Key & Peele - Substitute Teacher

While taking attendance, inner-city substitute teacher Mr. Garvey has trouble adjusting to a classroom full of middle-class white students.

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Key and peele


Author Jennifer L (13 days)
This vid is still funny and I've watched 10x before! I love Key and Peele!

Key & Peele - Substitute Teacher:

Author Brainy (2 months)

Author vvvortic (16 days)
white people seem so scared of blacks, gg

Author Tre Austin (27 days)
"Because it's pronounced Aron.
" Son of a bitch"! XD

Author Louis Vazquez (14 days)
Key & Peele - Substitute Teacher:

Author MALICEDOLL79 (22 days)
still the best sketch ever!

Author Amaris Spades (1 month)
The Classics...

Author Flashy TheGamer (1 month)
This is very funny

Author Alexander Poku (1 month)
I'm for real! So you better check yourself. 

Author C丹爪工ㄥ0 Cモ刀工ㄥㄥ0-ち0ち丹 (1 month)
Lmfao !!! 😂 😂 😂 😂 Substitute Teacher!

Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele:

Author Alan Chen (7 days)
omg this is too funny

Author MARCUS. P (1 month)
Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele:

Author Eric Salce (27 days)
Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele:

Author ᴵᶰᵗᵉʳᶰᵉᵗ ᴾᵒᶫᶦᶜᵉ (4 months)

Author Kymani bernard (10 days)
So funny must watch

Author James Lister (11 hours)
2:05 he accidently said Aaron right?

Author AronWH (1 month)

Author David Gallardo (5 days)

Author Vines Nation (3 hours)
Hi il new to Youtube and i was hoping you could take a look at my channel
today i post 7+ Vines daily i will have a banner and Everything Up by next
week hope you wnjoy my content have a good day :) 

Author lurkerrekrul (1 month)
Anyone know who plays Denise? She looks familiar.

Author Aaron Monroe (2 months)
I have a question to black people, I may be out of touch because I'm an
older white guy from Canada so please help me understand. What is the
obsession with going on tv and without fail, taking a role that's clearly
meant to mock blacks? I notice all of your stars do it, why the obsession
with it? I have heard people say it's funny and lighten up but I can't
remember a time ever when white comedians were up and coming or established
and without fail took roles clearly meant to diminish whites. I've noticed
it throughout my life and is part of the reason I choose to avoid black
sitcoms, sketches and so forth. Why not be creative without racial issues?
If you want to gain attention of whites for advancement, why not through
sheer creativity and raw comedy?

Author Samoyui Strewa (2 months)
What's the name of Jaqueline in real life? <3

If you pause it at one of the right moments at 1:32 you can see that the
clipboard was pre-broken. Just a small flaw there on their part. Why not
just get a balsa-wood board that resembles a real one but breaks better
than styrofoam? I mean really COME ON. That small slip-up is something that
I would really be bothered by if I directed these things (and then of
course, I didn't, so that's why it's there).

Author Sean Dowd-Taylor (4 hours)
I'm surprised no one has mentioned the similarities between this character
and Coach Hines from Mad Tv also played by keegan Michael key

Author Daisha Vazquez (1 month)
You have to see this...lmao

Author Tanya Michelle (18 days)
I needed a good laugh this morning..and what better way then to watch this
Always has me dying laughing.

Author brad ford (9 days)
im surprised no ones cryin racist!

Author Ticci Foxy (1 month)

Author Elizabeth Ward (5 hours)
lol omfg xD

Author Xavier Leeds (1 month)
"Preesent." had me screaming 

Author Kenny TheAwesome (15 days)
+nina Minnie Als ik school heb elke dag dit xD

Author Michele Ferrón (11 days)
Soo funny!!! 😂😂😂

Author Dylan McShane (16 hours)
Denise? Denise. Denise. D-Nice. THAT'S BETTER. 

Author Daithi De Nogla (7 days)
Who else was watching rapping for Jesus?

Author kingpiccolo colin (14 hours)
this is just so hilarious! , this is also kinda true with new teachers not
able to pronounce names , its not their fault sometimes , its normal. 

Author Jeremy Gonzalez (2 months)
Out of all the episodes i have seen. This is by far the best there should
be a 4th and 5th more!

Author 86SuperRay (20 days)
Did anyone notice that at the end behind Key was a diagram of the female

Author Julio Lopez (16 hours)
Yo where is A Aron from he looks familiar

Author TNT fish (19 hours)
Son of a bitch!! Pure comedy lol

Author Paola Mandujano (7 days)
Sit down, relax, and laugh!

Author Steve Sloan (8 hours)
This is the best one by far

Author MultiLelde (21 day)
I would become a substitute teacher just to do this. By the time that would
happen though, none of them would get the joke.

Author Ultimate Gamer (2 hours)
Lol love this video

Author blade robinson (1 month)
but y is there only one black kid in there

Author Michael Andrew (2 months)
0:42 I hate that annoying ass entitled bitch face so damn much

Author Mega Men (13 hours)
cant stop to funny!!! :0

Author PapaKay (28 days)
I think key and peele usually make 5 horrible stupid skits and then 1
really funny skit. 

Author Cassie lee (10 hours)
Key & Peele - Substitute Teacher:

Author ScarcelyLucky (2 months)
So... my name is Blake Aaron (Insert last name here). When this came out my
life sucked for a few weeks.

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