Cessna 172 Training ATC communications at KSAC and KSCK 08-13 & 14-2011

Getting comfortable with communicating with Class Delta Air Traffic Controllers. Landings were mostly simulated Soft field landings.

Check out my VFR Communications compilation...

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Author Pastor Willie Robison (1 month)
As I read the comments about the instructor, I have to say that the best
instructors I had with the exception of my Korean instructor when I was in
the Air Force, have been women. I think it is due to their natural,
nurturing nature and feminine characteristics. They all have been extremely
knowledgeable, professional and knew how to talk on the radio without
sounding like a speed demon. Their voices were nice, clear, crisp and easy
to understand. 

Author Pastor Willie Robison (1 month)
Hey guys, you flying to the Stockton Airport? That is where I was born many
years ago. I am a CFII living in Memphis. Nice to see KSCK on You Tube. 

Author Marko Milivojevic (10 months)
My 2c:

1) Pretty awesome video :-)
2) I envy your camera placement. Where exactly did you mount it? I'm still
struggling where to put it to get a nice balance of sky/horizon and
instrument view.
3) To those who said instructor sounded like a di*k: if your instructor
DOESN'T sound like one, change him now. He's there to save your life down
the road, not to treat you nicely.

Author Daniel Rosales (9 months)
What a great video, this is very helpful for begginers like me ;)

Author Josh Fredr (11 months)
good instructor.

Author Mark North (2 years)
Thanks for watching!

Author Mark North (2 years)
The instructor was giving me instructions for my next landing. Thanks for
the compliment.

Author Mark North (2 years)
Digital voice recorder attached to a free mic jack. Mux in during editing.

Author solkim133 (2 years)
Being a non native english speaker it's good to hear that even you guys
(americans) have hard time to understand ATC. To me if someone not
"enunciate" enough or mumbles fast, really difficult to pick what they're
saying. 120 hrs hungarian PPL

Author CirrusSR20Pilot (2 years)
Nice video with great ATC audio....thanks

Author Patrick Doyle (2 years)
Thanks for the great video. I recently completed my PPL, this was a very
informative video. Blue Skies my friend!

Author Mark North (2 years)
if they instruct you to cross then you are not required to hold short. But
use caution of course.

Author Rocky P (2 years)
An important point is a lot of Class B airspaces contain other class
airspaces such as Class C and D, understanding ATC communications to get
out of Class Delta while in Class Bravo can be tricky for some new pilots.
Here in NYC (KHPN) its espically difficult becasue of all the restrictions
put in place after 9/11.

Author Kamil Faizi (1 year)
dude, LT81baller, you rock man! thanks for the clarification.

Author Mark North (1 year)
I've just been using the suction mount that came with the camera. So I
don't have much advise here.

Author Jon Netbotic (2 years)
i'd love for you to meet some of the people i've trained with to put your
comment in perspective

Author onetamer (2 years)
Thanks a lot!! This is very helpful for beginners like myself who are still
trying to decipher ATC communication! =)

Author Mark North (2 years)
use a digital voice recorder and an audio patch cord plugged into an
available headphone jack. During editing you'll just need to sync the audio
with the video. can be a challenge sometimes but well worth it.

Author Tikhon211X (2 years)
When they say report downwind, it means that when they are in the downwind
leg of the pattern they need to contact the tower.

Author Jonathan Apodaca (2 years)
Wow. This is really helpful. I have found it hard to find "examples" of
communicating with ATC (besides trying to keep track of a million planes at
once on!). Thanks for taking the time to record and upload this!

Author Mark North (1 year)
I'm sure that's we all thought in the beginning. I remember my first flight
into a controlled airport. I was doing the flying and my instructor was
doing all the radio work. I still to this day remember him making all the
calls and I didn't understand a thing he was saying. It really just take
doing it a few times and I highly suggest you record your audio along with
video if you can like I did here to replay over and over.

Author TheMeslava (2 years)
Sorry, but this instructor sounds like a dick, I would not ever want to fly
with him, but great flying student.

Author LT81baller (2 years)
Means when you are parallel with the assigned runway you have to call the
tower and say you are left downwind(or right in some cases) of the runway.
Tower should come back to say cleared to land. Keep in mind though that if
it is a busy day the controller can forget about you(it has happened to me
before lol). In that case call him/her again after no response the first

Author bone1198 (1 year)

Author dkeberhard (2 years)
at 6:25 in the video, student is about to rotate for the takeoff when the
instructor pilot verbalizes " soft .. field... land ..." - and then the
wind gust hits. What was the heck IP talking about? I thought the student
did a nice job despite having that instructor aboard.

Author fsxpilot66 (2 years)
best 17 1/2 minutes spent. thanks for the upload!

Author Mark North (2 years)
If you use a flight sim like MS FSX or X-Wing try out for an ATC
experience with a real person. They also offer training and free software
if you want to be the contoller, from a Delivery controller all the way to

Author nayttdogg (2 years)
some instructors are assholes, mines get on my nerves to, they act like
they never had to learn this stuff an there breath stinks

Author Eric Slojavic (1 year)
Hello, sir, what's the name of the audio patch cable? I had visited
aircraftspruce, but I don't know where to start looking. Thank you.

Author moulin6801 (3 years)
Nice video. Thanks for posting.

Author atcer (1 year)
explain why its bad to say "runway" 20?

Author Mark North (1 year)
What he was saying is you don't have to say the word "Runway". Just say
"Two Zero"... "Crossing Two Zero"... "Holding short Two Zero", etc.

Author Philip Kirschner (2 years)
You flight intructors have nerves of steal.

Author Christopher DuBois (1 year)
I've filmed some of my own flights in the past.How do you record the audio
including the interphone and radio communication?Whats the best way to feed
that into the camera?

Author fcipilot (2 years)
On initial contact you should always include your altitude in the Who
calling - who you are - where you are - what you want call. Example:
"Executive Tower, Cessna one-niner-eight-niner-seven, seven miles to the
south east at one thousand eight hundred with papa, full stop" While there
is no rule, typical courtesy is that your first call should be at 10 miles

Author Callum Friedman (1 year)
When you're cleared for "left closed traffic", does that mean you do a
traffic pattern with left turns?

Author HittokiriBatosai (1 year)
I was pretty much the opposite, I started my flight training at a
controlled airport and was intimidated by the chaos and self regulation of
uncontrolled airports. Eventually it worked out just fine. Great video.

Author Aviation English (1 year)
Thanks for the video it´s great! How did you manage to put the camara?

Author Mark North (2 years)
Yes, x-plane. My bad!

Author jng4245 (2 years)
If you are a student pilot follow my blog. I am a student pilot as well and
am trying to help others as I continue pursuing an aviation career. Topics
include pilot financing and choosing the right school for flight training.
I will update it regularly! Thanks!

Author aimanpinky (2 years)

Author Mark North (1 year)

Author RiderGhost411 (2 years)
great what should have he have done?

Author Bob Krause (2 years)
Nice vid, thank you. I am not a pilot, yet, but have a question. Why are
some of the comments critical of the instructor? I didn't think he was as
bad as some of the comments made him seem.

Author richardsimpotuts (2 years)
Great video, thanks for sharing!

Author Martin R. (2 years)
Thanks for sharing!

Author Kamil Faizi (2 years)
what does it mean when they say report downwind ? ( student pilot )

Author mrmadlion1994 (1 year)
Most people tell me to listen to online atc and i can never understand
anything they are saying

Author TeCs88 (1 year)
I really like this video! remindes me this summer, as i went in stockton
from Italy for my time building..Miss those time so much!

Author Mike North (3 years)
Love it! Nice job!!!

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