Hi, i had a lot and i mean a lot of requests for this one. i found a good website which still has it.


The MOD itself:

You may need WINRAR. search around for it or look at another video. Get it for free, DO NOT PAY.


You get lots of different things in this mod, you get Pirates, ZULU's, Khartums, and more.

Link for other mods (Including this one)

HOW TO MANUAL INSTALL: (Found by 007jetpacksgm)

1) user_script.txt & preferences.script.txt inside Application Data\The Creative Assembly\Napoleon\scripts

2) Khartum.pack + boot.pack + myNaploc.pack + MOVIE1patch.pack + MOVIE1patch.pack inside the DATA folder

3)mp_eur_napoleon folder inside the DATA\CAMPAIGNS Folder

4)orient folder inside DATA\campaign_maps

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Added: 2 years
Runtime: 9:06
Comments: 330

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Author Johndel Tendido (11 hours)
what version of napoleon to run this mod?

Author Luke Close davidson (9 days)
after i presson the zulu guy and the black screen comes up when thats
finsishednapoleon total war doesntcome on?

Author starwars234ful (3 months)
ya um king of Sparta it says theres not enough space but yet I have like
the biggest space you can get on a computer so can you help please.

Author Norman Normalson (5 months)
Does this work on Mac?

Author JRabRecords (2 months)
I installed it but Napoleon Keeps Crashing. anyone got an idea to fix it?

Author bluestripedbass (5 months)
do you have to have napoleon total war to install this mod or can you
install it than get napoleon?

Author bluestripedbass (5 months)
the mod says that i need more space but i have lots! Please help me!

Author Mark Oconnor (1 year)
im getting same problem

Author FeaRed Lid (11 months)
it says can't find napoleon.exe ??????

Author nine87able (11 months)
The link dosent exist!

Author KingsofSparta (1 year)
The mod works now, i have uploaded it for you. if you download let me know
if it works in the comments!

Author KingsofSparta (1 year)
I made a tutorial to help you already, But if you want more help then you
must help yourselves by searching for a website that i can upload the mod to

Author nathanburtenshaw (1 year)
on the campaign mode, like the oriental one, what are the SP and MP options?

Author kayak1969p (1 year)
free and easy download..or go to kickass torrents dot com

Author Ruben Gericke (1 year)
hmmm... when I try and open orient it sais "directory name invalid" please

Author Luis Lázaro Alonso (7 months)
thanks for video

Author ReggaeYid (1 year)
Done well mate, very nice of you to share this with everyone. Just to say
did buy Napoleon TW and without playing it, followed your steps and
installed this mod. It looked all good to start with but when I started the
game I only had a few changes like the back ground had changed but had no
new maps or zulu units. Dont know if it will help anyone out there, but i
just unistalled everything (napoleon TW + the mod) and reinstalled it and
all was good!!

Author Bo94Om (11 months)
i have problems ,when i do this like in discription,my game starts and just
exit what to do?

Author ScarsOfTheCrucifix (10 months)
A lot of people have the same problem, including me. Says 'cant find
napoleon.exe' does ANYONE have a solution? Its even more frustrating cos
its so close to working :(

Author metalguy96 (1 year)
PLEASE HELP ME!! it says "impossible to find Napoleon.exe" WHAT CAN I DO???
answer me please :(

Author peterprm19 (1 year)
Hi KingsofSparta, mod works fine but your download i think its the 1st
version because i dont have for example the Rorke's drift map with all the
obstacles etc. where the soldiers can sit behind for cover. I really want
to play the Rorke's drift WITH obstacles etc. Can you help me out? Many
thanks m8.

Author KingsofSparta (1 year)

Author KingsofSparta (1 year)
yes but just watch the video and you will i see that i covered that part

Author Alderaan61 (1 year)
where can i get the new download link? :\

Author martin63613 (1 year)
In the file copying screen in the cmd it just pops up and says "Windows
cannot find 'Neapolitan.exe'"

Author hbartz100 (10 months)
can you make update

Author kayak1969p (1 year)
go to totalwarcenterdotnet with 3 w at beginning

Author Clint Weaver (1 year)
i compressed the .pack files but only some of them so i have like the zulu
intro but not the units and stuff

Author KingsofSparta (1 year)
your welcome

Author Owen Fletcher (1 year)
I have 5.47GB free but when i try and install the mod it says i do not have
enough space available? can you help with this?

Author KingsofSparta (1 year)
yes you must remove one mod for the other to work

Author Dothedew2418 (1 year)
i just clicked on the link and for some reason it reddirescted me to the
google homepage. any advice?

Author sranka8 (6 months)
I have problems with Ameircan civil War for NTW. I download it, but when i
finished extracting the file and click "fight" then it says that windows
cant find Napoleon.exe Any tips anyone?

Author dexter brewer (1 year)
so csn u help me download this game i want it

Author Ferdinando Ferraioli (10 months)
Hi King of Sparta, I have downloaded the mod, but when i try to install
orient.exe, after the chose of the language, i see a message that i have
not enough space, but in reality there is this space. How can i do? Help me
if you can. I like very much the films zulu and Khartoum and i would like
to use this mod if possible.

Author Chaloner (1 year)
Blame Obama.

Author Brendan Falconer (7 months)
Can you update the video im not sure these links work very well and its
been updated

Author KingsofSparta (1 year)
check out the description for updates on the links

Author KingsofSparta (1 year)
i just tested it again now and it works fine. try again

Author Jace Rivera (6 months)
t how did you get the NTW stuff into a folder so you can just place the mod
data onto the NTW data *According to a readme text document? it said to go
to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\napoleon total war\ on the
start button but whenever i click out side of it to drag the data in it
closes the start D: so how would i even get the mod in?

Author bailey stroh (1 year)
you should make a campaign for great britiain

Author Sebestyén Das (1 year)
Fuck the cia,fuck the fbi fuck the police motherfuckers they are fucked up
the megapuload :((((((((((((((((((((((( -_-

Author goscodfilmow (1 year)
I click the zulu guy and with this text jumps out error information that
"windows can't find "napoleon.exe" file" although I have napoleon total war

Author KingsofSparta (1 year)
The mod works now, i have uploaded it for you. if you download let me know
if it works in the comments!

Author KingsofSparta (1 year)
The mod works now, i have uploaded it for you. if you download let me know
if it works in the comments!

Author GodlessGaming (1 year)
hey. UHHHHH, can u do a manual install walk through. Fuck the US gov't and
their taking down of megaupload. I would appreciate so much

Author tugaxD23 (1 year)
how to do the nazi mod ??????? pls helppp

Author KingsofSparta (1 year)
instructions are in description

Author KingsofSparta (6 months)
Not sure, your not the first with this problem, i would google "zulu mod
napoleon total war" and try something on the total war center. someone may
have a updated version of the mod by now.

Author RMTiamson (7 months)
when i click on zulu "campaign", a loading screen with ZULU and three
figurines shows up and stays there until i force close NTW (i waited for an

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