Scale Running Model Harley Panhead Engine by Ron Colonna

V-Twin Panhead
Ignition: Spark
Bore: 1 5/16 in.
Stroke: 1 1/2 in.
Two Cylinder Four Cycle
No Castings Used
This engine was scratch built to a scale of 2/5ths or 40% of full size. The bottom end was taken from a drawing of a Knuckelhead engine that I puchased on e-bay. The top end was patterned after photos taken from e-bay of Harley parts for sale. I also bought a Harley repair manual that helped with the oil system. The crankcase was split into three sections instead of the usual two for ease of machining. The ignition is solid state and I use a GM coil which fires the two plugs simultaneously. Timing is advanced and retarded with the timer body. Two rotating magnets fire a Hall effect device at the proper times as per full sized points. The engine is large enough to produce that lovely V-twin sound.

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Author Fender Veal (1 month)
And I thought I had seen it all. Great job,well crafted been building the
real harley motors since 1970 ,now I want to build one for grins,too groovy

Author AJ Moore (1 month)
Must put this in my grandma's motorized wheelchair...

Author Jeremiah Hinton (7 days)
I would buy this and put it in a hardknock frame

Author Brian Weihe (7 days)
could i put one of those on a mini motorcycle

Author David Good (4 months)
Now for the hardtail chassis, 2/5th scale

Author harleywainie (1 month)
That's awesome mate, well done 

Author Ducati Drew (2 months)
Tattoo, needed that on Fantasy Island 35 years ago. Older guys will get it.

Author Da Nri (2 months)
Do you sell these? Or would you sell this one? I love it. 

Author Huffy Davidson (2 months)
Outstanding! Can it be mounted on a bicycle?

Author Soldier53flyer (2 months)
Great work.

Author Allen Scott (4 months)
i would like to put one on my mini harley bike swap it out from the stock
49cc with this and it would be a crowd pleaser for sure what is the cost of
one of these little engines run???

Author MrFrontenginedragste (3 months)
Smokes like a panhead!

Author Ralph McCrum (1 month)
YES !!!! Now Here It Are !!!!!

Author jovan jovic (2 months)
How did you do

Author bob smiths (10 months)
What is the displacement and HP of this motor? 

Author BUDDY LIGHT (3 months)
Looks like it may require a cooling fan?

Author denro0 (4 months)
I'd mount some ape hangers on the front of that board and have it working
with a throttle grip....that motor is awesome !

Author Jurnymn (4 months)
Smokes like my old Panhead.

Author C moore (2 months)

Author HoonTV (9 months)

Author NZHorizones (4 months)
That sounds amazing!

Author bud burck (3 months)
How much for one

Author Alexey Fin (2 months)

Author dizbcuz (5 months)
your rear pushrod tube is wiggling but great job

Author jovan jovic (2 months)
How much 

Author James Scarberry (6 months)
Tooo Cool............... Nice job!!

Author Jesse Angell (8 months)
Hey Ron, I'm new to the miniature engine world, and I'm wondering how one
goes about obtaining these. Are they all custom built? Or does anyone sell
prebuilt engines or kits? Thanks in advance.

Author Amonynos (3 months)
that'd make one awesome mini bike

Author tobylump (3 months)

Author Karl Kreutzer (1 year)
1A +++

Author Mike Clements (1 year)
I have great respect for any one with enough patience to build something
like this. I have the tools and the skill. But I don't have the patience.
It takes all 3 to do the job. Well done sir !

Author Zvonko Mokricky (10 months)
the best engine.

Author Augusto Gamer (1 year)
harley davidson sound

Author Mesa Vella (8 months)
I am amazed...excellent feat!

Author awbretire (9 months)
Awesome. Nice job of engineering. And can ya make a 4 speed tranny for it
with kick?

Author pandaManda22 (10 months)
What kind of carb are you using?

Author Julyboy 1950 (3 months)
tooooooo much!!!!!!!!!

Author Mike Sellers (9 months)
even at 2/5 scale that engine sounds bad ass

Author daan bombay (8 months)
whaaaaaaaaaaat XD Nise man

Author Dan Brown (10 months)
Very nice job. Casting and machining, you are indeed a master craftsman.
Retired has tools and brains putting it all together and this is what you

Author Jonathan Bolz (1 year)
Definitely TFC in this small scale and especially to retain that
"Ker-chumph" sound.

Author Snitchy1989 (10 months)
beast.. How did you make that? and make it look so realistic

Author Donny Yaul (10 months)
i want that to build mini bobber for my lil girl... 

Author herbienbrian2 (10 months)
Now this would look good in my minibike.

Author re tard (10 months)
that would go great on my rupp hustler

Author Всеволод Кононов (11 months)
very cool 

Author coltbuntline (11 months)
Where can I buy on? Do you have a knuckle and shovel?

Author Jay Chapman (11 months)
wow crazy

Author TwistyMcFisty1 (11 months)
You totally have to build a little chop around that.

Author andreas stavrou (11 months)
popcorn is ready

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