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A 4" Scale Burrell Traction Engine (Modelworks) Assembled and Painted by Mr John Miller. Modification and first steaming by John Rex Model Engineers.

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Author Luke Smith (2 years)
When the end of the wold comes, that will be the only reliable thing :P

Author JRME93 (2 years)
We built then and sell them, we are based in pontefract west yorkshire

Author steamtil (3 years)
nice, but when does the motion work look gold? should be silver steel,
unpainted!. i have a 4 inch burrell, not a kit though, will you be rallying
it ? if so what area, my bump into you. thanks

Author JRME93 (2 years)
@SH1974 we do lots of rallies and unfortunately are not able to make scale
wagons that are practical for riding on, as for this engine i think the
seat is the least of its worries in terms of been close to the full size.
for example the gold spokes motion work and the red sparkly flywheel, but
the engine owners daughter chose the colours and altho not been historicly
correct it runs well and provides lots of enjoyment for the owner

Author JRME93 (2 years)
@elinikk we do build engines from plans and are just building four 6"
fodens an other single cylinder traction engines, but this was a model
works kit built by one of our customers that brought it to us for
modification due to faults.

Author Dankyman100 (2 years)
Where can you buy those things ?

Author Jakob Stilling (1 year)
Please Kill that dog... frkkk

Author JRME93 (2 years)
@corryn00 Thankyou for your very valuable input

Author ericrobillard80 (2 years)
The fkng dog!!!!

Author Gordon Ward (2 years)
omg shut that stupid dog up

Author Simon VanDoesburg (1 year)
Those colors don't go together

Author SH1974 (2 years)
That's an absolute wonderful tractor - but I don't like the operator's seat
so bad scaled (of course, it must be usable...) behind the tractor. Why not
use a trailer (that must not be 100% scale) to place the operator's seat?
You could make it look like a tender wagon. So the tractor itself can be
precise and looks really like an original one.

Author stellakebab (2 years)
yes sorry the poxy dog ruined an otherwise perfect film , great little
engine very cool ,

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