1-99 smithing guide runescape FAST! Cheap
^Updated 1-99 Smithing Guide! Far more advanced!

YOU CAN do knights sword quest for 1-29 smithing if you wanna save time.

How i got 99 smithing. It was pretty fast to be honest. Join me with it ;)

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Author MatteRyd (4 years)
so if i have a hell of a lot of steel bars and i'm lvl 42 in smithing, i
should make steel warhammer?

Author Kamran3210 (3 years)
id suggest to keep your smithing and mining around the same lvl so you dunt
have to buy ores. but it will take longer

Author unknownmovement (4 years)
@awsomeman3000 DUDE ever heard of google wikirunescape etc? search for
smithing gauntlets and all the info will apear. They give you a bonus on
making gold bars. Owya something he forgot to tell is YOU NEED TO DO

Author lolzomgz1337 (4 years)
@awsomeman3000 use the calculator :-)

Author kaloutj (4 years)
@LostYoLoot no it IS possible cuz right now you make at least 400k profit
of making a DFS depends on price you buy visage and sell DFS. Also you can
make Dragon platebodys with like 1M profit ea plate. Although it doesn't
train good it does make money but you'll need high smithing also.

Author chickensarecoolest (3 years)
which is better mithril bars or adamant bars? i want 99 mining so i ahve a
lot of caol that needs use

Author pickax0 (3 years)
@MARTINLARSENFOX 154838 ores from 72 to 88 ><

Author peter pan (3 years)
how much would it cost to 99 im lvl 60? Pls answer or pm me

Author Beastinwithth3half (3 years)
how long does it take you to get to 99 using this

Author marcelino981 (3 years)
so did you gain money or lose money and how much

Author middlemike1 (4 years)
@LostYoLoot nah you can make slightly over 3m an hr with 91 hunt at puro

Author jesse selinger (4 years)
By the way everyone...for people below 50 u should go for 65 even if it
cost like 7mill it's worth it..for the curses people who have 99 prayer! :D

Author Rundle118 (3 years)
was that my computer lagging or was that the shit guide video?

Author Edward McRowan (3 years)
@DRiTommy Which means you'll make money! How many cannonballs do you get
for every steel bar? 4 cannonballs per bar. So on one hand we pay 946 and
on the other with that 946 we make 379*4. :O thats approximately 1400 gp
thats around 500 more gp! Yea man go for it.

Author SuperPoeper (3 years)
if you have VERY much money you can make dragonfire shields at 90 smith 2k
xp per shield you can make like 1m profit per shield if you buy low enough
and sell high enough but that prob wont work -.-

Author TheGreyHeaven (2 years)
This is the worst fucking song I have heard in a looong time. Holy shit.
Why is it that most Runescape guide videos have terrible "music"? Wtf man...

Author LostYoLoot (3 years)
@Rundle118 lag

Author Miles Schmidt (3 years)
you lose so much money but you get magic xp =\ me persional dont think its
worth it.

Author Adam1992i (2 years)
It doesn't matter which item you make, you get the same xp per bar no
matter if you make platebodies or daggaers

Author sostrictable (4 years)
do gold gloves work with super heating or just smelting?

Author jarrettbank (2 years)
this video is from 2009 LOL

Author likepieproductions (2 years)
gold is slow though

Author ArtifyGeiL (3 years)
U should do the minigame blast furnace (60-99) if u want 99 smithing 'fast'
and cheap.

Author Nhuck Corris (3 years)
@zexhacker2 go to falador to he guy second floor change your family crest
for 5k go to someones house with a banner easel or a painting stand or w/e
and then u can acces the furnace in edgeville north west of the grand

Author MrHowieBoy (3 years)
fastest guide I've ever watched.

Author Carl L (3 years)
iron knives is faster than sitting there making gold bars

Author LostYoLoot (2 years)
@TheGreyHeaven this one is majorly outdated, watch my new one

Author Jovial Mephit (4 years)
Why is the music saying gotta get gay? Just go watch sum gay porn... -_-

Author Mikee Provolt (4 years)
the only reason im not subscribing to you is because you used this song....

Author poemees (3 years)
@jojam188 this is made in 2009, that other vid is in 2010

Author GoldenHeadShawt (3 years)
@LostYoLoot lol :)

Author monkey505050 (3 years)
@Rundle118 try changing graphics? like options

Author caspere95 (4 years)
hey how long it took:D and how much money u gave away for it

Author ScytheOfFire (4 years)
@LostYoLoot well if you could smith and mine a shit loada rune you could
make more then 3mil

Author Mac Zhang (4 years)
Why do u mostly always do scimitars and daggers? Do they give more xp?

Author Savior8181 (4 years)
Thanks, this guide got me 54-99 smith in 12 days, real easy.

Author djshep0914 (4 years)
yes you can make bank with smithing im not telling anyone how or the item
price will go down muahahaha

Author 456redcat (3 years)
i did bar till 20 then knives. used knives for rng. ran out of knives. made
iron knives. so on so forth... :D

Author Shkelqim Baxhaku (4 years)
how much would i luse if i use this way

Author Phillip Ashford (3 years)
@LostYoLoot they keep askin that if it did exist it would be makking rune

Author W0RSTN1GHTMAR3 (2 years)
how much will it cost alltogether

Author re5owns678 (4 years)
@falc0knights then empty out some of that useless crap you have

Author SamoanBeauty1000 (4 years)
if you do the knights sword smithing from 1 goes to 29

Author squigg0th (3 years)
88-99 with addy plates costs 253.405m nowdays. I'm currently 320k to 97
smith and done 60-96 gold bars (80k xp/h possible) and it costs about 50m

Author Jose Blazes (4 years)
@xbox360jr11 I'm 99 mining and i make 2m an hour from mining rune in the
wild. every inventory is 500k

Author LostYoLoot (4 years)
For the people who keep asking about the way to make 3mil an hour doing
smithing - It doesn't exist, Case closed

Author LostYoLoot (2 years)
@iHighQuality lolwut?

Author awsomeman3000 (4 years)
how long would it take from 566 to 69?

Author zeldabliss (2 years)

Author MastersProds (4 years)
im f2p, my smithing is 46 at the moment please help.

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