Homemade Hawaiian Style Sweet Bread! Noreen's Kitchen

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Greetings! Homemade is always better and when we enjoy things that we have purchased from the grocery store for years, we don't think about making them for ourselves. This is the case with the King's Hawaiian Sweet Bread. It is excellent, but it does contain some ingredients that I choose to stay away from like hydrogenated oils and Microcrystaline Cellulose (code name for sawdust). So I set out to make my own.

It turned out amazing and delicious and tastes better than the bread from the store. I hope that you will give this a try and I hope you love it!

Happy Eating!

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Author flavina's stuff (3 months)
thank you for this recipe made these with my 6 yr old daughter and she
says this is our everyday bread for her and her sister's lunches and she
wanted to make it into loaves for teachers gifts this year. We are making
them again today with a meatball recipe for supper Merry Christmas to you
and your family.

Author Sandy Sessions (19 days)
OMG...first guys are so cute!! I love your directions, your dog
and your hunny bunny video recording. You're real people. Thank you!! 

Author ShelliKittens (3 months)
My gosh those look delicious and I sure can eat them while they're piping
hot and mah belly won't ache! MMMmmmm....*devour*

Author Sharon La Tour (17 days)
Rick drooling?? get the MOP!! LOL these look AMAZING!!!

Author kschnaus8 (4 months)
Hi Noreen, where do I find the bonnet? Is it a shower cap? I can't wait
to try this recipe. Keep them coming!

Author Audrey Hudson (2 months)
Great video. I like the way you show how to determine flour and how to
troubleshoot. Fabulous

Author shantielives (5 months)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author dlissa (4 months)
Noreen, I just made these last night.......Girl you did it
again....outstanding! One question can these be made into a loaf of bread
and if so do you know how long it should be baked and at what temp?

Author Patrick Sison (26 days)
Just made a batch. I haven't had hawaiian bread in quite some time. The
texture is what I remember it to be. But, I remember it being sweeter. Im
thinking of maybe adding some condensed/evaporated milk to the mix for some
extra sweetness. Or maybe just some extra sugar to keep it simple.

Author Jenny Simm (2 months)
hi noreen this looks great. how would i be able to make this in the bread
machine? Th

Author montelimartju044 (29 days)
thank you they look soooo gooood

Author Oliveti Niupalavu (1 month)
Noreen where can I get the exact measurements for this recipe please

Author TheJolieaja (2 months)
omg why why didnt i find you earlier lols thank u thank u

Author David Mann (3 months)
We made this recipe for our Christmas dinner. The best rolls ever!!!!!!!
Thank you for sharing .

Author stephanie johnson (5 months)
Noreen this is awesome and I can't wait to try them. I am going to use
these for my Thanksgiving dinner.

Author Roar Minecraft (: (4 months)

love the recipe

Author Carolyn Miller (4 months)
I made these for Thanksgiving and all I can say is OH MY GOODNESS! These
rolls are delicious. I split the recipe in half and now I wish I had made
the whole thing. Thanks for sharing your recipe, Noreen!

Author Meganrage0420 (4 months)
I made these for ThanksGiving and they were absolutely delicious!!!
Thank you for the recipe.

Author James Medina (1 month)
smoke weed everyday. nice bread

Author TheSofanist (5 months)
Hello Noreen! Just stumbled across your video and this recipe looks
amazing. Since I don't have a mixing machine, can I simply use my hand
mixer in combination with my hands? And is there a significant difference
if I use all purpose flour from safeway?

Author SureHowDoYouKnow (4 months)
I like your show! Thank you for sharing !!

Author WildRemedies1 (1 year)
They look beautiful.

Author ncrdisabled Submarine vet (1 year)
I love that bread not sure if I can eat it as I have stupid diabetes .

Author nkr1695 (1 year)
I made a bread stick recipe tonight & before the last (10 mins) was done I
lathered em with butter the garlic powder I then turned on my broiler and
added mozzarella cheese and broiled them till they was brown and the cheese
was melted and they turned out so good! Thank you so much Noreen for
teaching me so much!.. I can pretty much make dough now and not mess it up
that often. lol -Angie

Author Flower Power (6 months)
Hawaiian rolls honey butter, super bowel, ill bring some beer over!! LOL

Author seattwa (7 months)
Do they taste like the store bought ones ... after they cooled lol.

Author Patricia Griffith (1 year)
Amazing noreen :) & I love how u decorate ur cutting board & etc to match
the holiday :)

Author Michele Morris (1 year)
Oh yum!! My nana made these for me when I was a kid all the time. I miss
her! Thk u!!!

Author RNY Simmons (1 year)
i have had my mixer for 2 years and have used the shield once. wish they
made a glass bowl for the mixer like the other style. i have the same mixer
as you but copper.

Author Val C (1 year)
I will be trying the recipes I have seen on your site. I just watched your
Hamburger Stroganoff Recipe and it looks great, can't wait ti try that
one!. Again, thank you for sharing. God Bless

Author Krystel LOVE (9 months)

Author Von Hoston (6 months)
get the that dog outta the kitchen damn

Author Flower Power (6 months)
Ps the dog stays! I have a golden doodle named Norman!

Author Shey Garcia (7 months)
Why don't you taste your food :(

Author prncfrk (1 year)
Dang Noreen now I'm gonna have to make these they look soooooooooo good! By
the way I live only two blocks away from the Hawaiian King’s Bakery
headquarters in Torrance California and I smell the bread all of the time
baking, they have a great restaurant also. Thanks for sharing!

Author Celia Younger (5 months)
Thank you. This is not hawaiian nor portuguese bread… it's spanish pan de
leche, or mediasnoches or pan bonbon…. The Spaniards took it to Hawaii
(possible way of Phyllipins) long before English or Portuguese got there.
until the 1800's most of the Pacific Island were part of Spain, including
Guam and Hawaii…. (even if this is not in the American History books).

Author ShalimarPerfume (1 year)
Oh those look so good. I have never heard of a Hawaiian Sweet Roll before.
I been on a no gluten diet for almost 2 weeks, no bread,cookies, crackers
or pasta and upon seeing this I am about to fall off the wagon.

Author sofeni seiuli (1 year)
I dont have a mixer machine like yours, but I mixed everything by hands and
it came out perfect just like yours! Thank you so much for sharing your
recipe for homemade sweet rolls and bread! God bless!!!

Author Noreen's Kitchen (11 months)
I choose not to use poison artificial sweeteners in my cooking. That is why
I do not recommend them. I would do some serious investigation as to
whether it is truly safe to use that product in a baked good. I know they
say you can, however all artificial sweeteners can have long lasting
effects if you use them regularly and over a long period of time. Splenda
is no better than Aspartame, no matter what people tell you. Thanks.

Author Melissa Gilliam (1 year)
Thanks found recipe

Author SandyzSerious (1 year)
I love the way you measured 2 ounces and rolled the balls.

Author Noreen's Kitchen (1 year)
As I said, the recipe is on my website. The link is in the description box.
The recipe is right on the front page today. Instant yeast is easily found
in the grocery store or online. It can be found at Costco, Sam's Club or
online at king Arthur Flour .com I use the SAF brand yeast. I keep it in a
mason jar in the freezer. Keeps forever in the freezer.

Author 11tankster (9 months)
You must be a medium...As I watched the video for sweet Hawaiian bread I
was going to ask about the extra flour on the bottom of the bowl ( it has
happened to me) and low and behold you talked about it! Thank you...I
didn't know that and your reason for it was great to know!

Author snookie65 (1 year)
Omg....have mercy! These are some grgeoys lookn rolls. It's 11:30pm &
seeing them made me hungry. I just may try these to take for a dinner
Saturday. I've become a fan of working with yeast dough, so much fun!
Thanks, Noreen.

Author SoCalPrepper21 (1 year)
Noreen, Your videos and hearing the relationship you and Rick have is
great. The two of you work well with each other. Very cute! Those Sweet
Rolls look amazing and I bet taste fantastic as well. Your husband Rick,
sounds like my husband Richard, except Richard is not really tha familar in
the kitchen/cooking. I think you to make great and informational videos,
your food is beautiful and your a real person who is not striving for
perfection, but great tasting food. Thank You Noreen, both of you.

Author veesplace (1 year)
I was wondering after you have made the balls and ready for second rise can
you put them in the frig and take out the next day to bake?

Author michigangirl atheart (1 year)
We love these rolls and frankly I think I pay way too much for them. I will
be making them thanks to you! Yumm!

Author eogg25 (11 months)
did you know you can buy 1LB of yeast at Gordon foods for less money than a
small jar that they sell in the grocery stores. of f course I don't know if
you have a gordons in your area but any of the wholesale food stores
probably do the same thing. its a real savings if you make a lot of bread.

Author I Lost The Game (8 months)
~ Just added pineapple juice to my grocery list. Yet another one of your
masterpieces my family is sure to enjoy! Thank you once again :D

Author chevy6912 (6 months)
Do you think you could stuff these bad boys. I made them couple of weeks
ago and really liked them. Thinking about stuffing them with pulled pork
before baking this time

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