CMP Service Grade - U.S. Rifle, Cal. .30, M1

M1 Garand = An American Icon

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Author smoothieking157 (1 month)
also the soldiers who guard the tomb of the unknown soldiers carry M1s

Author danny krumpton (3 months)
They sent my m1 to my house 1956 model like new.

Author TheAirSofter (5 months)
So if you go to there store and buy a m1 do you need to show that you are
in a cmp club? 

Author VN Dustoff (4 months)
Just go to CMP site im a vet + copy of DD214 discharge. member of a CMP
Approved shooting range/club
they do back ground ck. Turned in to cmp notorized form like yellow gun
buyer document swearing your not crazy or stoned or a foreign citizen etc
etc ...ah hell I forgot something go to cmp. Nice M1 

Author 77killerbrian (9 months)
all the information you gave was on the money. the only problem I'm having
is they don't pick up the phone when you call. I know they take order by
mail only, But I have some question about delivery 

Author Armed Defender (2 years)
@isamtator Correct. Heavier grain commercial loads can bend the op rod.
Stick with old surplus ball, and with the few commercial offerings for the
M1 with loads of 150 grain.

Author Matthew Hawking (2 years)
After seeing M1s in local gun stores selling for over $1000, I didn't think
I would be able to afford one. I'm already looking up CMP affiliated
organizations in my area. Thanks for the vid!

Author Frank Ward (2 years)
awesome rifle

Author Ninety9Soulz (2 years)
Miller this is the most jealous of you I've been lol

Author Markius Fox (2 years)
So, wait...Me being prior military (Honorably Discharged), I can send in a
packet and payment for a CMP rifle without being a member of a gun club? I
just want to get that straight.

Author Armed Defender (2 years)
@Mopitz01 There were ways around that. Plus, the ping can be honestly hard
to hear during the roar of battle.

Author Armed Defender (2 years)
@laddjm Yep. The M1 is the king, and father, of the modern semi auto combat

Author Armed Defender (2 years)
@aksuperhero Haven't seen CMP advertising any new lots. I'm looking for a
1917 right now.

Author Grunt922 (2 years)
@baracade777 you can go from what miller said, its your life. but in this
day and age i think enlisting is the wrong thing to do. yeah the benefits
are good but i see it as dishonorable doing what our military and
government are doing around the world.

Author Armed Defender (2 years)
@TechSgtAdamsWrecks 650 dollars including shipping.

Author ldgrey1963 (2 years)
Man, I want one of these! I will look into a special grade or even a
collectors grade. Thanks for the video...

Author Armed Defender (2 years)
@baracade777 The USAF is a great branch to serve in. Be sure to really
figure out what you want to do, and go from there. Security Forces can be a
stressful but rewarding career field.

Author shanehey (2 years)
The greatest battle implement ever devised for $650

Author lambdog76 (2 years)
Very Very Nice

Author Natacall (2 years)
I wish I had one of those.

Author Naboria06 (1 year)
THE GRANDADDY OF 'EM ALL!! I got mine from the CMP (service grade,
Springfield Armory) for $500 three years ago along with a spam can of 100
rounds, delivered straight to my door (no FFL with the CMP). It's is such a
beautifully crafted weapon that I have YET to take it to the range. Once I
got it out of the box, I realized that the folks that took this weapon to
war, were INDEED the Greatest Generation.

Author pfiberoptik (2 years)
Wow, what a real beauty. That rifle looks fantastic. My father used one in
Korea, in mud, extreme cold, snow and ice conditions....he loved it, He
told me stories of how they would literally snipe dozens and dozens of
enemy by the moonlight who were still trying to cross the frozen rivers on
foot with supplies and weapons after they had blown the bridge on a supply
route. Have you ever fired one before? Plan on shooting this one?

Author Virodoc100 (2 years)
Ironic how youtube put an Obama campaign ad on the beginning on an M!

Author harperjoe (2 years)
@robbwilk no. the war was won, it was just the matter of how it was going
to be finished. with a invasion twice the size of D-day on japan. or with a
bomb we didn;t know would work in combat.

Author The Oncoming Storm (1 year)
I bought my Service Grade M1 rifle from CMP in May of 2012, and it had a
fair amount of cosmoline on/in it. It didn't have a HUGE amount, but it was
a noticeable amount. No big deal, though. After cleaning the rifle the
first time, she was all shiny and sexy! Best weapon I've ever owned or

Author fadedflage (2 years)
Look at all that ammo, ready to go to war, aren't we?

Author Garrett Shelton (2 years)
@millerusaf alrite thanks. what are the odds of me seeing combat in
security. i know greater than like admin. but i would like to grow up to
see some grandchildren as well as serve my country.

Author robbwilk (2 years)
Great vid as always. However, the atomic bomb won WWII, not a rifle.

Author Gary Jordan (2 years)
Beautiful rifle!

Author laddjm (2 years)
@isamtator It is WELL worth your time. Get there soon.

Author GunGuy5.7 (1 year)
dude why didnt you show us the rifle the components all i saw was the right
side of a garand

Author John Willis (2 years)
best deal out there ive got dibs on one

Author Garrett Shelton (2 years)
How was the airforce. i am think on joining as a security forces officer
and wanna know i other people who are serving or have served. I am only 15
so i got a while to think still

Author xSnuffedx (2 years)
Oh, Lord. It's orgasmic.

Author jarhead6153 (1 year)
Nice vid...did you go to Anniston or just order your rifle...???

Author laddjm (2 years)
@isamtator If you are going to go modern 30-06 i would highly suggest
getting an adjustable gas plug.

Author Armed Defender (2 years)
@danthman114 there have been some cmp rifles with grease in them. Probably
the rack grades, but I'm not totally sure which ones.

Author powerman1972 (2 years)
Just sent in my paperwork today! Thanks Miller for the info. Cant wait!!

Author Mopitz01 (2 years)
great looking stock

Author jmmurdy (2 years)
Nice video

Author isamtator (2 years)
@laddjm I will try to when ever I get the time off to do it.

Author wacolanche (1 year)
Point your browser to

Author jmmurdy (2 years)
Glad you got it.

Author laddjm (2 years)
About the CMP, if you are with in at least 500 miles i would suggest you go
to the stores. How many times will you go to a store that is jam packed
with American history?

Author ridenhour1 (1 year)
I am in the marine reserves. Do all I need is my Military ID card and I can
buy an M1 Garand?

Author daddyoca69 (2 years)
I saw a local rat grade for 1k here... it was even missing the front ring
to hold the stock..

Author MegaGevehr (2 years)
8=====D Garand equals Nazi/Tojo rape.

Author Fuzzy2u (2 years)
Oh yeah need full range report and a long video from the range. Does CMP
sell the black tip ammo?

Author aksuperhero (2 years)
what about the 1917 enfields?

Author ChromeFreak123 (2 years)
Great snag Miller !! I owned several Garands over the years and yes, I have
an idiot mark to prove it. I have a very ugly permanently scarred right
thumb, Garand thumb, be careful, She's a beauty but she can bite. : )

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