Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele

A substitute teacher from the inner city refuses to be messed with while taking attendance. New episodes returning Fall 2014 on Comedy Central

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Author ᴵᶰᵗᵉʳᶰᵉᵗ ᴾᵒᶫᶦᶜᵉ (3 days)

Author Lone Ranger (16 days)
A Youtube classic! Can't these students just suck it up and report

Author Emily McGrath (1 month)
i wonder how he'd pronounce my name lol

Author rambo3000000 (22 days)
They should flip it and have a bunch of black kids. have a white substitute
and the black kids have very difficult names to pronounce.

Author Stephanie Bowen (1 month)
I can't stop laughing! 

Author Jade Perez (1 month)
A A RON LMAO that had me dyin ::))). I wish I had a teacher like
this because I would be excited to go to school

Author VocaloidMau5 (5 days)
At about 2:02 you can hear a blooper. He said, "Why didn't you answer the
first time I said Aaron?" (He pronounced his name correctly. He didn't say

Author CaptainRay (2 months)
Can't these students just suck it up and report present.

Author Yannick Lyn Fatt (2 days)
Hey A-Aron! and De-Nise! LOL

Author Victoria Jones (1 month)
This Is Hilarious !!! LOL !!! It Makes Me Smile !!!! :D

Author Gabriel Sandoval (2 days)
Where is "shithead"!

It's shi - thead

Author Ayllip khieu (2 days)
Imagine him trying to say my name.

Author Aaron Saine (3 days)
Well I guess I know my name now

Author Erin Nguyen (20 days)
roblox version brought me here hahahhha

Author Jason Lyons (19 hours)
+Neil Capps

#blacknames fit?

Author Kawaii Haruka Kokonose (2 months)
SON OF A FAR BITCH *BREAKS* you mean prince pal oshunasi GET OUT OF MY

Author james dean (26 days)
how would he pronounce james?

Author Brian Hooper (15 days)
lmao, can't say any names right

Author 15 year old brony (1 month)
i have a friend named aaron so i call him that now

Author Goku Thecrafter (1 month)
My name is Aaron....

Author hristi (7 days)
Why does this have so many views?

Author FroMaestro (7 days)
Buh-lah-keh's face at 2:43 LOLOL

Author Billy Cletus (1 month)

Author swiftslick (1 month)
Do you wanna go to War, B'lake!

Author Greer Long (1 month)
This makes my day, everytime i see it!

Author Tony Ubbesen (1 month)
Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele

Author Ana F (1 month)
I wonder how he'll pronounce my name... Ana. Lol 

Author Nancy Gomez (1 month)
You done messed up, A-a-ron!!!

Author Sanae Bright (1 month)
+Ashanti Ferguson XD

Author c.s. briar (25 days)
Cracks me up every time!

Author JamesStewart3 (25 days)
+Chris Oyki 

Author Max Bird (1 month)
Got here from roblox? :P

Author Derrick Brown (2 months)
A A Ron. 

Author Tara Murray (1 month)
Inserbordinate and chilrish.

Author aaron anth (3 days)
My names Aaron though

Author TheBrickMaster250 (2 months)
If I unlike this video right now, it will have 299,799 likes.

Author Mark Phuong Huynh (4 days)
putting an inner city teacher into a suburban white school, priceless haha

Author carmend1665 (4 days)
This is exactly why black people can't be teachers. If you didn't finish
class yourself, you can kiss your dreams of teaching goodbye.

Author FatalNinjer (1 month)
I wish I had a teacher like that

Author Taylor (14 days)
Its funny because he thinks the kids are just trying to piss him off. LOL.
the funniest part is when he says the whole class is gonna feel his wrath.
And also when he says that AA-ron is "churlish" HAHA did he mean childish??

Author JasonHeroz (3 months)
My name is Jason and apparently everyone in my school has watched this
video and call me Jquillen.

Author Eric Saddler (2 days)

I normally don't laugh at such childish things. In fact, as a college
graduate Atheist I like to think that my sense of humor is way more complex
than the average person's, but this skit did quite tickle me in the funny

Anyway, if you believe in the power that we can achieve with the power of
our Atheism and brilliant minds combined, then come out to reddit and see
us! I promise that our intellectual conversations aren't too deep and
newcomers will be welcome!

We can bring this country back to what it once was before the awful tyrants
Reagan and Bush literally tried to kill of the poor people. Fuck religion,
and fuck the bible hugging gun toting RETHUGLIKKKANS. Come to reddit and
join the select few of us who are intellectually superior to the vast
majority of religious idiots in this stupid nation....together we can
change the future!

If you have money and have not donated most of it, you ARE NOT welcome, you
privileged pieces of shit.

Christians ARE NOT welcome.

Entitled whites are ARE NOT welcome.

Author Quinton Williams (22 days)
I wonder how he'd pronounce my name.

watch this
I peed myself lol

Author Fernando Diaz (1 month)
I died....Wished I was in this class. +Nicolas Sincere +Christina Cooper 

Author Aaron Wu (3 months)
Everyone calls me A.A.ron becuz of this lol 

Author wayman29 (24 days)
Baaaahhhhaaaaa! This was awesome!

Author Ju Snow (2 months)
That's why a girl in my class never corrects teachers who are pronouncing
her last name wrong :D

Author OtakuSenseiHig (10 hours)
anyone else think denise is kinda cute

Author Max Gonzalles (5 hours)
Hey Hey....
You don't have to raise your voice.....

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