Backtrack 5 R3 DNS spoofing(hack all types of accounts! )

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~~~Im not responsible for anything you do with this!~~~

Tutorial on how to perform a DNS spoof using backtrack 5 R3
In combination with my other tutorial on how to hack facebook passwords(blocked)
99% undetectable! Only when they start doing ping checks and ip checks and that stuff its detectable.

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Comments: 180

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Author Joe Zylstra (1 month)
Stuck at 99% In the instal..

Author Shark mrn (7 months)
What should I do? ERROR: 19 No such device?

Author Crls Angel (8 months)
this only works if the person is in your same network.

Author 8Uqew (2 months)
I found on google this site to hack facebook:
▆▅▃▂▆▅▃▂▆▅▃▂Go here: *FB.DeluxeCheat*.*com* ▂▃▅▆▂▃▅▆▂▃▅▆

Author 8Uqew (2 months)
Wow it’s realy work try this site:
▆▅▃▂▆▅▃▂▆▅▃▂Go here: *FB.DeluxeCheat*.*com* ▂▃▅▆▂▃▅▆▂▃▅▆

Author 1Dana (3 months)
Whant to hack somebody facebook? try this!
▆▅▃▂▆▅▃▂▆▅▃▂Go here: *FB.StartCheat*.*com* ▂▃▅▆▂▃▅▆▂▃▅▆

Author 1Dana (3 months)
Whant to hack somebody facebook? try this!
▆▅▃▂▆▅▃▂▆▅▃▂Go here: *FB.StartCheat*.*com* ▂▃▅▆▂▃▅▆▂▃▅▆

Author Kurozaki m (1 year)
It worked but It only works on h_t_t_p any way to make it work with

Author Dj Ichiban (1 year)
hey bro can you help me out, i'm trying to create an APN i can get fare
enough but when I try to connect with another computer on my network it
will not let me?

Author bombytextbomber (1 year)
I'm not sure what this could be, it works multiple times on my machine. But
maybe it's because you haven't checked the "Always connect to this" box in
Wicd... Really not sure what else it could be

Author Pawel Giza (1 year)
it works only my network LAN ?? on the all computers ??

Author Haqil Roslee (1 year)
hello, i did everything you did but it didnt work. I still need to use my
ip address then it will work

Author mhamad ali (1 year)
what ip address u typing

Author kurd duhoki (1 year)
not work anymore :(

Author bombytextbomber (1 year)
The LAN address of my VM, you can check yours by typing ifconfig in a

Author Dj Ichiban (1 year)
Hey can u PM me

Author jayroxadio (1 year)
so how exactly do you "stop" the attack, you just close the terminal its in?

Author bombytextbomber (1 year)
Sorry for the late reaction, I didn't see it! Ok, I need some more info on
what didn't work, try to make the SET page without the ettercap command and
try to open the page by going to your own IP address( If you get
facebook the ettercap command failed. If you get an error your SET page
failed. Comment/PM the results...

Author bombytextbomber (1 year)
Nope, or you have to break into their network ofcourse... Nice picture by
the way, I almost hit my monitor XD

Author TheAsuwkowe (1 year)
hi, when use it, should we make the facebook page first??as i know the now addressed to our address so the victim is accessing our
address. And if we don't set up facebook page victim wont see any page
displayed. am i true??

Author Looph Crackk (1 year)
Hi, i also have Backtrack and windows 7 running both on vmware. But i had
to set both of them to Host only in order for the to work under one
computer but both will not have internet connections. how did you manage to
setup your backtrack and win7 under oracle vmware? thanks in advance

Author MrAnthonyc1993 (1 year)
it is eth0 not ethO, try fixing that and see if that works

Author Sourse Code (1 year)

Author bombytextbomber (1 year)
What do you mean? This always works with ANY WEP network which is in use,
so it will take some time to get enough ACK's/Handshakes so you just have
to be patient...

Author 郡弋 林 (1 year)
so you mean only in "same" network out of my network wont be useful ,

Author Dj Ichiban (1 year)
after I enter the IP address for POST back, then enter URL to clone which I
use your example it just kicks me back to the 9 menu option where the
harvester is??

Author bombytextbomber (1 year)
What do you mean? I've got all available resolutions, from 1080p to 240p so
there shouldn't be any problem.

Author bombytextbomber (1 year)
Has to be Internal, because this only works within the network you are using

Author nakedsnakeee3 (1 year)
Do it works in a wireless network ? (WEP)

Author bombytextbomber (1 year)

Author Madjid King (1 year)
hey please can you tell me how to find a solution for my ip ,it's show
10.0.2....some thing like that so please please help me to detect this

Author bombytextbomber (1 year)
I always have it as a bridge, so try that one and make sure you select the
adapter you use in your real OS too(The one properly connected with the
ip-range you want). That should do it, maybe you'll also need a clean BT5

Author ElizabethChen316 (1 year)
Take a look at this my friends. This really worked for me and I hacked over
20 facebook accounts today:

Author bombytextbomber (1 year)
Look on Dealextreme webshop, they sell it for $20,40 and free shipping Only
problem is shipping takes long...

Author Pawel Giza (1 year)
thank for Reply ;)

Author Mac Sam (1 year)
im about to buy the ALFA AWUS036H, for $31, and do u know how to create dns

Author bombytextbomber (1 year)
If you use a virtualmachine it will tunnel the wireless card to the VM you
are using, this means it will show up like a hardwire while it isn't. About
Facebook, check your inbox... ps. If you use a USB wireless card like my
Alfa, you can easily share that one with a VM and this will allow you to
see it as a wireless card.

Author bombytextbomber (1 year)
I think you mean Backtrack and Windows XP running in VMWare. However, you
shouldn't use the host-only setting in adaptors, you should make it a
bridged adaptor so it will appear in your subnet. I use Oracle Virtualbox
and to do this you select your BT5R3 machine and press
settings>network>Adaptor 1 Make sure it's activated and set it to network
bridge adaptor and underneath that select your adaptor.

Author bombytextbomber (1 year)
Have you copied the link of facebook in SET that uses SSL? Then you have to
install SSL libraries on backtrack but idk which ones are supported. But if
you are just using a non-SSL link in SET then i have no clue on how to make
this possible. Maybe its good to update everyting?

Author bombytextbomber (1 year)
I think the best way at this moment is to do some firewalking, find an easy
target in the network and infect it... Nmap and Metasploit are some great
tools for this. Or you do it the easy way and you drive to the target,
crack the router password and there you go :p

Author TheGhostOfH3Cking (1 year)
hoe zorg ik trouwens dat als je weer naar facebook gaat je weer op de goede
site terecht komt en niet op de set pagina

Author TheLightBishop (1 year)
Hey ! Nice video ! But if we want to do this to another people, we just
have to change our ip by the ip of the people ?

Author bombytextbomber (1 year)
Nope, this only works within the same network you're in.

Author River Lemmond (1 year)
How is it undetectable when the victim cant log into facebook..? They will
know something is wrong

Author jayroxadio (1 year)
sorry, im new to backtrack and am still learning!

Author bombytextbomber (1 year)
I don't think it spams your router/DNS, DNS spoof is noisy but not that
much. I don't really know how to explain this but maybe your router itself
can't handle a local DNS? I don't really know any solution but I think if
you do the same thing on another router it will work. Of course you first
ask for permission to do that ;)

Author bombytextbomber (1 year)
I think you are using a wireless connection, if so you shouldn't pick eth0.
You should enter wlan0 or wlan1 depends on what adaptor you're using. If
you use VMWARE and the above described doesn't work, i think you haven't
set your adaptor to bridged. I use Oracle Virtualbox and to do this you
select your BT5R3 machine and press settings>network>Adaptor 1 Make sure
it's activated and set it to network bridge adaptor and underneath that
select your adaptor.

Author ryis008 (1 year)
My probleme is that the clone stuff didnt work on facebook :/ but it works
for other siteweb so i cant move on in that tuto if the first step dosent
work 100%,it just didnt send me back the info log (we got a hit...)and the
second issue that the clone stuff work only il backtrack browserweb so when
i try on my computer and not my VM it doesn't work

Author Mac Sam (1 year)
and also the wlan0 is the wireless usb card right?

Author MaryN7894 (1 year)
I hacked some account with this site . ►►►► <<=== .
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