From coast to coast,
From Canada to Mexico,
They're doin' a new dance
A tried-and-a-true dance
That will sweep the land
And you'll think it's so grand
You'll have to learn how to do it
So please don't boo woo it
Coz we've got this little dance
That's gonna rise to fame
It's sure to put most any other dance to shame
The turkey-trot, the bunny-hug, the tickley-toe
Will be forgotten when we start to go!
Mr Leader, won't you start the syncopation?
And we'll begin our little demonstration...

Now, first you put your two knees
Close up tight.
Then you sway it to the left
Then you sway it to the right.
Step around the floor kind of nice and light
Then you twist around and twist around
With all of your might.
Stretch your lovin' arms straight out in space
Then you do the eagle rock with style and grace.
Swing your foot way round and bring it back
Now that's what I call ballin' the jack!

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Author MrPoupard (7 months)
Style, style, STYLE!

Author LooMinn (1 year)
"Jazz hands" @ 53 seconds!

Author silverari23 (2 years)
What version of the song is this? (Who's singing?)

Author Pat Brambley (1 year)
Love this version!

Author Peter Fields (2 years)
From what TV show is this? Is it on DVD?

Author shadbely (2 years)
I don't know who's singing but it's not Gene Kelly.

Author markbilldebkevin (2 years)
Oh yeah man.....that is the way it is done!!!

Author sarakat76 (2 years)
dance with Judy Garland in for me and my gal.....

Author foxteach1 (1 year)
That is absolutely Gene Kelly singing. I've watched about everything he
ever did and that is his voice. No reason for him to lip-synch--they didn't
do that so much in those days. And when they did, it was for a major
musical (like Audrey Hepburn's dub in "My Fair Lady"). Gene did all of his
own stuff.

Author SuckerForOldMovies (1 year)
Do you have Gene Kelly and Danny Kaye doing this song together on Danny
Kaye's TV show? I just love this song.

Author InTheMistyMoonlight (2 years)
So fucking sexy...

Author HallieB (1 year)
Gene Kelly exudes sheer sexuality when he dances.

Author OahuRealtySpecialist (2 years)
How can I get a copy to be made into VHS for dancer friend.

Author M Tl (1 year)
2nd verse Knees together knees together, Hold 'em tight Spread out, Man
ain't you a sight Let's go struttin' for some barbeque Twist it, Turn it,
Careful or you'll burn it Dig it, Shake it, Careful not to break it Bake
it, Boil it, Yeah that aught to make it 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Yeah That's what I
call Ballin the Jack

Author LazlosPlane (3 years)
Freakin' marvelous. Just freakin' fabulous.

Author shadbely (2 years)
But that's not him singing in this clip.

Author VIVICANAL4 (2 years)

Author Twil1ght2000 (2 years)
Now *that's* wearing a hat!

Author mrsean111 (10 months)
Haunted Honeymoon....

Author Lucie Q djette (1 year)

Author ma4coify (2 years)
Great !!!!!!!!!!!

Author M Tl (1 year)
Stretch your lovin' arms straight out in space Then you do the Eagle Rock
with style and grace. Swing your foot way round and bring it back Now
that's what I call Ballin' the Jack! Do a strut, Yeah, that's got it Hot
crossed buns, Yeah, that's got it Kick it Cook it Hear me callin Twist it,
Turn it, Jack that's balllin' Slide, Kelly, Slide, Slide Ride, Kelly, Ride,
Ride Swing your foot 'way round Bring it back Man you're ballin' Ballin'
the Jack

Author hellasexy22 (2 years)
@PLFields1111 You can go the the Paley Center in NYC or Los Angeles if you
want to see the Pontiac Star Parade & other Gene movies/video treasures in
its entirety. i hope this helps.

Author TheZeldaDweeb (2 years)
I think I just came.

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