Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele

A substitute teacher from the inner city refuses to be messed with while taking attendance. New episodes returning Fall 2014 on Comedy Central

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Author Derrick Brown (10 days)
A A Ron. 

Author HerStyleYo (2 months)
My sister sent this to me OMG I'm dying laughing!

Author Kawaii Jack Honne (12 days)
SON OF A FAR BITCH *BREAKS* you mean prince pal oshunasi GET OUT OF MY

Author Annie Schutz (1 month)
Please excuse the language! But this is too funny not to be shared, so
please watch!

Author Admercial (3 months)
The second time Garvey says the principal's name, press the left arrow

Author Jkeaira Loveaira (17 days)
A A Ron...gets me every time!! LMAO!!

Author CaptainRay (23 days)
Can't these students just suck it up and report present.

Author Vijay Thor (22 days)

Author Ju Snow (16 days)
That's why a girl in my class never corrects teachers who are pronouncing
her last name wrong :D

Author Tilak Patel (2 months)
All the subsitute teachers!

Author John Doe (1 month)
Is this like a wannabe college humor ripoff? Cause It ain't funny at all...

Author Marcus Howard (3 months)
Gotta laugh to start the day it relieves stress

Author ev perry (1 month)
This show sucks but man this bit is fuunnnnyyyy....

Author rofo noho (1 month)

Author kk thurman (6 months)

Author PJ Paran (3 months)
what's the real name of Denice???? or De-Nice on that mater

Author TheJollyOldPear (22 days)
Oh haha I get it it's because they're black and thus illiterate.

Author Aron Lee (1 month)
^^^ He can't say my name wrong if it is spelled like THIS!!!!!! >:D

Author Yumi Reed (4 months)
Watch this its so hilarious will make you laugh :)

Author pvtanthonysteel (3 months)
Was that Chanel West Coast at 0:36

Author Shannon Solomon (2 months)
Just watch this

Author Batman (8 months)
The guy sitting next to Timothy looks like PewDiePie

Author IndianTelephone (2 months)
was Jaqueline acted by Barbara Dunkelman? and is that Pete holmes?

Author Vercalos al'Corlin (3 months)
Frankly, I'd have just walked out of the class room as soon as he got my
name wrong.

Author josh hanna (3 months)
Ja-qua line, balakey, de-nice, a-Aron, o-shak-Henasy, Tim-Othy
Jacqueline Blake. Denice. Aron. Oshakensy. Timothy

Author Michael Lucas (2 months)
+Thayná Scafuro ainda sofro com isso ;-;

Author TheOdemfix (3 months)

Author JasonHeroz (27 days)
My name is Jason and apparently everyone in my school has watched this
video and call me Jquillen.

Author TheBrickMaster250 (20 days)
If I unlike this video right now, it will have 299,799 likes.

Author Jazz Necole (2 months)
Aron: because its pronouced Arron
Mr. Garby: Son of a bish(pushes stuff off desk) you done messed up a a ron
now take your ass down to Oshaghenne's office right know and tell him what
you did.
Aron: who?
Mr. Garby: Oshaghennesy
Arron: Pricipal O'Shawnessy?
Mr. Garby: get out of my god dam classroom before I break my foot up your
Jazz: (laughing too hard)

Author john kein mijares (2 months)
"DENICE" is cute..

Author Waldo (3 months)
"Are you out of your god damn mind blllaaaakkke "LOL I WAS ROLLING!

Author Jose Sevilla (4 months)
He knew the black guys name lol

Author Aimi Hisaki (2 months)
I get my name pronounced wrong or spelled out most of the time.
It's always "Ey-mē" (Amy), "Ey-ē-mē" (A-ee-mee), or "Ah-ē-mē" (Ah-ee-mee),
and it's rarely ever "Ahy-mē" (Ai-mee).

(╬ ಠ益ಠ) 

Author Dymond Lawrence (3 months)
still love this

Author murfad (2 months)
non-american here: is this funny because black people actually pronounce
the name "timothy" like mr. garvey here or is it funny because timothy
answers with "pre - sent"? or is it both?

Author Okware Ronald (2 months)

Author fluff125 (3 months)
Actually "Balake" sounds way cooler than "Blake"

Author Tania Lynch (3 months)
Omgggg +Destiny Jones 

Author 97Retrogamenerd (2 months)
jaquelin in hottt

Author Daniel Katsiolas (3 months)
And the black guy gets it right.

Author Jason Maurath (2 months)
Just watched AAA 161 and kept having this skit running through my head...

Jump to 1:48

+Aaron Newcomb +Jason Howell +Gina Trapani 

Author Hoss Like A Boss (2 months)

Author David Schultz (1 month)
I'm gonna become a teacher just to do this.

Author Andrew Larsen (3 months)
retard teacher

Author awesomebomber13 (3 months)
i was told to watch this buy a friend of mine. this made my day

Author AlwaysFilming (3 months)
Hi Guys Saunders N' Milner here

We are new youtube duo who make comedy sketches and other short films, we
would really appreciate it if you could check us out ^_^

Author Angelique Rances (24 days)
So true

Author nirdking1 (11 hours)

Author Brendan Halsey (15 hours)
Jacquelyn is pretty hot.. 

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