Nerd³ Plays... Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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Here I go. Diving into the Dark Decents of Amnesia. I hate all of you for making me do this.

Game link:

Most music is in-game music. It makes me want to... Wait... did you hear something...? Hooves?!

Additional music by the wonderful Kevin MacLeod

End Music

Additional game footage from Petz Horsez 2.


Don't buy it. It's bloody awful. :p

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Author Mp Extory (15 days)
Something wrong with this video.

Author brb224 (28 days)
make more horror shit :D

Author TheCrashception (1 month)
I wonder if he actually bought amnesia for the start screen xD

Also when this started I was really confused and I was like "is this
another one of those confusing games like Half-Life that have so many
different versions?"

Author BannedFromUtube23 (4 months)
i bought this game from amazon and i watched this video and i was like
''what the fuck is this shit! i payed 40 bucks for this''

Author skullkiller53 (4 months)
Nerd challenge,
Play The real Amnesia!

Author Foreigner (4 months)
LOL I frickin knew he wouldn't play a horror game, just like me. AHAHAHA, I
was like dafuq the whole time

Author Ethan Meyer (2 months)
I actually thought that was amnesia

Author JustAnotherDreamer (4 months)
Does anyone know what game this actually is?

Author chaoticgrapefruit (4 months)
I'm so stupid. The first time I saw this, I didn't realize this wasn't
Amnesia until after 3 minutes. I thought it was just the beginning of
Amnesia, and that's how the game started. I was tired... STOP JUDGING ME.

Author Lucienne Shaw (1 month)
+Daniel Palmer Come on, dude, take a joke. This was uploaded on April 1st.
Nerdcubed doesn't want to play horror games and if he doesn't want to, he's
not going to go buy one and play it just because you said so. In the
somewhat paraphrased words of him, "My normal games scare me enough".
And besides, this game is pretty freaking creepy too.

Author Jack Burkhart (4 months)
Hmmm he dosnt like horror games and this is posted n april 1st so that plus
that = a really crap game and not watching him pee him self

Author DannerTen (2 months)
I love dan's undying hatred towards amnesia xD

Author devin wolf (2 months)
play the real amnesia next time

Author Ryan Pluke (1 month)
Nerd³ Plays...Slender

Author Tub Tubs (1 day)
its on april the 1st

Author Hunter Wall (2 days)
just play the real amnesia by the way the first 20 minutes of the game is
not scary

Author isaac coton (2 days)
seems suspicious
april 1st
and amnesia with dodgy gameplay

Author Lior Zhok (2 days)
just please if you write that you play amnesia just write it's not the real
one... I was waiting the whole video for that TROLL moment for him to say
it's not the real game... that moment never happened.

Author Joseph Litonjua (10 days)
Horses and bike riding farming murderers. 

Author EggEggEggEggEgg1 (12 days)
Play the real amnesia plz

Author TheUsskelvin (11 days)
April fools guys look at the upload date!

Author Garrett Shields (14 days)
what game is this

Author Anthony Rivera (2 months)
Nerd plays Scary Maze Game!

Author Elcino Plays (1 month)
Can you play Rust?

Author tlchimes (3 months)
All it took was a look at the date. 

Author Flibbityflob (17 days)
I believed this for the longest time
Till the end

Author Gabe Lankford (2 months)
Him and sips should play games together!!!

Author TheModerator3301 (3 months)
Your a huge fucking twat you scared pussy

Author HarryPotter10000100 (4 months)
lol lol lol lol

Author THEMaverickLucky7 (22 days)
BAH GAWWD! This is horrifying!

Author prahn rastogi (4 months)
Wtf why no the real amnesia 

Author Bryce Yeaman (3 months)
i was like THIS ISNT IT, an then i look at the date... APRIL FOOLS

Author dan schwulst (1 month)
took me bloody 10 mins to realize its a damn joke XD

Author Mitch Denham (1 month)
I didn't realise this wasn't Amnesia until 9:00 minutes in. I thought it
was some weird intro that no other YouTuber had shown.

Author jack Panter (3 months)
ummm i think he played the wrong game

Author Appleapits DC (4 months)
*Chainsaw noises* do you hear that? *man walks around corner* *Dan almost
dies of being scared*

Author Rocketman1105 (2 months)
This isn't Amnesia? I thought this was Amnesia just a really advanced mod.

Author mirak567 (3 months)
That's not amnesia

Author Adrian Molina (5 months)
omg dan you fucking troll realy play amnesia you little baby man

Author mankala8 (4 months)
This was likely hilarious at the time, but didn't make sense now until I
looked at the upload date...

Author Tyler Perdue (2 months)
That's not the real game

Author stacy Jent (2 months)
What the hell

Author 301gman (2 months)
first thing thats wrong with this there scamming you second there making
you pay money for this crap and third this is not frigin amnesia who the
hell would do this

Author D.A. R.E. (4 months)
Really Dan?

Author Dean Mccann (2 months)
That's not amnesia

Author mine head (5 months)
Wait a sec. Amnesia is a first person horror gam.

Author Lonny LaBlue (25 days)
the end of the video fricken scared me!!!! never ever play it agen also
play a other horror game

Author Harteofthecards (5 months)
Lol leatherface at end

Author Ian McConkey (23 days)

Author N360GAMING87 (5 months)
this is petz horsez 2

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