Boleskine House and Cemetery

A collection of pictures from Boleskine house and Cemetery on the shores of Loch Ness, Scotland.

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Author Kathi W (2 months)
Dude ok, u busted me, u don't like this!

Author al cas cer (4 months)
fuck u lucifer=satan
it is a loser and humanity will never be its

Author Alez Delirium (8 months)
i was there 2 days ago!

Author DEadJACK4090 (7 years)
0:22 cheak out the face not much just entaining

Author Aradia Magick (3 years)
Love this video.

Author WyrdinWyld (3 years)
@PopeRoderic The skull with crossbones depicted so often in old cemetaries
refers to the bones of St. Paul - the foundation for the papacy and

Author evilw (6 years)
So do you know then...?

Author Kenny Gambone (1 year)

Author frankenboston . (5 years)
yes manson is gay and licks penis in jail yay!!!

Author Frank Benally (5 years)
oh yeah Bonham died at the old mill house in Windsor, England

Author cattotti (6 years)
I've been answering you on your channel site and still want to know about
your horse I've got them [horses] too. Have a look at your inbox!!

Author reinwitgsus (4 years)
OK... He worships Satan and will someday join Aleister Crowley in Hell!
That is his choice... He is a fool for selling his soul for a few short
years on this earth! Eternity in Hell is a long time!

Author Bideuitforever (6 years)
Thanks for sharing. But you should have put the Lady Frieda Harris' Tarot
trumps at the end, and not those cheap ones. Anyway, it is always good to
see Boleskine House.

Author Judy Szpiro (7 years)
I got my Harley boots on though :-)

Author QuiteNiceFilms (3 years)
he lives in alister crowleys house ?

Author kensei85 (6 years)
freakin awful musik. crowley was a racist, hated all religious people, and
wrote spells on how to cause wars and other nasty things. that house is
filled with evil.

Author okodiavola (5 years)
the house owned by millioner family from Holland. they have it as a
holliday home , and they are coming to visit there aprox. twice a year. it
is an amazing house. not scary, thou have some atmosphere and feeling of
"presence" here and there..

Author iamtheeggman100 (5 years)
yes. braggart.

the power of the mind is infinite all holy books will tell you the power of
intent dreams and rituals no holy man of any religion doesn't practice the
arts their just taught by their religion that they have been specially
chosen to wield those arts by god that is the only difference between them
and and a self professed shaman wizard from the street. 2 year old children
sometimes read minds is it coincidence? is it magic?

Author Livin Lite (6 years)
wow nice, i envision page wondering the grounds with manson blaring from
the house speakers. thats just a cool video dude. lol, sometimes in this
world, things just go together, almost like magick.

Author evilw (6 years)
I would love to hear your story Cattotti. When I was about 5, me & a few
older neighbor kids were playing a silly trance game where we all held
hands & stared into a single candle flame. I saw a green lady face talking
to me... I thought everyone saw her! Or, maybe I drank too much koolaide
that day?

Author StuartChameleons (7 years)
item number 190153311401 uk eBay, documentary on Crowley and Boleskine.

Author Frank Benally (5 years)
yeah he moved cause John Bonham died there

Author rushfreeek (7 years)
I saw this place for real when I flew to Scotland when I was 13 years old.
I'll never forget how creepy the highlands were driving throught there, my
mother was so freaked out she was crying.

Author cattotti (6 years)
It can be a pretty bad trip sometimes!! but very atmospheric and lovely,
but as I said I remember it being light pink and it didn't look so clinical
as it does in the film. Hope you havn't taken anything wierd back with you

Author jlmora49 (4 years)
@reinwitgsus yes, he and La vey and Hubbard...

Author skawashers (5 years)
how about using one of the many novelty versions of Stairway , such as the
Rolf Harris Version or the Elvis Impersonation doing stairway

Author DiamondDEK (5 years)
I agree with you in that Marilyn Manson might be a nice guy, but his music
is atrocious. Can't understand why he is so popular. His music sucks big
time. He truly trashed CCR's song.

Author SabuPtolemy (7 years)
Nice to meet you, Mr. Hands. I'll make sure to look you up next time I'm in
da hood.

Author FaithLessTQWH (5 years)
Wow...none other than Marylin Manson. The guy is probably a nice, educated
man, but his music sucks ass!! I've heard all of it. He uses Satanism as an
aspect of his shock rock that fools stupid emo kids into believing they're
actually cool. How pathetic.

Author R. A. Boesenberg (5 years)

Author leddhed (5 years)
WTF? Manson 'music' to this footage?

Author giupompilio (5 years)

Author fumundaheadcheeze (6 years)
I think Jimmy Paige still owns this house.

Author ownage16050 (4 years)
tere is a private buyer to this house a its actually the reincarnation of

Author Hrh Fish (6 years)
Also want to add that if you would sacrifice everything to be a success in
your career this is one of Crowley's philosophy's which has come to pass.
The liberals that made crowley an icon seem to gloss over all the evil he
did. What facinates people with his charecter in my opinion is his appetite
for life EVEN though he was an evil person. Also want to point out that the
good and evil concept has been around as long as duality not christianity.

Author cuzins9 (1 year)
some very healming and peaceful energies comin form around this area. but
they dont wanna tell you that.

Author Hrh Fish (6 years)
Page is into Crowley. Led Zeppelin 3 has ,Do what thou wilt' on it which is
the primary law in Crowley's Book of the law. That book is the basis of his
Thelema religion. Crowley bought the house specificaly to perform the
Abramelin ritual. The ritual is to call up your guardian spirit and evil
entities. Crowley was a dispicable person but in the sixties he became a
liberal icon. He was doing the free love thing and experimenting with drugs
way back in the early 1900's.

Author darthelvis2 (6 years)
Jimmy Page wast a satanist, he was just intersted in occultism (study of
supernatural power) and he was also a fan of Crowley which made him seem as
a satanist, but he cant "summon spirits".

Author Justin West (6 years)
Why dont you ride my white horse

Author rangerable (5 years)
how about...letting the people that live there get on with their normal and
happy lives and stop goin on about shit from years AGO, i've worked next
door,not inside, but hey who gives a shit, they should make it a THEME PARK

Author johnnytastetest (5 years)
How old were some of the oldest graves in that cemetery? I couldn't really
make out any of the inscriptions on the stones.

Author GriefTourist (3 years)
the devil has kept christ in business for centuries

Author cattotti (6 years)
Been here on a number of occasions it is very beautiful but can leave one
with a feeling of paranioa - but that is just in your head those skull and
crossbones on graves are common in North Scotland where I was born and bred
- nothing satanic there! now outside the house - follow the kiblah and you
will find the alter!! nuff said! thats where the secret lies!!

Author stiflerbaby1 (4 years)
@muckyducky70 Jimmy page is dead you idiot

Author tommy hall (2 years)
The door you can see between the fourth and fifth tree used to be a bay
window, but to conduct the Abramelin working a north facing door was
needed, Crowley replaced the window with the french windows shown in the

Author griguthul (5 years)
I would have enjoyed this video more without hearing Marilyn Manson yacking
it up. Something darkly ambient with samples from The Beast Speaks would be
quite effective. As the old man has written: There is no law beyond do what
thou wilt. AL I:60

Author D. Hands. (4 years)
@jonomutiny what are you on about fuck off, im just stating what Jimmy page
quoted in the book when gaints walked the earth. So if you dont like it,
read up, get your facts sorted, and dont start swearing at me.

Author dillgse (4 years)
@muckyducky70 naa he sold it in the 90's

Author Jen Slusarski (4 years)
Thelema <3

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