Master Chief takes off his helmet

Thanks for the 1 million views everyone! Boltfan and I are both surprised at how popular this became!

I've noticed a lot of you are confused about the Grunt. It's there, during the final run on the Maw. He says "Good thing that Food Nipple's waiting for me at the Starship, cause man, I've worked up a BIG GRUNTY THIRST!"

A lot of you are asking how this was done. I personally did not make this, so I don't know exactly, but I know it was done with the devcam. I don't know how they got it, but that is all I know.

This video created by Boltfan (XBL GC)aka silentone2 ( account)

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Author helikos1 (1 month)
Chief is just so hardcore he wears a helmet under his helmet

Author Justin Berlang (1 month)
Like a boss

Author Andres Nava (7 days)

Author salko krvavac (4 months)
he got the other helm ready for halo 2 

Author Benjamin Stipanov (5 months)

Author MrTheorangefan (4 months)

Author Chandler LaTourneau (2 months)

Author Alex Diaz (2 months)

Author TheBaconboy124 (4 months)

Author chris espejo (4 months)
guys he was in the army when he was like 7. in halo 5 they show it and its
a blondy

Author ALocalTiger (3 months)
There are TWO HALVES to every melon.

Author Lacey Cole (2 months)
That's exactly what would happen to

Author Lego CustomXII (1 month)
wtf how does he fit that in there!

Author Jordano148 (5 months)
Where is face? -,-

Author Dkutla Osterhagen (1 year)
Old, but MIND = BLOWN

Author Sid Goswami (2 years)
Under this mask is...Another mask!

Author fantastic097 (1 year)
So fucking what?

Author barkinc (1 year)
how did u get the camera like that

Author CrownTehNoobs (10 months)
No... HelmetCeption

Author xxxCrazyBannanaZxxx (10 months)
Ok, if there's a helmet under his helmet, then is there another helmet
under that helmet?

Author Tha Dovahkiin (7 months)
Thats just what 343 thought it would look like.

Author eyeseeyou4321 (1 year)
Heh, Heh, that would have been good, too. I was thinking at first about the
girl that does those movie reviews, you know, Comic book girl, that would
have been funny, her as Master Chief. She's kinda pretty but she does look
dopey like Alfred E. Newman.

Author xxxCrazyBannanaZxxx (1 year)

Author zulmaigtg (8 months)
I agree because I played halo four and master cheif is a human not just
another robot dude

Author carlos perez rios (1 year)
is this halo 2

Author gabriel bermudez (1 year)

Author The Canadian Alligator (1 year)
"Now get this! Underneath my Spartan body armour is... MORE SPARTAN BODY
ARMOUR!" *laughs while being bombarded by the entire covenant army* Moral
#1: You can never have too much protection. Moral #2: Spartans never die.

Author Stephen-zan Vex-ar (1 year)
he has nice eyes

Author WASD (9 months)

Author Swiftyswift0211 (1 year)
theater mode

Author HAX_Cupric (10 months)
i really didnt think he would look like that he has a nice face

Author TheGamingMooshroom Lance (8 months)
He is a robot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author BeakyRed (5 months)

Author CrazyandSlender2211 (11 months)
He No-clipped.

Author legomunoz1 (8 months)
Omg mastercheif is mastercheif

Author 차문석 (1 year)
I knew it..!

Author Jar-Jar Binks (10 months)
Nup, For all we know he might just be slender man's badass brother.

Author Cuddlebunzzzz (1 year)
lol y u mad tho

Author Cuddlebunzzzz (1 year)
So you're complaining about creative differences between two totally
different companies and design teams, which is pretty dumb.

Author couragedy89 (1 year)
Camera movement shows that person who made this video is not trolling us
but is in as much disbelief as rest of us.

Author JordanGaming2013 (10 months)
so that is the truth about master chief.... ha so funny wonder how many
more helmets there are. lol

Author BCCuties (10 months)
He has so many helmets inside

Author Zeek zeekity (7 months)
no face for mc was added cuz your not ment to see his face in the game

Author rayonator500 (9 months)
Fuck this, fuck that, fuck logic. I'm done.

Author Stuart Herbert (9 months)
halo 4 is shit >< U

Author Chuck Halo (11 months)
No. Halo C.E :)

Author Datiel124 (7 months)
he has a helmet under his helmet?

Author Ben Z. (10 months)
he takes his helmet off at the end of the game after the credits and you
would have to beat the game on legendary difficult

Author TalksickWaste97 (1 year)
It is Halo Combat Evolved

Author Gamerz Zone (11 months)
LOL Problem? Halo fans?

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