Part Two- Jimmy Swaggart Investigation -John Camp for CNN

Award winning investigative journalist John Camp exposes gross misrepresentation of ministry funds and continuted allegations of sexual misconduct ten years after the fall of Jimmy Swaggart.

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Author Allan Fineberg (1 year)
Jimmy Swaggart: Part Two- Jimmy Swaggart Investigation -John Camp for CNN

Author Johnny Brannan (2 years)
thanks for posting this. i live near the Jimmy Swaggart EMPIRE, and i
always wonder about its inner workings.

Author jcmark97 (2 years)
I haven't been here the whole time and never follow blindly. But I've been
apart of many churches before, both small and big. I've seen things in all
those places that I don't totally agree with. Maybe things aren't done
right or maybe we just don't know the whole situation, either way, God has
it under control. I just hope this whole thing isn't consuming your life.
Just worried about you. Miss ya btw.

Author DeceptionBytes (2 years)
I can just about guarantee that this is a JSM shill- I think the video was
fairly clear to anyone with two neurons to rub together that there was
evidence that contradicted the claim that Fuller paid for the cars. The
fact that the IRS did not find anything is also really NOT the truth- now
is it. You are also claiming that prostitutes only work at night time? Wow
you are really reaching aren't you.

Author jcmark97 (2 years)
Actually I know you and still consider you a friend.

Author chris (2 years)
@phoenixtimes2 welcome to the human race. You need to let it go.

Author thereisariver (2 years)
You can say what you like about the man, he is still a legend of our time,
on par with the greats in history, like Elvis Presley.

Author timothyj1966 (2 years)
I had a tour of the Mail Room back in 1987 - You simply could not believe
the dumpsters of Mail - donations coming in on a daily basis in the
Warehouse absolutely astonishing

Author rtisi (2 years)
I could preach like that if I wanted to. How come I'm not rich?

Author DeceptionBytes (2 years)
Wow- this obviously is someone from JSM working overtime to try to
discredit anyone who speaks the truth. Mishel-(Deception Bytes) DID come
from Rick Joyner's. I came OUT of it, denounced it and have been actively
speaking against it for many years. In fact, Frances Swaggart had me on her
show for this very reason which is how I got acquainted with JSM in the
first place. Do you see how hypocritical this is? You count my past against
me while holding Swaggart innocent- typical.

Author phoenixtimes2 (2 years)
Liars, crooks, hustlers, thieves...

Author jcmark97 (2 years)
If people donated property, is it wrong to sell it or rent it out so that
they can pay bills? And the officer is never asked when they stopped him,
but just if they stopped him. He was stopped in the middle of the day but
to go along with the whole story they are trying to portray, they show
video of the street at night. The cars were paid for by Clyde Fuller, and
just put in their name. The IRS has audited them many times and have never
found any misuse of funds. Pretty old stuff by the way.

Author DeceptionBytes (2 years)
wow- I did not think anyone there still considered me a friend. I actually
get the impression that most people there think they would be doing God a
favor to kill me. I do know who you are and think you are a good guy- but
will all due respect you are on the payroll there and not apt to bite the
hand that feeds you. Don't listen to JSM, to me, or to anyone- do your OWN
research. Peace out

Author kona1967 (2 years)
Thanks for posting. I attended the bible college from 1987 to the spring of
1988. It was a great bible college to attend. It's a shame everything
happend. .

Author DeceptionBytes (2 years)
Mary Runge aka "thebrideisready" I am not the "source" of this video I
merely posted it.

Author Tangle2Brook (3 years)
Frances did not look happy during those questions about Jim's cruises
through Baton Rouge's red light district. But they're still married!

Author stlgtrace (2 years)
Jimmy Swaggart is a human piece of shit!!! An arrogant, lying conman!
Anybody who supports him is an ignorant fool!

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