I'll Be There (acoustic guitar cover, Michael Jackson "tribute")

My acoustic guitar version of MJ's song "I'll Be There". This arrangement is semi shitty (made by me of course), but decided to upload it anyways just for fun, and in the memory of the King of pop. There's also some brutal mistakes, but didn't have the energy to make a better one. And the harmonics in the end are the biggest joke of the year, didn't know what I was doing and couldn't make up a good ending. I messed it up. =P I still hope you enjoy this!

I love Michael Jackson and I miss him very much. Puts a tear in my eye everytime I hear the original version of this song :' (

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Author shadeamus moore (3 months)
hey look its a justin beiber lookalike 

Author PlayvillePictures (1 month)
That is awesome... Just wondering why there are so less views on this video

Author Tini Te Paa (2 months)
Very Nice...:)

Author Austin Max (2 years)
Totally AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Author Sidney Vines (9 months)

Author Jennah Ohlde (2 years)
very nice!!

Author kidzinwhitebro (1 year)
Hot !!

Author RobertRasimus (2 years)
@goinginandoutofstyle thanks!!!!

Author CosmicStargoat (1 year)
Good job and liked.

Author RobertRasimus (2 years)
@soundhole756 There are no tabs available since I made this arrangement
myself. Sorry :(

Author Philipla VK (3 years)

Author RobertRasimus (2 years)
@MlahMicpickleson That is very nice to hear! Thank you so much<3<3

Author Die Zexyy Bear (3 years)
love it

Author RobertRasimus (1 year)
sorry dude, there are no tabs :/ just try to watch and listen very
carefully and maybe youll learn it that way :P

Author haylee263 (3 years)
u r really talented u should do more songs

Author RobertRasimus (2 years)
@elkabong2k thank you man, i appreciate it!

Author Arjita Mital (2 years)
your guitar is so cool....

Author cafre267 (1 year)
Is it ibanez?

Author RobertRasimus (1 year)
yes it is

Author RobertRasimus (1 year)
i think YOU are the man! :D

Author nirvana89022 (2 years)
Amazing :) very beautiful! Keep playing!

Author Tanja Marie (2 years)
@RobertRasimus oh ok! thats amazing !! :D

Author michael kime (1 year)
Awesome rip Michael!!

Author M Subra (1 year)
Omg this was soooo amazing wow .... Plz do a lesson for this song

Author Shanaenaes7 (1 year)
you are the man :D

Author vicyandra dias (6 months)

Author Jeko GT (1 year)
really amazing!! , very good man! :D

Author JY Cheong (2 years)
LoL...guess he enjoy too much until non-stop keep shaking shaking shaking
the leg...isn't an aid for the harmonics effect? :)

Author Shanaenaes7 (1 year)
haha im not a man haha but thanks :)

Author noorgard1 (3 years)
cool man you play really well

Author MlahMicpickleson (2 years)
fucking LOVE this arrangment <3 and ur guitar is sick , cant stop listen to
this <3

Author Andri Berg Ágústsson (2 years)
Nice Guitar..

Author taylor behm (1 year)
HEY i need tabs to this. i'm playing this song at a wedding and i love

Author Tanja Marie (2 years)
this is totally amazing!!! :O where you get the tabs from?

Author Paradacrades (1 year)
Good job, man.

Author adiktusimpetuz (3 years)
fucking does not seem look good ..just keep on bumping ur
fucking feet your a gutarist not a drummer..fuck

Author RobertRasimus (2 years)
hahaa thanks a lot! :DD

Author Phil V (8 months)
I hate ibanez artwoods... but you make it sound wicked... quite the touch,

Author MrEddykershaw (2 years)
fancy writing tab for that ? :)

Author goinginandoutofstyle (2 years)

Author amoshilel123 (2 years)
cool guitar

Author MCPJRealitysDream (2 years)

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