Eugene Says! #2 - "I saw that!"

Can we hit 5k likes, Tarantulas??????
Hope you guys enjoyed! If you want to be in this series, follow me on Twitter for when I'm recording them!
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Author Kyle Broflovski (1 month)
What the hell is my cousin Kyle calling himself Eugene for? And liking

Author Hao2k (1 month)
He's not that good tbh. No offense, but most of your subs are from speedy

Author Javier Villegas (2 months)
I eat tarantulas so uhh yeah......

Author Jimmy Russel (2 months)
I remember being one of his first 100 subs, I was beyond upset when he quit

Author Jeny Bornholm (3 days)
I love this intro 

Author michelle lopez (2 months)

Author Sophia Winland (25 days)

Author Mia Figueroa (1 month)
I miss him when he was like this :'(

Author jnenno6450 (1 month)
I miss these

Author David Le (1 month)
his voice so funny

Author Jeremiah McMillian (1 month)
Did anyone see so closetotoast

Author Jerry Russell (2 months)

Author Bjørn Brådalen (2 months)
this guy sucks. overrated

Author Jessica Vaughn (2 months)

Author G4T0R4D3xEN3RGY (3 months)
Don't know his character? It's Kyle Schwartz (South Park).

Author Jerry Russell (2 months)

Author Adam Winburn (3 months)
He was way better with Kyr Speedy 

Author brandon wilson (3 months)
He is my friend

Author DustyRanga (3 months)
Oh my gawd, i just realised that SoCloseToToast was in this vid 😐😐

Author Julienkliop (5 months)
What happened to him?

Author DBP (6 months)
2:57 LOL

Author Paulo Santos (7 months)
Add me plz everyone bifecarla

Author Luke Graybill (7 months)

Author Marcster George (7 months)
What is the song at the end?

Author MrStrikeist HD (8 months)

Author tyler colasco (8 months)
my name was XxVEN0MSNAKExX but now its GirlGamerH2O

Author Amanda Anders (8 months)
love eugene says fav show of urs please do more

Author Zenith MC (9 months)
Hahaha soclosetotoast was in the lobby

Author tyler colasco (8 months)
i met him like a year ago on xbox 360

Author Coolbabycookie cs (10 months)
whats the outro song

Author Jamie Chisholm (5 months)
what happened

Author 0ldskool2121 (5 months)
Lol this channel is such a scam. The only thing similar about you and Kyle
1 is your ploy for ill-gotten money. See you in hell. But you were going
there anyways, as its the Mormons?...yes, the Mormons who were
right.(insert autistic response about how I'm anti-Semitic while ignoring

All comedy aside, though, you are a dirt ball. Read his discussion page for
more details. 

Author Andrew Fensterle (9 months)
I love Eugene's says it's hilarious 

Author Cod_-Clan (2 months)
Subscribe Cod_-Clan. If i reach 150 im giving a free jailbroke. Ps3 and
xbox 360 away

Author Ezra Gomez (11 months)
Best part of the video. The outro cx

Author Dominick John (10 months)
you're an idiot.. CS:S has had this for years, doesn't make this less

Author Matt Buckley (11 months)

Author mlawrn93 (1 year)
i want "girls play nice" to bee my friend on xbox :)

Author Jannica Bianca (1 year)

Author la petus (1 year)
Lol funny do more :)

Author Amazen Upham (1 year)
Ur a trained tralantula lol

Author VeryGiantZombie (1 year)
capture card

Author Justin Thomas (1 year)
so close to tost is in the video

Author BOSS MAN (1 year)
Check me out plz

Author Jacob Castillo (1 year)
Your so mean yet so funny

Author PuMpDecor (1 year)
cumm to this white line.

Author James Harrod (1 year)
not much experience with sarcasm eh?

Author Angel Cedillo (10 months)
U copied zap says

Author Rico Scott (1 year)
He can do whatever he wants. Back off.

Author kaylee n (11 months)
soclosetotoast was in this(:

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