Homemade Hawaiian Style Sweet Bread! Noreen's Kitchen

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Greetings! Homemade is always better and when we enjoy things that we have purchased from the grocery store for years, we don't think about making them for ourselves. This is the case with the King's Hawaiian Sweet Bread. It is excellent, but it does contain some ingredients that I choose to stay away from like hydrogenated oils and Microcrystaline Cellulose (code name for sawdust). So I set out to make my own.

It turned out amazing and delicious and tastes better than the bread from the store. I hope that you will give this a try and I hope you love it!

Happy Eating!

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Author catherine gibson (4 months)
Hi noreen i really want to try this but i dont have the potatoe flakes or
the pineapple juice is their anything i can use instead? Thank you

Author bruce p (3 months)
You use a lot of powder products in your bread recipes like butter, milk so
can they be used in this one

Author Barb Chester (1 month)
I was soooooooooooooo happy to see this recipe!!! Live outside the US eight
years now, so many foods you can't find here that I love! Can't wait to
make these, thanks!

Author SuperDivatude (4 months)
what temp did you cook them on???

Author Nancy VanDeventer (4 months)
Can I make these with a hand held mixer? That is all have. 

Author Mashell Pumphrey (2 days)
They look so yummy, lol you guys are so adorable. :)

Author SuperDivatude (4 months)
couldn't hear you over the mixer what was that last ingredient 3 cups of
.....? (just before the butter and two eggs

Author Bobbie Blas (17 days)
You Go Girl! You're Amazing how you put this bread together! Yumm! Thanks
for your great tips and for sharing! Does look Delish!

Author ktdidits (2 months)
Yummy ~ thanks for sharing :)

Author Bernadine Breske (2 months)
lol funny husband you have! love your cooking girl!!

Author Sani Varea (2 months)
(Hubby) Can i have one?..."oh richard"!..they're for later!.. lol!
cute!.."rolls look yummy"!..lucky richard!

Author coleen huff (5 months)
Wow they look just like the store bought

Author diannetabor (3 months)
Had to laugh when I heard your hubby(?) ask if he could have one. Sounds
familiar to my house when I am baking bread. Can't wait to try your
recipe! Thanks so much. :-)

Author Khaus Kwm (4 months)

Author Sandy Sessions (7 months)
OMG...first guys are so cute!! I love your directions, your dog
and your hunny bunny video recording. You're real people. Thank you!! 

Author Ronavish Nicholas (5 months)
how many loafs of bread would this recipe make and at what weight of bread
? excellent and very funny vedio.

Author Victory Mine (5 months)
ahh ahh ahh oops lol love it

Author SuperDivatude (4 months)
I cant wait to try these!!!

Author Wen Barth (6 months)
I love the way you explain it :D You guys are good and very funny :D

Author Judith9848 (6 months)
They Look Great.I'll Have To Admit I Was Scraping Down The Side In My Head
As You Kneaded The Dough.......:) Thanks ,Judith

Author Bernadette Berryessa (6 months)
Thank you so much for your tutorial, especially when using a mixer with a
dough hook. I've never my dough hook, but am ready to try. I remember as a
kid going to a milk farm and having the best dinner rolls, and these may be
the one to bring me back to my childhood. Keep up the good work. 

Author bruce p (5 months)
Why the potato flakes? Have you thought of trying coconut flour?

Author Sharon La Tour (7 months)
Rick drooling?? get the MOP!! LOL these look AMAZING!!!

Author arlethdelaf (3 months)
Thank you for the recipe my rolls turned perfect except a bit taste less
and they didn't taste like Hawaiian rolls at all. Can I double on sugar? I
am also thinking of using a different pineapple juice. Thanks

Author Abdul Siddiqui (7 months)

Author Patrick Sison (7 months)
Just made a batch. I haven't had hawaiian bread in quite some time. The
texture is what I remember it to be. But, I remember it being sweeter. Im
thinking of maybe adding some condensed/evaporated milk to the mix for some
extra sweetness. Or maybe just some extra sugar to keep it simple.

Author montelimartju044 (7 months)
thank you they look soooo gooood

Author flavina's stuff (10 months)
thank you for this recipe made these with my 6 yr old daughter and she
says this is our everyday bread for her and her sister's lunches and she
wanted to make it into loaves for teachers gifts this year. We are making
them again today with a meatball recipe for supper Merry Christmas to you
and your family.

Author montelimartju044 (7 months)

Author James Medina (8 months)
smoke weed everyday. nice bread

Author Jenny Simm (8 months)
hi noreen this looks great. how would i be able to make this in the bread
machine? Th

Author ressa319 (5 months)
Let the man have a roll, lol! Thanks for sharing, can't wait to try these

Author Audrey Hudson (9 months)
Great video. I like the way you show how to determine flour and how to
troubleshoot. Fabulous

Author MSE. Dzirasa (5 months)
As soon as I saw King Arthur Bread Flour I knew it will come out perfectly.
Thank you for sharing.

Author David Mann (10 months)
We made this recipe for our Christmas dinner. The best rolls ever!!!!!!!
Thank you for sharing .

Author kschnaus8 (10 months)
Hi Noreen, where do I find the bonnet? Is it a shower cap? I can't wait
to try this recipe. Keep them coming!

Author dlissa (11 months)
Noreen, I just made these last night.......Girl you did it
again....outstanding! One question can these be made into a loaf of bread
and if so do you know how long it should be baked and at what temp?

Author Roar Minecraft (: (11 months)

love the recipe

Author Carolyn Miller (11 months)
I made these for Thanksgiving and all I can say is OH MY GOODNESS! These
rolls are delicious. I split the recipe in half and now I wish I had made
the whole thing. Thanks for sharing your recipe, Noreen!

Author Meganrage0420 (11 months)
I made these for ThanksGiving and they were absolutely delicious!!!
Thank you for the recipe.

Author stephanie johnson (11 months)
Noreen this is awesome and I can't wait to try them. I am going to use
these for my Thanksgiving dinner.

Author shantielives (1 year)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Howard Johnson (8 months)
I did not find the recipe at the sight

Author capoman1 (10 months)
I love watching you butter those sweet buns...

Author SureHowDoYouKnow (11 months)
I like your show! Thank you for sharing !!

Author TheSofanist (11 months)
Hello Noreen! Just stumbled across your video and this recipe looks
amazing. Since I don't have a mixing machine, can I simply use my hand
mixer in combination with my hands? And is there a significant difference
if I use all purpose flour from safeway?

Author drummerchef851 (3 months)
Pineapple juice? I didn't see that coming. Very interesting, they sure
looked good as heck. Nice job.

Author Oliveti Niupalavu (8 months)
Noreen where can I get the exact measurements for this recipe please

Author pamela parker (5 months)
you're great

Author ShelliKittens (10 months)
My gosh those look delicious and I sure can eat them while they're piping
hot and mah belly won't ache! MMMmmmm....*devour*

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