Cutting Hay with Ford 8N and New Idea Sickle Bar Mower

Cutting Hay with 1950 Ford 8N and 7' New Idea Sickle Bar Mower

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Author stembre (5 years)
Tyler - oh, yes, you're correct - I think that's called the pitman arm, and
it is made of wood (presumably so it will break before something more
expensive does). I haven't broken one yet, but I understand it's not
uncommon to do so.

Author stembre (5 years)
@Brian93ist - thanks - I have to vary speed based on field conditions. On
that day, it was cutting really good at that speed. Some other days, I have
to cut in 1st gear.

Author dirtbiker4lfe (5 years)
nice keeping the vintage tractors alive.

Author brian93ist (4 years)
why does this 8n have a draw bar most dont

Author whspioneer89 (5 years)
Looks like it's working pretty well. Looks like a decent sized field too.

Author stembre (4 years)
@jburrows2009 - true, but then I only hay about 10 acres... when the sickle
is working good, its actually a very pleasurable way to spend an afternoon.

Author geno3000 (4 years)
I spent many an hour mowing alfalfa while growing up in South Dakota. We
had a Ford 8N and JD No. 9 mower. Used to dread it every summer; now I'd
give anything to live on the farm again.

Author jburrows2009 (4 years)
that would be a long day on the tractor cutting hay like that

Author BillTheTractorMan (3 years)
@stembre When we get mowing our 12 acres of field we break at least 1
pitman a year, normally on the first more because they rot over the winter.

Author stembre (6 years)
Yes, Tyler, the wooden piece sticking up out at the end is called the
swarthing board - it makes the cut grass lay over so it leaves a clear
patch the next time I come around (compare the edge of the cut row as I'm
looking forward with the grass as it's being cut when I'm looking backward).

Author Frazier Dailey (6 years)
Nice video looks like it is doing a good job!

Author hibirapita (2 years)
were the hell is the new idea? I didn't see nothing new there

Author farmgirl42167 (5 years)
Great Video!! I learned to drive on an 8N, Still one of the best Tractors
ever made!! Thanks for Sharing!!

Author brian93ist (5 years)
nice tractor and sickle Looks like you are going to fast

Author tyler charlo (6 years)
is that the mower with that little wooden piece on there

Author brian93ist (4 years)
@stembre i under stand know i should have put that coment on the other video

Author stembre (3 years)
@BillTheTractorMan - I've only broken one pitman so far... but then I'm
only cutting this one field (10-11 acres) each year, and the sickle bar
stays under roof when not in use.

Author stembre (4 years)
@brian93ist - If you're meaning a drawbar like you'd find on an old Farmall
M or such, I do not have anything like that... my sickle bar had been
converted to work on a 3pt hitch, which is what I was doing here. I do have
a drawbar that fits on my lift arms, and I use it when pulling the baler,

Author tyler charlo (5 years)
no im talkin about the wooden piece that runs the sickle

Author annu gurung (2 years)
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