How to Install a Custom ROM/Recovery and Gain TEMP Root For LG Optimus V

A Quick Tutorial brought to you by Gates on how to root your LG Optimus V with ROMTools.
NOTE: You DO NOT gain full root with ROMTools, only temp root to install the ROM and recovery. Once you install those you will have root however.


Reference Guide:


Custom Recovery (Xionia):

BACKSide Rom:

Text Tutorial:

Special Thanks to anyone who has helped me when I was a noob.

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Author Dj Sammy Sam (1 year)
what is the name of the emulator you are using to show the Optimus v on
your computer

Author 562marco (2 years)
My phone wont shell root on super one click ..pls help

Author TheQuickShocker (2 years)
Wow it says psneuter Failed. help??

Author omgthisiswerid (2 years)
can you put a vid of updating the rom please!

Author AndyKety0000000 (2 years)
DUDE! Thank You. Ive been getting an error message all the time and but i
finally got it to work with this tutorial. Thanks for the help.

Author exProphecy (2 years)
What's your clock widget called?

Author northranger79 (2 years)
@omgthisiswerid Yeah, the developer put in ADW instead of the stock GB
launcher. ADW is the best launcher IMO. But you can install Any other
launcher and be perfectly ok!

Author Juan Roque (2 years)
Thanks for the help dude.

Author KottonGraphics (1 year)
romtools file link is not working. is there another way to get romtools
with that still has the v drivers?

Author TheQuickShocker (2 years)
UGHHH there is no google apps download for optimus v. is there a

Author Guffie Swink (2 years)
I cannot get backside to download from site... I keep getting an error

Author mark rowlands (2 years)
Having a visual of how to do this really has helped. Thanks

Author diggsphone (2 years)
Can I get a working link for ROMTools v2.3.1 with Optimus V drivers the
links in the post don't work.. other than that, I'm ready to go!

Author Chris Dlugopolski (2 years)
wasnt able 2 install driver 2 had a newer version already

Author Ross Reed (2 years)
I guess I shouldve asked first but the phone is still running on 3g after
the new rom correct?

Author omgthisiswerid (2 years)
I love you! finally this works!!!! also, is it suppose to preinstall adw
launcher and is ok to switch to go launcher ( i use their widgets alot)?

Author Luis Mendoza (2 years)
ive done the steps correctly but it shows the stock recovery not the
custom. ive done it like 10 times already. help me?

Author Keygern (2 years)
I follow everything you do but the custom recovery doesn't want to flash.
It just shows the stock android one ... please help ?

Author Juan Roque (2 years)
I just got my Optimus Freed. The only problem I encounter was the renaming
of the custom recovery to "vrecovery.img" the first time I did it failed
because Windows 7 retains the extension (.img) so you don't need to type
the extra ".img" just rename it to "vrecovery" and you will be fine.

Author Anthony DeSanto (2 years)
sy-ann-oh-jin :) just helping u out!

Author Nhân Nguyễn (2 years)
lg in my face =))

Author exProphecy (2 years)
I have beautiful widgets but it doesn't look quite like yours.. Which
widget is that one? I'm using super clock

Author Ross Reed (2 years)
I guess I shouldve asked first but the phone is still running on 3g after
the new rom correct? Btw thank you for doing an awesome job on EVERYTHING!
so many excellent references. you are awesome sir ty :)

Author northranger79 (2 years)
Yes it is.

Author Xavier San (8 months)
google apps broken link

Author chocokennedy (1 year)
also when i click the link to download rom tools it takes me to some random
webpage not like tjhe one on ur vid

Author TonyBrehh (2 years)
could you possibly email me the rom tools file? the whole thing, my
computer gives me an error message after downloading it "could not be
saved, because the source file could not be read." I'll pm you my email.
thank you.

Author northranger79 (2 years)
@exProphecy beautiful widgets

Author 05ENRIQUE92 (2 years)
wouldnt work but then i renamed vrecovery.img to vrecovery with out the .img

Author Jerry Hodge (2 years)
Great guide thanks alot. i did have problems with super one click freezing
up but kept rebooting phone and cpu and retying after alot of attempt super
one click was able to gain temp root access. The rest of the steps went off
without a hitch your not just rooting your phone your installing the
gingerbread version of android with the cynogenmod 7.1 installed. Its like
buying a new phone for free ? can i turn off usb debugging now ? ? how do
you get phone interface on your cpu ?

Author Chris Dlugopolski (2 years)
insted of goin in to the custome recovery screen, i go into a fastboot mode
screen, dont know wat im doin wrong

Author Richard Landgren (1 year)
Cannot locate ROMTools anywhere - all the links are dead. =/

Author Juan Roque (2 years)
Hey man is there Any way I can change the I.H.O. logo in the beginning of
the boot screen?

Author riotgear78 (2 years)
God I wish your cunt ass would stop jammering and get to the nitty gritty
you fuck.

Author JalenTheEpic (1 year)

Author chocokennedy (1 year)
the google aps link from the webpage u got it from is broken! where can i
get that download ??

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