Eddie Van Halen's Dad

Roy Smeck rocking out useing finger tapping technique

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Author Antoni Polinski (1 month)
Jan Van Halen is Eddie's real father

Author Pablo gonzález (7 days)
mm this guy in those days is making tapping, so Eddie Van Halen didn't
invented the tapping even close ...

Author cgtjei (1 month)
His dad does play the clarinet on big bad bill is sweet William now.

Author Daniel Dean Torrez (3 months)
I don't know you guys, I don't think it's his dad at all
--Literal Dullard.

Author Jeffrey Thomas (7 months)
So, who is the idiot who thinks this is Eddie's Dad?

Author Jake Lakota (18 days)
This is not his dad you dummy, his dad played the clarinet. This is his
Uncle Manny who never gets credit for anything

Author Roshan Kumarasamy (1 day)

Author poppy amato (1 month)
I think He is a grandfather!

Author northwood92620 (4 months)
This may not be his dad, but he still plays pretty well.

Author BlueMoonGuitar (25 days)
THAT was awesome! 

Author Nelson Montana (6 months)
This is a real musician. Not only is he great, he's having a genuinely good
time. Beautiful. 

Author Ekin Durdag (1 month)
That's how you play an ukulele

Author TheGokuAndSonic (2 months)
This is why we need electric ukeleles...

Author Toni Badea (2 months)
I think roy smeck is a metalhead or something...

Author Marco Miotello (5 months)
no dad, his granny!!

Author Benjamin Espinosa (2 months)
of course he isn't his dad but the title means that this guy invented the
tapping first

Author Michal Reich (5 months)
It's Roy Smeck, not Eddie's dad :-)))

Author Ivan Mad Vejarano (10 months)
steve vai is a poor asshole ! compared to this guy! XD

Author Túlio Alves (1 year)
I have this weirdest boner...

Author Agustín San Miguel García (10 months)
Who is this man?

Author frank maffa (9 months)
Its shemps little brother

Author MegaGary1960 (7 months)
talent runs in the family and I think I can see the likeness

Author Michael Morrison (5 months)
The Van Halen family didn't move to the states until 1962. This is
obviously much earlier than that. I'd say this video is from the late 20's
or early 30's. Jan Van Halen was born in 1920. It's not him.

Author Dave Lovallo. (9 months)
not his dad 

Author Summer AndLightning (4 months)
This is not Eddies dad. Eddies dad was Jan Van Halen, not Roy Smeck.

Author Undead Samurai (6 months)
not that great lmao just need good hand practice (if you get what i
mean...) and endurance 

Author Lindsey M (6 months)
omfuckingawd! so old but what a mean raw talent!!

Author nom d'plume (3 months)
seemed like a marx brother for a min...

Eddie's dad did play on the diver down album ...

Author Andre Luz (7 months)
I'm an Woody Woodpecker episode in wich he goes to a ship that is sailing
to hawaii, in this episode, he plays the same instrument of this guy inthis

Author Gergerpatpat (8 months) diminished thing at 0:51

Author eltonini (4 months)
guaaa !!!... no somos nada... este tipo es genial !!!... y con una
guitarrita de 4 cuerdas !!..... se parce a la de juguete que le compre a
mi hija chica en el persa estación !!!... 

Author Gitanoz (1 year)
Bela Lugosi on Uke!

Author TheMusitrip (8 months)
van halen isn't the creator of tapping like certain person who wants

Author Rod Goelz (7 months)

Author Moisés Castillo (9 months)
de tal palo tal astilla !

Author robert rogers (9 months)
Fucking bitch !

Author viciousattackvideo (10 months)
After seeing this guy, literally tens of uke players went out and got
wannabe Smeck ukes. Then Gibson made a limited edition Tom Murphy aged

Author Liberty AboveAllElse (10 months)
Twas very nice indeed. Now, eff off...

Author vroom843 (7 months)
this guy reminds me of Harpo Marx he was something to watch when he
played the harp. Also most of the comments are hysterical and crack me
up .

Author tga2848 (6 months)
Alright , alright, I give up. This old ukelele's going on the trash heap.

Author montana slim (11 months)
What we got here is smoke and mirrors. This guy is just going through the
motions while five other guys with ukes are playing in the background. Nice
suit and haircut.

Author Erik van Goch (11 months)
Assuming/hoping the last "it's very nice indeed" is not added, can anyone
tell me the name of that movie?

Author Gustavo Rodríguez (11 months)
amazing player!!! bravo!!! simply amazing some similitude with nowadays
(and decades ago) charango players from latin america, and a little more!
jaja.. well, this has really, not much to do with Van Halen sounds,
concepts and diverse techniques... it´s another universe.. guitar players
know what I mean... charango players know what I mean... but this is really

Author Rick Call (11 months)
Undeniable, Eddie is not the first man play it tapp, but he is the first
man who show it to million youngers (at that time) and light them up.

Author Ray Quigley (1 year)
That explains alot! I'd pay to see him.

Author Tim Pauls (5 months)

Author Bigus Dickus (1 year)

Author MrWoodwizerd (1 year)
are you bull shitting me about this guy being Eddie Van Halen's father?

Author James Rockford (1 year)
But can he play "everybody wants some"???? doubt it

Author Professor Musica (1 year)
Kinda humbles you to know that what we think is cool has been done before!

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