I love this so much:)

Author Nieves Kinal (9 months)
Want money? Here is a way to tap into that energy! Good Luck!

Author manlalaban1 (2 months)
She's attractive!! 

Author Mizo Tarot Mila Herenda (11 months)
Since we got the Magician today for our daily Tarot, thought I would share
this...tapping for 50 thousand!#tappingforcash #50grandyesplease #mizotarot

Author JoreJj Z. Elprehzleinn (8 months)
thank you we loved this so much. Peace and Love.

Author Laura Mazza Gonick (6 months)
Fabulous! You are the best! Thank You!

Author fiveaday30 (4 months)
That was the exact number I been visualizing. I click on this video that is
the number you are talking about. I will let you know what happens 

Author ICEYGIRLSS (1 month)
OMG! You made my day! I was in the middle of the exercise eyes closed when
hubby walked in HAHAHAHHAHAH! Need I say more I have never heard him laugh
so much he, got me laughing and darn we haven't done that for a long time
together so thank you for sharing this real fun video, like I said you made
my day :) 

Author K Reed (1 month)
Honestly, who here got money by doing this?
What a total crock of shit..

Author ferry best (3 months)
halo i'm from indonesia

Author Richard Perez (8 months)
the title's misleading

Author Ana Maria Tardelli (3 months)
I'm really doing it for a week and I' m very curious on how things will
present themselves. :-)

Author gemini roxxy (8 months)
Interesting :) 

Author Body Management (Guru)London (5 months)
try one day had £100 come in from lotto happy days thank you 

Author Ilyse Rothman (1 month)
Girl, you are the Rockstar of Rockstars!

Author Paisley Shaler (2 months)
Margaret I just got your book in an independant local bookstore- Now I must
tap on why I am activley blocking picking up the book and doing the
tapping! Either way, I
forgive myself- and I'm tapping on that! 

Author Yvette Miley (7 months)
I have been practicing international 3 in One Concepts - kinesiology -
stress management + medium - {Celtic(mum)/Egyptian(dad)} 5th Generation
Psychic for the professionally for the past 19 years in Australia. However,
I am always open to new ideas and concepts. I was introduced to TFT which
was orginially designed for war veterans in the USA and the Graig designed
the EFT.
Margaret I know I have manifested you to help STOP being a "mother theresa"
so I am told with all my volunteering and start RECEIVING. I am
appreciative and I have a great feeling that this will work...mmmmm It will
be a pleasure to help others achieve their goals and live their passions
and visions too. What an earth angel you are Margaret .

Author (2 months)
Guys this is pure SCAM. Come on we're not kids :)

Author Harold Romero (10 months)
Fanny way to 'tap for $50k'... Let's see if you do it too???

Author Justin Mazza (7 months)
Thanks Margaret, I just received 3 sales on my blog today, the same day I
watched your video and went through the EFT tapping. Twice I might add.

Author Zaria Moon (5 months)
this does a whole lot more for me, i do it not just to open up to more
money but its 526 am and I work up tired, after this round i'm ready for
some cardio and dancing! <3 and that margaret.... is priceless. thank u. 

Author MacotoNagano (8 months)
It easy to tap in USA.
Come and tap in Serbia.

Author Kat (7 months)
Okay so i just finished this taping exercise an hour ago, and just 10
minutes ago got an email from my modelling saying i was ACCEPTED for a job,
not asked to audition for it, and guess what the payment was for
100,000 DOLLARS <333333333333 oh my god this is truly amazing <3
so next time i do this instead of money it will be any of my desires
I guarantee, if you just do what she does and focus on it and the words she
speaks, it will happen <3 Goodluck to you all

Author Patsy Roberts (8 months)
I am trying the tapping for a 2sec time to see if anything happens this
time. this is my last day of tapping.We will see what happen's .

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