Master Chief takes off his helmet

Thanks for the 1 million views everyone! Boltfan and I are both surprised at how popular this became!

I've noticed a lot of you are confused about the Grunt. It's there, during the final run on the Maw. He says "Good thing that Food Nipple's waiting for me at the Starship, cause man, I've worked up a BIG GRUNTY THIRST!"

A lot of you are asking how this was done. I personally did not make this, so I don't know exactly, but I know it was done with the devcam. I don't know how they got it, but that is all I know.

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Author Schweiz zockt (3 months)
The dont want us to see his face so they rly make somthing that even
hackers/or a glich cant reveal the face xD (sorry 4 my english )

Author X Leonhart (3 days)
The Chief trolled us all.

Author Andrew Charlson (4 days)
I knew it

Author xBluefirex1 (1 month)

Author fcwaffles (4 months)
Why is halo taking off his helmet?

Author TheHellblazer117 (6 months)
hmm double armor! what a great idea! wonder how many he has up there?

Author sandra brookks (2 months)
1000 I guess

Author Lucas_XII Gaming (2 months)
OK. I got trolled here... HA HA HA...

Author Niko Reiesu (5 months)

Author 360 ProTrowGamer (5 months)

Author Mattomanx77Gaming (2 months)
I knew it! Under his helmet was another helmet!

Author Neru Akita (3 months)
His helmet is made of helmet.

Author Harvey Williams (2 months)
Oi mateys - did you know there was going to be a HALO movie... fell
through but the director was given money to make whatever he wanted and
District 9 was born.

Author helikos1 (9 months)
Chief is just so hardcore he wears a helmet under his helmet

Author Cog Gear (3 months)
Under his helmet another helmet man their clever they really don't want us
to see his face!

Author hubbabubbly (4 months)

Author Gemma Giles (4 months)
Wow. Just wow. I was so excited over nothing. Wow thanks a lot John.

Author Connor Price (7 months)
That is one amAzing video I love the way he takes it of and another one
appears on his head WTH !

Author Joshua Kunkle (4 months)

Author kaylyn wolfe (5 months)
Lol that's funny i thought they were really going to show his real face

Author Justin Berlanga (8 months)
Like a boss

Author Andres Nava (7 months)

Author Mikov101 (4 months)
Looks like Master Chief has HelmetCeption.

Author Max Lego (8 months)
wtf how does he fit that in there!

Author Aleks Diaz (9 months)

Author Chandler LaTourneau (9 months)

Author Lacey Cole (10 months)
That's exactly what would happen to

Author ALocalTiger (11 months)
There are TWO HALVES to every melon.

Author death metal kid (11 months)
he got the other helm ready for halo 2 

Author OrangeHacker (11 months)

Author TheBaconboy124 (11 months)

Author Dwarven Slig (6 months)
That is why he never dies

Author chris espejo (1 year)
guys he was in the army when he was like 7. in halo 5 they show it and its
a blondy

Author Benjamin Stipanov (1 year)

Author Jordano148 (1 year)
Where is face? -,-

Author slipcakz (10 months)

Author GuitarsTheory (11 months)
There is no face under master chief's helmet, only another helmet.

So the legend is true

Author 이호원 (11 months)
Yo dawg, we heard you like helmets.
So we put a helmet on yo helmet so you can protect while you protect.

Author p plzzaz (10 months)
Master Chief is so awesome that his helmeT, has a helmet

Author fantastic097 (1 year)
So fucking what?

Author barkinc (1 year)
how did u get the camera like that

Author Verruckter Schakal (2 years)
There is no face to be seen. the basic cutscene this came from, is seen no
matter the difficulty. The only difference in the legendary ending is Sgt
Johnson hugging an elite. This was a panned in shot done from the PC
version of the game hacking the cut scene to get inside it when he is
taking his helmet off. There is no face to be seen. Don't be a troll, let
alone a fail one. Anyone with a brain and the capacity to search for this
information can confirm you're a retard.

Author JumbleGaming (1 year)
No... HelmetCeption

Author CrazyB (1 year)
Ok, if there's a helmet under his helmet, then is there another helmet
under that helmet?

Author Tha Dovahkiin (1 year)
Thats just what 343 thought it would look like.

Author eyeseeyou4321 (1 year)
Heh, Heh, that would have been good, too. I was thinking at first about the
girl that does those movie reviews, you know, Comic book girl, that would
have been funny, her as Master Chief. She's kinda pretty but she does look
dopey like Alfred E. Newman.

Author CrazyB (1 year)

Author zulmaigtg (1 year)
I agree because I played halo four and master cheif is a human not just
another robot dude

Author carlos perez rios (1 year)
is this halo 2

Author gabriel bermudez (1 year)

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