Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele

While taking attendance, inner-city substitute teacher Mr. Garvey has trouble adjusting to a classroom full of middle-class white students.

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Author rambo3000000 (3 months)
They should flip it and have a bunch of black kids. have a white substitute
and the black kids have very difficult names to pronounce.

Author Brainy (1 month)

Author ANGELO (23 days)
lol so funny. hope I never get a substitute like that.

Author トーマスジゼル (12 days)

Some of this stuff on this show i don't get but this really impacted me lol

Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele:

Author Aaron Monroe (1 month)
I have a question to black people, I may be out of touch because I'm an
older white guy from Canada so please help me understand. What is the
obsession with going on tv and without fail, taking a role that's clearly
meant to mock blacks? I notice all of your stars do it, why the obsession
with it? I have heard people say it's funny and lighten up but I can't
remember a time ever when white comedians were up and coming or established
and without fail took roles clearly meant to diminish whites. I've noticed
it throughout my life and is part of the reason I choose to avoid black
sitcoms, sketches and so forth. Why not be creative without racial issues?
If you want to gain attention of whites for advancement, why not through
sheer creativity and raw comedy?

Author Michael Andrew (1 month)
0:42 I hate that annoying ass entitled bitch face so damn much

Author MARCUS. P (6 days)
Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele:

Author Flashy TheGamer (14 days)
This is very funny

Author Victoria Jones (4 months)
This Is Hilarious !!! LOL !!! It Makes Me Smile !!!! :D

Author Daisha Vazquez (9 days)
You have to see this...lmao

Author lurkerrekrul (20 days)
Anyone know who plays Denise? She looks familiar.

Author Luna Little (21 day)
lol so funny. hope I never get a substitute like that.

Author Eric Rant (1 month)
Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele:

Author Xavier Leeds (19 days)
"Preesent." had me screaming 

Author Jon W (2 months)
Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele:

Author Mandys Project (1 day)
Taymothy.... Preesent lmaoo 

Author Jeremy Gonzalez (1 month)
Out of all the episodes i have seen. This is by far the best there should
be a 4th and 5th more!

Author Isick Chow (1 day)
last guys name shoudla been tyrone (and the teacher pronounced it

Author MLG GAMER (1 day)
a minecraft animation brought me here

Author Q'uo Daax (5 days)
Who is the actress that plays Denise?

Author Amy Dakin (2 months)
Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele

Author Kajanerk abercagjv (3 hours)
I know a block-ay but I don't know an a-aron

Author Mohammad Issa (7 hours)
Blake looks like Andy from the Nickelodeon show How To Rock.

Author Gage Morgan (14 hours)

Author Samoyui Strewa (1 month)
What's the name of Jaqueline in real life? <3

Author ScarcelyLucky (26 days)
So... my name is Blake Aaron (Insert last name here). When this came out my
life sucked for a few weeks.

Author Thomas Carey (1 day)
If this was an actual school the kids would of been giving hell to this

Author AronWH (20 days)

Author WADE WILSON (25 days)
Still the best K&P ever.

Author Logan Groff (1 day)
They should have a white teacher and a bunch of Chinese kids

Author Jacob M (1 day)
On the first day of class, it would be hilarious if a teacher ( or even a
substitute teacher during the school year) do a spoof of this sketch

Author Kyle Stark (1 day)
This video is freaking hilarious I luv it!!! ;-) 

Author Moangus PIckard (7 days)
isnt Aaron pronouced A-ron and not aeron ( what huy in vid said)

Author Avemaria Knowles (8 days)
Lol +Im Awesome (Denise)

Author EGA Trickz (1 day)
This is gold

Author Heroic Love (20 days)
Insubordinate and Cherldish (I think). 

Author Ichigo Kurosaki (22 days)
+Aaron Zhang A-Aran!

Author cuchelo1 (1 month)
I'm going to start a clothing line where all the pieces say
"Insubordinate... and churlish."

Hats, t-shirts, onesies for babies.... everything.

Author Virus (17 days)
Where did that black guy at the end come from? 

Author Claymore Down (2 months)
My school made fliers all around school saying key and peele were coming to
the pep rally and then they showed us a stupid ass video saying that
they've been kidnapped by the rival football team so they acted out these
skits. -_-

Author Carlos Felix (1 month)
Sounds like he calls him aaron correctly at 2:04

Author Joel Carmona (14 hours)
Aye aye rawn

Author Adrian To (1 month)

Author SVM GAMING (1 day)
hold 5 it sounds like ice

Author Sornali Banik (1 month)
my old principals name is Mr.O'Shaughnessy lol

Author PeterMerrittMusic (2 months)
Hilarious! Ay-Ay Ron!

Author Dawson Haworth (21 day)
It will never not be funny.

Substitute Teacher - Key & Peele:

Author Kєndαll Sιℓνєя (1 month)
I wonder how he'd pronounce Katrina.... XD

Author Ghost of Justice (1 month)
My teacher did this to us on the first day XD I was the only one who went
along with it

Author rain74925 (13 days)
insubordinate and "chi...ldish". This show makes me laugh so hard. New to
it, but love it to death. They are funny as heck.

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