UFO & Alien Hieroglyphics Discovered In Ancient Egyptian Temples

This discovery has yet to be reported by any mainstream media.

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Author ap72sentinal (13 days)
0:45 looks like my wife

Author TheEvilPuppy (26 days)
Whenever some fucking cynical asswipe tells you there are no aliens show
them this video! 

Author Billy Lydon (1 month)
0:29 it looks like a 57 Chevy (the one on top) if you ask me!

Author Taylor P. (1 month)
at 0:23 you can see a helicopter, a hovercraft and a UFO. 

Author domonique smith (7 months)
We'll technically the universe will probally not expand for ever It will
eventually get smaller but we will probally not live to see it 

Author boh7em (10 months)
Sure, they made helicopters out of stone.

Author Felipe Colares (5 months)
at 1:00 i've seen a book years ago with specific informations about this
ship, this kind of ship called falcon's peak made Saksay huaman (a massive
construction on other continent) structure '0'

Author deadpool90210 (1 month)
The third pic is the 4th pic cleaned up.

The first two and the last are the only odd ones that I believe to be
something unknown.

The hieroglyphs which looks like light bulbs with the coil-like structure
underneath it, there the ones that need to be understood first.

Author Bob Johnson (10 months)
wtf is with the guy eating chips in the background

Author Cyanide543 (1 year)
People are so naive. The proof is all around us, can you not look up into
the sky? Space goes on for literally trillions of light years which is
unthinkable, there are also trillions of planets. IF there are other life
forms in the universe, they have already had millions of years to evolve.
Open up your fucking eyes.

Author 6027sean (7 months)
ok so they had helicoptors cars and spaceships in egypt all made of stone
and driven or piloted by flying bug's and tadpoles. ffs u can see just from
looking at it its a fake plate its way to clean and clear and well carved
with no real wear in the carvings to be the age your talking lol

Author nick munoz (7 months)
On :30 looks like a fish 

Author MrDentmedo (8 months)
what if aliens already visited ancient egyptians ? and what if they draw
pictures of ginn?

Author El Diablo (9 months)
Just because it's ancient doesn't mean the people back then where stupid. I
bet that the Egyptians where smarter than the average person on our planet
today. People are stupider now than ever. Just look at the comment section

Author mochahontis (9 months)
If "God said" let there be light and there was "know light" before that,
then how come these identified flying objects have lights on them but they
are not mentioned in the creation story (Genesis)? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm....... If
they are more advanced then we are; Then who was created 1st?
Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm...... If we were created 1st, how are they further ahead by
thousands of years? Simplicity not complexity.

Author ayo4010 (10 months)
because it is damaged heiroglyphics and fakery dont be fooled,disgraceful
tryin to dupe people:-(

Author Lopez tristen (10 months)
The ships are flying and the point of view is frojm the sky

Author Lopez tristen (10 months)
0:20 Looks like ships forming stone henges. Open mind will notice.

Author cdsantx (8 months)
I dont care what the bible says how can they know all that crap they say is
true? Were they there? do they have proof? I can right a book saying bunch
of stuff to make people feel good about themselves and just put God in it
and bam! I got me a bible lol seriously back then they thought we were the
center of the universe but guess what, they were wrong
I believe more in ufos I seen one had proof witnessed it I believe in
mostly what astronomers say they know whats going on

Author Dan Mollohan (8 months)

Author MindStrider34 (2 years)
the ancient Egyptians must have got this information by ancient Egyptian
fortune tellers. There is no other way they have gotten this idea.

Author Schnaider nineseveneight (1 year)

Author knightofdreamz (2 years)
The first picture looks like a cloud.... the second picture looks like a
landspeeder from star wars.

Author aaron moore (2 years)
They where simply beings from other places that where shown great respect,
human hospitalities and the sharing of knowledge back in them times also
they where shown the future destuctive thinking of white power..(Amo3)

Author Marc S (1 year)
If one identifies a flying object as an UFO, than it's not an UFO anymore
but it becomes an IFO

Author TG GrinD (2 years)
Only the last one, the rest is real i think, one is at the top of the
Abydos temple. but that doesnt make any ancient advanced civilization
theory true. makes it less believable if all these people use it as facts,
all these writers make money off this wacko shit and that makes the subject
all goofed out like Aliens used to be, slowly people accept the possibility
rather its real or not isnt even relevent. all this dis-information is
holding us back to do some real study on subjects like this.

Author Ell Torn (2 years)
Yes, and that's not even getting onto the topic of their rectal
fascination. I totally agree that Aliens are here, were here, are in the
future and all around us all the time and all we have to show from it is a
few blurry and shaky YouTube videos, some really ambiguous 4000 year old
carvings and a bunch of nut conspiracy. Despite all of that I am a true

Author Schnaider nineseveneight (1 year)
maybe thats prove they were male O_o

Author Surgica1 (2 years)
VEry pertinent response.... step 1... acknowledge the existence of higher
forms of consciousness... step 2.... establish contact... step 3....
develop relationship and evolve.

Author Damon Knight (2 years)
Aliens are Demons now? Where in the bible does it say that? FAIL

Author SmackU247 (2 years)
@MrPierrePhilippe agreed this time my eyes dont lie to my mind

Author orian878 (2 years)
computer graphics does miracles

Author ereraho (2 years)
It is all real in fact...

Author brittany brown (2 years)
These beings were visionaries. They could see into the future. Yhe past.
They had amazing gifts from the divine. They are also considered prophets.
Which are teachers.

Author Wyatt L. L. (2 years)
The most important picture in this video is at 0:21. It's not fake or
Photoshopped because i saw it talked about on a show on the history channel
once which confirmed it to be real. you can say its not aliens, but if its
not aliens than there's is only an even more ridiculous explanation that
those "vehicles" (helicopter, blimp, tank) were predicted by some psychic
or a time traveler? if you ask me aliens makes more sense than that any
day. either way you cant ignore something as obvious a this

Author oldproji (2 years)
Yes I agree. All these hieroglyphs have been tampered with. I have a book
full of large colour photo plates consisting of many Egyptian hieroglyphs
and nothing like these show up anywhere in them.

Author eggcockroach (1 year)
I think the last one is an ancient hamburger.

Author championshocktroop (2 years)
@0:20 the shape at the top middle area looks incredibly like a modern day
helicopter! (or a single engine plane).

Author Schnaider nineseveneight (1 year)
you mean humans right :/

Author Schnaider nineseveneight (1 year)
I want to know what demons stand for ?

Author MysteryHistorydotTV (1 year)
The telescope was first invented around 1611 by Galileo Galilei, so no the
Egyptians did not have them. The hieroglyphs are the alphabet but they are
not letters as much as they are sounds and it was not until the year 1799
when the Rosetta Stone was re-discovered that we could even decipher their
ancient language. Thanks for watching and commenting.

Author Smeeaa Esss (1 year)
I Believe it was Hans Lippershey

Author Manu77 (1 year)
And they build the pyramids with stone tools and got fantastic results.

Author Karen C (2 years)
Actually all the Hieroglyphics shown are there in Egypt. They WERE all on
the Discovery Channel's Ancient Alien show. The one showing the helicoper,
and you can see the other craft on the same slab are in the documentary The
Pyramid Code (you can view that one online with Netfilx). I watch anything
I can (real documentaries only) regarding Egypt and past civilizations. So
what he's shown here is NOT photo-shop. Check out the sources yourself.

Author TheTrilnp (2 years)

Author Gabriela Olmedo (1 year)
The last one looks like a CRABY PATTY!

Author Schnaider nineseveneight (1 year)

Author IVIrAnderson976 (2 years)
@Satanaratic because everything on tv has to be real

Author Bubblenomia (2 years)
Saying god didn't make aliens is like saying a house was built by evolution!

Author TruthorTheory (1 year)
Looking for footage to use in my show on aliens and I'm very interested in
your footage. Please advise how and whom do I contact to request permission
to use your UFO and Alien Hieroglyphics Discovered in Ancient Egypt footage
to help prove the theory that aliens have visited our planet. Thank you.

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