Nerd³ Plays... Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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Here I go. Diving into the Dark Decents of Amnesia. I hate all of you for making me do this.

Game link:

Most music is in-game music. It makes me want to... Wait... did you hear something...? Hooves?!

Additional music by the wonderful Kevin MacLeod

End Music

Additional game footage from Petz Horsez 2.


Don't buy it. It's bloody awful. :p

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Author tangjord (2 months)
Nerd3 play five nights at freedys pls

Author aquamarine0899 (2 months)
wait is this even Amnesia The Dark Descent?? It's like someone hacked it
and slapped a bunch of Barbie shit into it

Author Dominic Bonaventura (11 days)
omg yes!!!

Author ginaficulos a (8 days)
srsly dan SERIOUSLY that aint amnesia!

Author Toastyplace (1 month)
This isn amnesia I have played it you idiot.


Like my eight-year-old impression?

Author Henri (12 days)
I had to stop watching after the decapitation scene! 

Author Tyler Abernathy (17 days)
This isn't the Amnesia I played, not even close

Author Ridik Hood (2 months)
what the fuck was that ending and play the bloody game not some guy shit

Author TheOriginalHunter100 (3 months)
Dan man up and play a horror game

Author crazypyro0 (3 days)
As much as I want to see Dan play amnesia, you have to admit, he makes a
good troll. BTW, anyone know what this game really is?

Author Mindcraft1995 (4 days)
Lol he got scared by a game that he replaced cuz he didn't want to get
scared by the other

Author Micah Taylor (5 months)
i'm 9 and i'm not completely scared of amnesia

Author Charlie Wilson (1 month)
come on play the real thing

Author UnwildWildGamers (24 days)
Umm... is this really Amnesia: The Dark Descent or a different game... 'cuz
it seems like a game for six year olds. (And did that chainsaw guy really
jump out?)

Author Michael Cox (15 days)
published April 1st (: nice one dan

Author Owen Horn (3 months)
Play alien isolation nerd Cubed I demand it 

Author Bob Krench (20 days)
*Additional game footage from Petz Horsez 2.*

(Don't buy it you'll have a better time playing Big Rigs Over The Road

Author Me Noob (29 days)
lol all the retards shouting "THIS IS NOT AMNESIA YOU RETARD!" grow a pair
of eyeballs and read the upload date

Author GamingGrasshopper (4 months)
Was that ending edited in?

Author Jessi Berson (11 days)

Author DarkWarrior (2 months)
-_- i was hoping for you to be playing the actual game :P

Author Scruffer_ (27 days)
What is this actual game?

Author mitchell cruickshank cruickshank (1 month)
look at the date on the video

Author SergeantDucky (1 month)

Author Xavia wills (4 months)
Before this video I had no idea what Amnesia was so I thought this was
totally legit, I then looked at the date this video was released

Author TheCartWizard (2 months)
What game is this?

Author Thai Morris (2 months)
alright, i knowthisaint amnesia, but did he realy just buy the game to show
the newgame screen. Its just sitting there in his library. Waiting there.

Author The Solo Operative (4 months)
Ahh i knew it. About 10 minutes of going back to just see, and the chainsaw
ending did have the chainsaw majini from resident evil 4. Ahh, the

Author Mexzan (2 months)
Damnit, I really looked forward to him actually playing :c

Author Pac i-fier (3 months)
goddammit dan!!

Author RandomExplosions (2 months)
I am retarded. I thought this was Amnesia with a reeeeeeeally long buildup,
as this was the first video of the game I had watched.

Author Zombie slaughter2 (2 months)
that is not amnesia the real game is scary as fuck

Author Cole Lewis (1 month)
Freddy's you error 👻

Author StrayDog Gaming (18 days)
this is 100 times not fucking amnesia. you can cleary tell. in the
beginning of the game. you play as daniel running from a shadow( the
monster) and your in a castle. not even the music is the setting for a
horror game. not cool nerd. NOT COOL! =(

Author Luis Goncalves (2 months)
It's a Shame that 'amnesia' wouldn't work on his pc

Author Alistair Shadowfall (5 months)
And I was going to comment that I was confused why he was playing barbie...
then I read the date... APRIL 1ST STOP BITCHING IT WAS A JOKE

Author kagamine len (4 months)
Thats not the game i played it

Author Lixix The Gamer (2 months)
april the first! this is a april the first joke! XD

Author cholota17 (5 months)
that soud effect of the chainsaw was nostalgic.....

Author Pudding (4 months)
this isnt amnesia though o.o

Author Benedict Brown (3 months)
Are u seriousness i was looking for the one video were he plade a scary
game but he spewed out this crap

Author John Cole Harrison (1 month)
(Slow clap) 😐

Author James Scott (5 months)
I had my doubts about a real horror game, they were confirmed when I looked
at the upload date.

Author GGgaming 2003 (1 month)
April fools

Author Ayma Nadine (3 months)
Play the actual game you pussy!!!

Author Evelyn Allen (3 months)
When you mentioned this in your TF2 vid, I thought it was gonna be real.
Guess I was wrong xD

Author Lena Bjørn (2 months)
Show me your hoowes cx

Author Jacomo223 (5 months)
Someone find Dan on steam and look at his hours on amnesia. I bet it's 0.

Author Hunter Wall (2 months)
its just atmosphiric

Author Jason truong (3 months)
i knew this was a trick i had to check the date first

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