Tapping for Fifty Thousand Dollars! visit my website for my mini video course on clearing money blocks through the chakras! yes, chakras! we can use the chakra system as a map to find your mind/body/money blocks at a whole new level! Then we clear those blocks so you can earn more money and create more wealth.

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Author Winnie Vasquez (3 months)
Only one way to find out - who's gonna try it ? ;-) #lawofattraction 

Author Sheila meri (1 day)
I agree Margaret in tapping on the negative stuff that we have because it
is there and we need to clean it out. Do you have videos like this too? I
would love to tap with those!!!

Author Alex Jenkins (1 month)
There's lots of women who've "Tapped" for money! It's an ancient ideology.
Mary Magdalene used to do it!

Author Terry S. Smith (26 days)
LOVE Margaret Lynch. Her 7 Levels of Wealth Manifestation is an amazing

Author Sheila meri (6 days)
Hi Margaret. I knew I was always angry about money and people who have
it. I really got in touch with it doing this tapping. I am going to work
in this block that I have. It is huge!!!

Author Jethro Joshua (6 months)
What an utter nonsense! Why walk with crutches when you can walk without
it? EFT has nothing to do with LOA. Whatever you tap, you are also talking
to your mind and reinforcing it. In other words, EFT is a mumbo jumbo
scie-fi version of re-wiring or conditioning our mind with affirmations.
Over and over we repeat it, it imprints in our mind deeply regardless of
tapping. There is no correlation between meridian points and LAO. People
tend to fantasize things in order to make it believable. Why on earth do
we need to stretch or dilute the truth? So many charlatans and ignorant
gurus out there to prey on you with some free techniques. Their whole game
is to lead you to their website and sell you something. Don't buy those and
if they made money, why do they need a website and products? Don't lose
your logic when it comes to this field. Gullible people always been coned
by these gurus. See what the comments down here people asking this point or
that point. They do not understand that points got nothing to do with LOA.
Without tapping (such a waste of time), we can still make money by
affirming the positive statements over and over again. Chakra system is a
failed theory. The reality lies within the mind not in chakra system.
Change your belief system -- upload and upgrade it!

Author gninja92 (2 months)
You really believe tapping your nose will give you 50 large? I got a bridge
to sell you ! 

Author Mista Villain (2 months)
Credit cards? Wtf

Author Brittany Proctor (15 hours)
ZJjzs H, tjgkg=¶℅©€™ 

Author Susan DeGrasse (6 days)
Margaret, loved this tapping!

Author Robert Ferguson (9 days)
I've tried EFT tapping less than a week now, not only does it really work,
I practically won the jackpot amount.. $50... Million. On the lottery! And
that was just three days ago. 100% completely srs. I'm sure there are
complete naysayers who call BS on this, so screw them, let their limiting
beliefs keep them poor, so they stick to their BS complacency lol I'm not
even gonna waste my energy I'm supposed to reserve on greater good, by
arguing with them, for a second. Cheers Margaret.

Author Bashir Shah Qadiriya (3 months)
She s Seer cos'wth Our Power of Intention,V cld attained whtever V
want but need Patience n Concentrations 

Author lexxypexxy (25 days)
I'd feel silly doing it.... I'm into the whole New Age approach but even I
have to raise my eyebrows.

Author Hesham Zubaidah (4 months)
Question: Why is it so hard for me to sit through the karate chop point
that spot HURTS after like 5 times. Is that normal? And it doesn't matter
which hand it really hurts to the point of tears coming...

Author nat turnher (2 months)

Author nerisa b (5 months)
This is effective based on my experience. A month ago I was thinking of our
budget for our vacay tickets this December.I tried again this procedure of
tapping.Voila,money just came and now I will try again for the business
money I am aiming for this half of 2014.Thank you Margaret.Cheers

Author Hassan Alawie (2 months)
The words she uses are not men't to be used in the LOA world. if tapping
works which im sure it does, it should use words of positive affirmations
and not use words like i cant or its not their etc...

Author Eudilmir Maciel (2 months)
Complete nonsense!!!

Author pauliojr (3 months)
Start at 1:44

Author pedallin raw (2 months)
This sounds a bit airy fairy woo woo unicorn rainbow stylee,are you a

Author Josh Nix (3 months)
Jethro Joshua does not know shit! Nobody really knows why energy techniques
work or really why anything works. When someone thinks they have everything
all figured out, you can be certain they don't. Try EFT if it works for
you, like it has for hundreds of thousands of people than that is great. If
it doesn't than that's great too, maybe you can find something better that
works for you.

Author Propriet Ar (2 months)
I love this! Thank you! God Bless!

Author Bug (2 months)
Please show your hands

Author Tjay WASHINGTON (3 months)
I tap lightly on my wife's huge cranium, she hates it.

Author (6 months)
Guys this is pure SCAM. Come on we're not kids :)

Author nerisa b (3 months)
Thank you Margaret for this EFT.I am ezpexting BIG money from my deal and
came.Kudos & Cheers to you :-)

Author gooderprose (9 months)
No Brad Yates...

Author Dale Goodwin (3 months)
this is funny...does she get 50% if i get $'s it work...can the
people its worked for let me know......hhhheeee

Author EDDIE MARATRE (4 months)
I love you for this ....thank you..

Author Heynowville (4 months)
It's terrif. I do it daily, learning about myself, no $ yet. For a few
weeks, look forward to the set.

Author deanjet (7 months)
Screw it, I am tapping for $500,000,000,0000,000,000,000,0000,0000,000.00

Author Portland581 (5 months)
I want to see 20/20 in both my eyes. It the one thing I want the most.

Author Esmayil Zarmakhi (5 months)
the question is : anyone made 50,000 $ with this after 4 years?

Author Amy Riddle (4 months)
Thank you Margaret for sharing! This video is fantastic. I'm going to do it
every day for a week and see what happens! I already feel a shift by just
following this video once. Thank you for all you do. Blessings!

Author amazinggoldranger (4 months)
you are stupid

Author Susumu Iwafune (4 months)
Tapping for Fifty Thousand Dollars!

Author Anrirua (8 months)
Well, I've been tapping a while now, on and off. I follow some of the
scripts and videos on Magnus on Tapping dot com. I've also watched some of
Margaret's stuff. And come back to this video after seeing it a year ago.
All I can is that tapping has improved me greatly. As I watched this this
time, after using Magnus' chakra clearing tapping session, I began to
laugh. Not AT Margaret, like some here. I began to laugh in a strange,
uncontrollable way that told me that energy was on the move. I've felt this
feeling a few times before; unfortunately rarely. But once definitely when
practicing a form of Qigong called Zhan Zhuang (Stand Still, be Fit is the
book/video course). I'm talking about a grown man suddenly starting to
giggle like a teenage girl. And you know what? For a morose SOB most of the
time, it felt GREAT !! :D If THAT is all I got from doing this session,
then I would kiss Margaret a thousand times if I could.
Hey, you don't need to buy anything from any of these people. They're
offering so much for free. You buy from them to reward them and you. But
its all here for FREE, if you're willing to complete your end of the
bargain and MAKE AN EFFORT.

Thanks Margaret for putting a big, daft smile on my face and, with what's
going on in my life with others, that is not easy.
I would pay e5K to laugh like that again. Its an internal laugh, nothing
external could cause that much mirth & joy.

Author ICEYGIRLSS (5 months)
OMG! You made my day! I was in the middle of the exercise eyes closed when
hubby walked in HAHAHAHHAHAH! Need I say more I have never heard him laugh
so much he, got me laughing and darn we haven't done that for a long time
together so thank you for sharing this real fun video, like I said you made
my day :) 

Author julzbo (8 months)
@Greg Hopkins I'm surprised you would make those kinds of comments
without, obviously, having even looked at the book reviews. And how many
New York Times best selling authors have you convinced to open up their
bank records to you?

Author Ilyse Rothman (5 months)
Girl, you are the Rockstar of Rockstars!

Author K Reed (6 months)
Honestly, who here got money by doing this?
What a total crock of shit..

Author N. Fernando Guel (6 months)
LOL I guess I've wandered onto the wacky part of youtube again. xD

Author Heynowville (5 months)
Thanks, for a week, I can do that. I watch EFT-ers and tap along every day

Author manlalaban1 (6 months)
She's attractive!! 

Author Tatiana R de Souza (6 months)
I did and my mom gave me 10k. lol

Author Diamondmineboy (6 months)
Margaret... thank you...

Author Faith Barnard (9 months)
Margaret, I love your tapping videos. Very powerful. I have been clearing
and opening up to new levels of prosperity. Fun and easy to do as well.
Love your upbeat style.

Author Paisley Shaler (6 months)
Margaret I just got your book in an independant local bookstore- Now I must
tap on why I am activley blocking picking up the book and doing the
tapping! Either way, I
forgive myself- and I'm tapping on that! 

Author MK2112 (3 months)
I want to tap into some pussy.

Author serchingthetruth (9 months)
Thank you Margaret. Is there a reason for that you don't tap on the point
under your arm on your rib cage like others do? Just curious...

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