Basic Makeup: A whole bunch of tips.

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Author Mary Johnson (26 days)
Hi, I see this is from 2010. I have to tell you, if you ever come on
here, that you've given me so much LIFE! Thank GOD I found you. I'm an
over 50 AA Woman and I just started using Make up and I've been looking
like Homie the Clown and scaring my kids. Since I found you, I've been
following your tuts and I'm learning SO MUCH. I dont look so scarey to my
kids lately! HUGS and GOD BLESS YOU in EVERY WAY!!

Author Angie d Sanders (1 month)
Love it

Author Classichoney04 (7 hours)
I love how you did your winged eye makeup it's flawless ;)

Author Norma Bester (24 days)
awesome tips thanks.

Author Patricia M (1 month)
awesome tips...i want your eyes!!! 

Author CHERYL HARBOUR (1 month)
Thanks for the simple tutorial. Looks great! Great job!

Author Ashley Kelley (1 month)
How do you start getting freelance jobs? Like whats the best way to
advertise yourself

Author Luvenia Herrington (1 month)
Thank you great tips I can really use, keep em coming!!

Author Marie Ojeda (1 month)
U have beautiful skin. I like simple makeup.

Author Stella Stephen (2 months)
you are so gorg omg!! :)

Author MICHELLE BECKFORD (5 months)
I just love your eyes 

Author Harlie Qwinn (2 months)
Finally a tutorial that was quick and easy to follow for a newbie. Looks

Author lesterclaypool1 (2 months)
How do you keep your skin so lovely?
I've noticed that many other "gurus" are constantly covering bad skin from
too much makeup use.

Author C. HELAIRE (2 months)

Author cherishthisdayalways (3 months)

Author EdwinaLondon (3 months)
Your eyes!!!!👀🙌❤️

Author tanya bolton (3 months)
BEAUTIFUL!! Your video was on point:-)

Author Schelena Braxton (3 months)
New subscriber , loved the look, it's clean and very natural like.
Are you in Ohio? 

Author Fay Preece (3 months)
What lashes are these!?

Author caddi76 (3 months)
You look so much like Tami Roman! Good job!

Author Queen J (6 months)
You look great and your tutorial is on point! I wanted to try face make-up
(foundation and what not, I always wear eyeshadow and lipstick) for an
upcoming photoshoot. I've had mixed reviews about MAC & Bare Minerals. What
do you think works well when it comes to photographs?

Author Bobbi Mayo-Smith (4 months)
Thanks for those great tips!

Author Bryant Fuller (7 months)

Author kalisamoore856 (4 months)
any make up tips on puffiness under the eyes? love all your great make up
tips .

Author John Ryan (4 months)
Hello I was looking for the Link and the Code for 10% Discount when I
order the Set of Brushes I am the Short one that is on the Picture oh the
left of this Comment.. I hope that you can get back to me on this PLEASE..
Thanking You.
Love your Videos All of them..

Author Ellen Silva (5 months)
I have learned so much from ur video, thanks

Author Sharon Creppy (5 months)
I learned so much from you, in just 10 mins. You're amazing! 

Author Karen Walker (7 months)
Wow great tips! Gorgeous face! New subscriber from Australia :)

Author kitt purrfect (5 months)
I just subscribed to your page because I was so impressed by your work
posted on your Instagram account ( which I am following). Would love to see
more of your work on dark skin for black women. Thanks

Author Tyffie Rose (6 months)
hey was that u that did SWV make up

Author Ify baby! (7 months)
And now your Nickis MUA. So amazing! 

Author Rosanell McDowell (5 months)

Author MrsGladiator752 (6 months)
Your giving me Tami Roman tease...yesss!#bbwives

Author Simmone Ashley (8 months)
I love your videos!!!

Author Monique Soltero (6 months)
hi i was seeing your video which was extremely helpful but when was seeing
you contour for the bone structure i just kept asking my self why didn't
you contour your natural crease ...the folding part in just wondering like
if I'm doing it wrong please don't be offended I new to this 

Author Berry Sweet (6 months)
Girl, you are on hit!!!

Author RealJessiJackalope (9 months)
Your face is unreal. LOVE.

Author Whitney A (7 months)
Omg. You're flawless gorgeous! :D

Author Lisa S. Highsmith (7 months)
This video was so helpful. I've been trying to figure out where to begin
with my makeup application

Author Beverly Tunstall (7 months)

Author tantanisha spencer (7 months)
Thx very helpful: -()

Author Erika B. (7 months)
About how long should it take to complete a full application on a client?
Unfortunately, I'm slow it takes me a while to do my own makeup but I
usually space my clients out by the hour because I find by the time we talk
while applying the makeup, it takes an average of 45-60 min. And I assume
the more I do I'll get faster, yes. 

Author Ky (7 months)
your eyes are beautiful!

Author Vicious V (7 months)

Author Love Supreme (8 months)
You look amazing without makeup. Wow.

Author MsSexypaula (8 months)

Author Fashion Pop Queen (8 months)
Wow, I usually cant follow makeup videos but this one was relatively simple
to follow. Thanks so much! 

Author Ayesha Williams (8 months)

Author Pretty Clarinet (8 months)
Loving the face in this video. You have giving so many great tips in this
video. I have got back into wearing make-up. So beautiful.

Author jocelyn26able (4 months)
Woooow .. Love your makeup

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