Nerd³ Plays... Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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Here I go. Diving into the Dark Decents of Amnesia. I hate all of you for making me do this.

Game link:

Most music is in-game music. It makes me want to... Wait... did you hear something...? Hooves?!

Additional music by the wonderful Kevin MacLeod

End Music

Additional game footage from Petz Horsez 2.


Don't buy it. It's bloody awful. :p

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Author Oliver Bulmer (14 hours)
So scary.


Author Ninjaofdeath24II (21 day)
THis Is Petz And Horsez....

Author Jacomo223 (14 hours)
Someone find Dan on steam and look at his hours on amnesia. I bet it's 0.

Author BullCraftGaming (2 days)
much scary, such hawses

Author Micah Taylor (14 days)
i'm 9 and i'm not completely scared of amnesia

Author Hatty Hattington (2 months)
Laugh out loud wrong game

Author Jack Donnelly (14 days)
I had my doubts about a real horror game, they were confirmed when I looked
at the upload date.

Author Alistair Shadowfall (18 days)
And I was going to comment that I was confused why he was playing barbie...
then I read the date... APRIL 1ST STOP BITCHING IT WAS A JOKE

Author Epicfilms (23 days)

Author intenseblood (3 months)
play it for real you scared little bitch

Author crystal valentine (1 month)
its not amnesia

Author TheEpic (2 months)
Ahh sory to bust your mood but this is a fake : P

Author kp welshy (2 months)

Author luke metcalf (2 months)
Omg it's an April fools day

Author Alex Jordan (3 months)
if u want scary play amnesia the road for pigs xD

Author MCplayer 10 (11 hours)
April fools 

Author EpicEthan21 (3 months)
Wtf this isn't amnesia!!!

Author ojnerfman (4 days)

Author Charlie Gripton (3 days)
Wrong fucking version

Author Steamy new (1 day)
Hey guys check the upload date.

Author edgarsbrother fedgar (9 days)
this is joke this ain't amnesia

Author quincy major (11 days)
Wrong game nerd

Author ender master (14 days)
relly?! dan

Author Goatiyus (6 months)
I wonder if he actually bought amnesia for the start screen xD

Also when this started I was really confused and I was like "is this
another one of those confusing games like Half-Life that have so many
different versions?"

Author Lillith's Vampires (3 months)
I like how the mouse moves before he even moves his hand to move it.

Author Lim Min Zhe (16 days)
I think rather like this game then that horrer basterd

Author Dj Droidecka (28 days)
8:07 barrels

Author randomstuff (1 month)

Author alexleinbach (26 days)
Really dan... -_-

Author HB Gaming (1 month)
Can you play the real amnesia

Author Lily May Maughan (1 month)
Lol, you should ACTUALLY play Amnesia :D or Slender, to the people who are
annoyed because it's not Amnesia, this was uploaded on 1st April.

Author Daniel Nguyen (1 month)
Haha great April first love it

Author Lior Zhok (4 months)
just please if you write that you play amnesia just write it's not the real
one... I was waiting the whole video for that TROLL moment for him to say
it's not the real game... that moment never happened.

Author Oliverek7 Wyndham-Lewis (4 months)
What is this game that's not amnesia......

Author Rob Whitely (3 months)
bro that isn't amnesia i bought it off steam. 

Author Micah Taylor (14 days)
amnesia not as scary as other horror games amnesia got me once by a jump

Author balisticwaffl3 (1 month)

Author samuel luigi (1 month)
It's April first when uploaded its not actual amnesia

Author sweshleir (1 month)
I am truly glad everyone was here to tell me that this wants Amnesia, thank
you all.

Author Alex Hadfield (1 month)
It took me too long to realize this wasnt amnesia...

Author hayden sparks (1 month)
Dan I hate you

Author Colleen Ensor (4 months)
Yay Amnesia the petz horsez 2. :D Thanks description.

Author Tarkyn Cook (4 months)
it's a AF joke!!!!!!

Author Christopher Schwartz (1 month)
I really wanted to see you play amnesia but instead you made April fools /:

Author Claire Muckle (1 month)
So want you and dad3 to play Slenderman that would be a great vid. Unless
you have done one and I just can't seem to find it. 

Author MIB MAB (2 months)

Author Micah Taylor (14 days)
you suck this game ain't amnesia

Author George Townsend (2 months)
It was April 1st (April fools day)

Author ModernTrucker Thomas (2 months)

Author thebluemudpuppy becomeaverymuddypup (25 days)
ummm this is not amnesia go watch pewdiepie that is amnesia or

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