Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele

A substitute teacher from the inner city refuses to be messed with while taking attendance. New episodes returning Fall 2014 on Comedy Central

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Author AlwaysFilming (7 hours)
Hi Guys Saunders N' Milner here

We are new youtube duo who make comedy sketches and other short films, we
would really appreciate it if you could check us out ^_^

Author Dymond Lawrence (1 day)
still love this

Author TheGoodChap (1 day)
1:38 is dee-nice shelby from the Pound House (Doug Lussenhop) BBQ episode?

Author TriStar (1 day)
"Insubordinate...and churlish!" Holy. Shit. XD

Author Bucky Jones (1 day)
I probably watched this 5 times today

Author Tania Suarez (3 days)
Omgggg +Destiny Jones 

Author CoverMyFur (3 days)
He doesnt know how to read...

Author Admercial (6 days)
The second time Garvey says the principal's name, press the left arrow

Author DJNX4995 (5 days)
I also wonder how he teaches the class

Author Shkibblness (5 days)

Author Mizzicy44 (6 days)
"SON OF A BITCH" *breaks clipboard " LMAO !

Author Daniel Katsiolas (7 days)
And the black guy gets it right.

Author RizzyWow (7 days)
OMG! If I were a teacher I'd do the exact same… You don't understand how
many times a teacher has mispronounced my name >.<

Author Gabrielle Horahan (7 days)
I finally watched this! omg i cant stop laughing!

Author raven moss (8 days)
damn he gave you a new name he yo new daddy

Author IMB2U (8 days)
2:03 He pronounces it correctly?

Author Jim L. (10 days)

Author Jacqueline Lai (9 days)
that's me. jay-qua-line 😂😂

Author Thunderwolf666 (10 days)
"Insubordinate... and churlish" - has me in stitches every time. I used
this in one of my lessons on telecommunications services.

Author Outer Planets (11 days)
If you don't understand the joke at the end, your to young for the

Author Thomas Henrikson (12 days)
never laughed so hard

Author Nathan Roshan (11 days)
One of my teachers called one of my friends a-aron

Author Eduardo Tedeschi (10 hours)
Spingebill brought me here

Author Jawan Taylor (1 day)
Funny as heck. Watch it.

Author Glenn Mar Cabradilla (5 months)
all of their names sound like black hip hop artists!

Author Carter Riley (5 months)
you out of your mind "Blake", what, DO YOU WANT TO GO TO WAR BA-LAK-E (no)

Author Young Jun Ju (5 months)
Thank God everyone's quoting the clip in the comments. I wasn't sure if we
watched the same video

Author Carter Riley (5 months)
isabortant and churdlish

Author lemonlovestea (5 months)
dear Mr.Garvey, so how do you pronounce Tiffany?

Author R3DRAIN89 (5 months)
D nice :)

Author Eric T (5 months)
that's comman... Kim-airrah.

Author Magic (5 months)
0:45 - "Be-Lak-aye" I died when i actually realized he meant Blake

Author Wilson Miller (4 months)
What about Jacqueline?

Author Harjeet Malhi (5 months)
J quelin was ho

Author pitot1988 (5 months)
There is vagi n a on the blackboard

Author beastyboogersftw (5 months)
Jquale. No Jquale here?

Author V0LTage131 (5 months)
i guess everyone is down on deenice, ok i see how it is

Author raskadude (5 months)
i want to see them make another one with mr poop strand

Author Marco Lau (5 months)

Author SocialNom (5 months)
Hand switch fail at 0:27 haha

Author toddyballer21 (5 months)
"Insuborodinate"... LMAO the way he does it is pure comic genius

Author Aaron Schultz (5 months)

Author Adam Falkner (5 months)

Author Dylan Minton (5 months)

Author Donovannoah Row (5 months)
Coach Hines lol

Author Andy D (5 months)
Dee Nice. Dee Nice.

Author jake bryant (5 months)
2:04 he says aaron right

Author Susan Beltran (5 months)
Im gonna start calling friends names aaron a a ron

Author Olive M. (5 months)

Author Heaven Thompson (5 months)
His dumb self

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