Navman Map Installation Instructions - with unlock key

Your easy guide to downloading and installing the latest map updates for your Navman car GPS device.

These instructions apply to map updates with an unlock key for the following units:

MY Series - MY30, MY50T, MY55T, MY500XT, MY60T, MY65T, MY75T, MY80T, MY85XLT, MY90XLT, MY-ESCAPE, MY300LMT, MY350LMT

EZY Series - EZY30, EZY40, EZY15, EZY45, EZY100T, EZY200

C Series - C40, C60

S Series Platinum - S300T, S200, S150, S100

Note: These instructions only apply to Navdesk v7.50.0106 or higher.

For written instructions, visit our support site here:

To purchase additional maps, downloads or accessories, visit our online store at one of the links below:

AU -
NZ -

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Author Darron Gedge (7 months)
Very very poor instructions! I attempted to redeem the product key sent to
my stepfather by e-mail. But the spaces provided do not match the length of
thye product key. EPIC FAIL!!!

Author Navman Australia/New Zealand (1 year)
Here's some handy video instructions for installing a new map to your
Navman: Navman Map Installation Instructions - with unlock key

Don't forget, if you have one of the below models and are entitled to free
map updates, you don't need need an unlock key, it's all done automatically
with these instructions: Navman Map Update Installation Instructions -
Automatic Update

Automatic Map Updates: MY60T, MY65T, MY75T, MY80T, MY85XLT, MY90XLT, MY
Escape, MY300LMT, MY350LMT.

Author Peter Kohleis (14 hours)
Purchased Navman maps - as did Colleen below. Doesn't work and 24 hours
later still no response from support. I'm asking for a refund as I'm very
unhappy with paying for something I can't access, let alone use. 

Author Colleen Raines (2 days)
There is no download links in my email...just the code and how to
install...but doesn't give me a download page...not happy ...bought maps

Author Sam John (2 months)
hi guys! When I clicked on the navman desktop program, it says navdesk has
stopped working hence, I can't update maps, please assist. Cheers!

Author Tim Pek (2 months)
There should be a big UPDATE BUTTON, then download and install. We have
nightmare figure these out in your UI more than 30mins. Not user friendly.
Not to mention to be a member.

Author Sasha Cottman (3 months)
Not the best instructions I have ever seen. The biggest issue I found was
that the maps which came preloaded did not sit in the My Maps Folder (it
didn't exist) they were in My Public Downloads on my computer. Once I
downloaded the rental map and then copied it over to the same folder as my
existing maps things worked. The printed instructions are not very clear
and need updating.

Author Gary Brown (1 month)
I bought My Navman purely because it offered free lifetime updates. I have
just tried to to update the maps. You have to jump through lots of hoops
and waste a lot of time but you finally get there. but then you need a key.
So I phone them up and they simply say they can't help because it should
not have been offered with my model. I will never buy anything from this
company again and advise everyone else to stay well clear. June 2014

Author Jeff Davies (2 months)
Well I bought my Navman MY65T a couple of years ago and it is great BUT.
Along came the first email to update.....Gave up after an hour. Ignored the
other update emails till today and thought I do need the updates. Tried
again in vain and this vid is no help. The vid and what happens is just not
as it is. Rang support. Great guy, said he would send me a link to new desk
top app.................never came. Great product as in it works, but I am
tossing the Navman and going to the other brand.

Author Joe Torbz (7 months)
shocking system .. no service

Author Melina Mafrici (27 days)
Total Shit…..apparently you can not update on Mac Computers

Author Mark O'Hare (4 months)
What a load os shit just gave these assess holes $69 and the link they sent
does not open !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CRAP SHIT FUCK ASSSSSS HOLES

Author E Tee (5 months)
thanks for the easy to understand instructions Navman, I had no issues
updating maps on my Navman MY60T!
I think it is time for an upgrade soon and have been eyeing out your
my400lmt device, hopefully I get it for my birthday :)

Author Ray Crothers (6 months)
Thanks for your informative video, took me less than 4 minutes to upgrade
my 60T.

Author Carol Waterhouse (4 months)
Extremely poor instructions, Ive received the product key but thats it !!!
NOT HAPPY !!! Ive got a Navman MY400LMT

Author chrisklein21 (1 month)
where is this 'my maps' folder in windows 8.1? this is way too complicated.
you guys should review the installation of maps where you just input the
map key into Navdesk and it should download automatically via Navdesk. been
trying for 1 hour now to install maps and playing around with stupid

Author joaopnz (2 months)

Author Baby Bumps (26 days)
Absolutely incredible in this operating system agnostic age that you can't
upload new maps via the web without being locked into a Microsoft OS only
access. Too bad if you are on a Mac or Linux. Bad Navman. Bad, Bad. Catch
up to the rest of the world or be left behind by more progressive
companies. Your customers shouldn't even have to care what operating system
is on the device or their own computer. It's a webby world that should be a
great OS equaliser. Your uploads ought to be virtually invisible to the
customer. I've already left Navman world because of this stubborn refusal
to treat all of their customers as important. Too bad.

Author inabiskit85 (5 months)
worst system

Author Skylightxxxx (1 year)
2) First when I did start using the NAVMAN I was very happy with the
product, but now after wasting at least 6 hours to try to update the maps,
I am really pissed off!!!! Keep up the good work, and you will lose a lot
of customers. At least it looks like you lost me!!!. I had a Navig8tor
before and had no trouble to install the updates. I don’t think it is that
difficult for your company to make it much easier to download and to
install updates. A very dissatisfied customer.

Author Xun (1 year)
This method did not work when I tried to install an updated Australian map.
The new ISO is in the NavDesk My Maps section, but when I click on the Open
button next to it, it doesn't prompt me with an Activation Key window. I
checked the XML file in the Navman directory and it hasn't updated the
modified date in the Properties section, so I'm guessing there's something
wrong with the installation of the map.

Author NavmanANZ (1 year)
Hi Skylight, if you contact our technical support team at 1300-NAVMAN
(Australia) or 0800 466 286 (New Zealand), one of our team would be happy
to help with your issue. Alternatively, you can contact them at

Author NavmanANZ (1 year)
Hi D Chimz, if you contact our technical support team at or at 1800-NAVMAN, one of our team would be happy
to help you with your issue.

Author monjamonjamonjamonja (10 months)
soooooo confusing

Author Whosader (1 year)
Seriously, I have tried everything the website and this video have told me
to do, and it is not working. I go to your "contact support" page, and all
that is available is a list of options I've already tried. Very, VERY poor.
Unimpressed, Navman...

Author Greg Murch (1 year)
Great video, does this work for the uk devices?

Author Yamac (1 year)
Australian Download Map?

Author Skylightxxxx (1 year)
3) Guess what now I don’t have any maps on my GPS. A really happy customer

Author NavmanANZ (1 year)
Thanks for the feedback Greg! These instructions only relate to Australian
and New Zealand devices, but they should be pretty similar to the UK
method. You can find the UK support site contact details via

Author Skylightxxxx (1 year)
You guys really know how to piss off people. I am sitting now for 6 hours
behind the computer to try to install the free updates on the Navman
EZY200. Every time I get a bloody error or a message that it synchronizing
map details to my PC to avoid damaging your data. The bloody thing is
downloading for a while and then!! Nothing. It just stays on the same
download part but does not get any further even not after 2 hours. When you
skip this part you’re really Fu*ed and nothing can be done. 1)

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