"The Statler Brothers Song" by Grandstaff

Wil and Langdon Reid, cousins who collectively comprise the duo Grandstaff and sons of Harold and Don Reid of the Statler Brothers respectively, wrote and recorded "The Statler Brothers Song" as a tribute to the Statlers to surprise them prior to their induction first into the Gospel Music Hall of Fame and then the Country Music Hall of Fame. The song is included on the Grandstaff CD LIVE AND WELL and the video will be included on the forthcoming DVD LIVE AND WELL.

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Author Nekkro-Naut Productions (24 days)
Grandstaff is a common name in the Shenandoah Valley, particularly in the
Woodstock region. a young boy was kidnapped by the Luray natives on a raid
at the Edinburg Mill in Edinburg, Va. he would later come back home
carrying a large wooden stick hence the name Grandstaff, having been raised
for some years by the Luray (Luray is in Page County) east of Shenandoah
County. I'm not sure of the actual surname of the boy who was taken, but
apparently he settled back here and carried the Grandstaff name.

Author CGholl (3 months)
how did I not know about these guys before today? excellent!

Author Andrew Cross (3 months)
How did I not know this? I first saw the Statlers at the Gray Station,Tn.
Fair. I saw them in concert in Salem and Richmond, I would and still
listen to them 24-7.The best ever. And now these two sons are carrying on
the tradition. GREAT

Author Eric Vaudt (5 months)
I never get tired of this song. Genius work with the lyrics and melodies
of past songs.

Author lore ann (5 months)
Now THIS is country!!! For sure if country was as it's supposed to be,
these guys would be major chart toppers!!!!!!!!!!!! Love u

Author Emma Robertson (5 months)
this is beautiful

Author Gail MacDonald (6 months)
Funny, I had no idea the Statlers retired, use to love them back in their
prime, Watched the Gaither show this weekend & the farewell tour of the
Statlers was on, Needless to say got me back into it, just bought the
farewell concert on Amazon & a gospel Cd,,Been you tubing all day listening
to all the music, found these boys , didn't know they were at it, & wow do
they sound good, I remember when Lew left the group , I was like OMG, the
Statlers are done. but, Jimmy had large shoes to fill & he did a mighty
fine job, he's not Lew but , he's the next best thing, & Lew thought he was
ok too, so, that was ok by me., These daddy look /sound alike guys should
continue on with music, they are good....

Author Judy Fisher (6 months)
This is a Great Song! I appreciate the "LOVE" that WENT into this CD! It
did take a lifetime to collect these Pictures as A Teenager I have Several
Others! They are a little frayed on the ends ! We Grew Up Enjoying several
concerts! WE ALWAYS GOT Lost getting to Your Concerts But That was part of
the FUN! I realize Now The lack of Concern about Our Safety ! However,we
were Focused on One Thing! They gave Us Memories that will last a LIFETIME
as well! 

Author Anita Chapman (7 months)
Love this song so much - as well as the subject! Like so many folks, I grew
up on the Statlers. They were my first concert, way back in the seventies!
I'm always on the lookout for more Grandstaff/Wilson Fairchild. 

Author Brian Helle (8 months)
Wow what a great song. Great harmony. Love how they put the Statlers Song
titles in the lyrics. Nobody can out do the Statler Brothers not even
cousins but what a great duet. Next generation of traditional country music
as they follow in their fathers footsteps. Hope to hear more of them. My
hat is off to great music and I don't even wear one. I love the traditional

Author Duane Deming (8 months)
could listen to this song every day!! what a GREAT tribute to their

Author Frank Provasek (9 months)
Just great. I just discovered these guys an hour ago. A great new
tradition honoring a classic tradition.

Author Brad Durner (11 months)
Freaking amazing!!! im about as old as you guys and grew up on the statlers
they as a child literally soothed my soul when I was sad or scared.Ive
visited their museum in Virginia and it was like going to graceland for me.
You gentleman have done your fathers proud....fantastic work!!!!

Author donna nash (11 months)
great tribute. Sure hope these guys don't quit and go as far as their
parents. Unfortunately it's just not todays country. Should be. But isn't.
It's REAL Country!!1

Author mba7898 (9 months)
I love this song!! These guys are awesome just like their fathers. 

Author bigoldinosaur (9 months)
And why does this not have 1 million views? Oh yeah that's right no one
these days cares about good, real, pure country music. 

Author BuddySilvers (4 years)
Good Song Grandstaff!!

Author 7cherryapple7 (5 years)
good harmony with a sound of their own--younger voices i guess.

Author carolinasbeauty (4 years)
These guys are great. Being a fan of The Statler Brothers for over 40 yrs,
I can pick out Harold's voice pretty easily. You can hear him at 2:36 and
at the end - unless Wil sings that part on a back track! He has a great
vocal range, so it could be him. Any info anyone?

Author daylanrayne (5 years)
LOL, not hard to see the resemblance huh? Has his father's eyes and vocal
talent too. The music matches Harold's also .. is that Liz Taylor, oh never
it wouldn't surprise me.

Author Joyce archa (5 years)
will is harolds son, I didnt expect anything less, thought he is GREAT,
just like his dad,

Author babyboomerpat (4 years)
This is a great song. Thank you. I have loved the Statler Brothers for
years. Great voices, Grandstaff.

Author Marcus Hollingsworth (5 years)
Such a great song about a great group. This brings back such good memories
of times past. I grew up on the Statler's music and love to hear all the
old songs that they recorded. Keep up the good word and record some more

Author Joyce archa (5 years)
whoever teased you --were jerks, just dont get any better then the Statlers

Author Leonard Leslie (5 years)
Great song about a great group!

Author benoitbabe (3 years)
They do their daddies proud!!

Author patlyon (4 years)
my goodness these guys are awesome! why the heck are they not on the radio?

Author bigoldinosaur (1 year)
If this was playing on the radio, I mean real country music, the world
would be a much better place.

Author Jon B (4 years)
@cmkahle There was no Statler backup in this song.. they are incredible in
their tribute to their fathers...

Author Gunn Wolf (1 year)
Four guys I'd love to meet.

Author RegionalGirl137 (5 years)
I just bought the CD a week ago--If you don't have it, go get it! The rest
of it is just as good as this one! A must have for your collection!
Wonderful material!

Author yellrecords (5 years)
It's at the Ohio State Fair in Columbus, OH. The overhead crowd shot at
0:40 is at the Happy Birthday USA concert in Staunton, VA. Thank you for
your interest, Doug

Author candellady66 (5 years)
this is awonderfull way to express the love thease men have fore there
dads. you are very talented and have alot to be proud of. your dads passed
on there grat voices on to you. keep up the good work.

Author Christian Matthews (5 years)
A fitting tribute to the Statlers. It is a shame there is no room in
country music for acts like the Statlers any more. They truly were one of
the greatest.

Author 1smogs (4 years)
had never heard of the statlers till last year,now i can't get enough of
them.absolutely love their music especially do you remember these and their
singing of how great thou art and the lords prayer-absolutley beautiful

Author Brenda Crocker (5 years)
This Is an excellent Song and Video...Your Fathers have to be proud of
these Guys ...They sound just like their fathers and sing excellent Love
these Guys CD circles

Author 19Kid84 (4 years)
I saw Grandstaff at the Ernest Tubb Midnight Jamboree in May. It was
awesome. They had Jimmy Fortune on the show with them and then after the
show Wil and Langdon came out and signed autographs. They sure look and
sound like their Fathers'. This sure is a great tribute song.

Author heidi tsjo (1 year)
really good song..nice

Author wilmaohman (5 years)
Those 2 along with Dailey and Vincent would make a great quartet.

Author kerrysovery (4 years)
What an awesome tribute to a Great American group!! I grew up with them and
took my grandma to see thier Farewell Tour two years before she passed
away. That is a memory I will never forget. We both cried when they sang
How Great Thou Art!!

Author lori ann (1 year)

Author kathy conner (4 years)
I saw the Statlers Brother on the Gospil show on GAC

Author Weitzelford81 (5 years)
I think this one of the best songs that the sons could have made. I may
only be 27 but my dad taught me all about the older country singers and The
Statlers are one of my favorite groups, Way to go guys.

Author Dottie Goalando (4 years)
Oh my goodness. They look and sound like their dads. Wonderful. Their sound
goes on.

Author lynnandersonfan (4 years)
I love, love, LOVE this song and this video!!!!! Great seeing the Statlers,
country's greatest group, with so many other country greats! I especially
love the shot of them on the Mandrell sisters show and remember seeing it
when it aired originally! Wil and Langdon are fantastic, and Wil not only
LOOKS like his dad Harold, but has his sense of humor, too!

Author rson1962 (4 years)
What a great song and a really great tribute to the best group ever to
sing. GREAT job.

Author mepeg924 (1 year)
Yes, they do sound just like their fathers, and created a tribute song that
sounds like something their fathers would write. Always loved the Statler
Brothers. Glad to hear the Statler music talent has been handed down. Hope
they keep going as long as their dads did!

Author 0Bowwow1 (3 years)
This is a fabulous song, by a couple of fabulous singers! I guess it's in
their blood. I sure do miss The Statler Brothers' show and concerts! They
will always be the greatest in my mind!!!!

Author joe7myers (4 years)
Good song about the Best country music ever had as a group... Will forever
miss them on stage....

Author Sandi McBride (1 year)
I love them...

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