Mój Mały Kucyk-Przyjaźń to magia

Fanów kucyków,chcących o nich porozmawiać,obejrzeć sobie z nimi obrazki itp. zapraszam na stronę polskiego forum

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Author Queen Zodiac (2 months)
Mój Mały Kucyk-Przyjaźń to magia: Io adoro
questo video ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^!!!!!!!

Author madzia durlak (6 days)
It's a ideal

Author Ada Sciliberto (1 month)
Epic! This video is amazing! :))

Author Людмила Алексеева (1 month)
Прикольно, но как музон называется? 

Author Rebekah Funches (1 month)
Yup. Equestria as we know it...
Good music, btw. ^^

Author ProTimax (25 days)
Zabiliście muzykę :(

Author Red Carpet (4 months)
I... I don't understand this video... This epic music does not fit with my
little pony... like, at all

Author mlp paprička Serba (4 months)
to je hustý

Author Tamta Baidarashvili (25 days)

Author варя кожынова (12 days)
мне не нравица патаму што это не реп

Author mlp Rainbow (11 months)
how the music is called?

Author Dominika Kornobis (2 days)

Author Emo E (1 month)
Beautiful music.. Beautiful Beautiful..

Author Zoruey (10 months)
Heh.. zazdroszczę wyświetleń

Author Laura Sofía Sierra sanchez (1 month)
Como se llama la canción 

Author Сирена дионус (4 months)
а как песня называется

Author Elisangela Cardoso Augustin (4 months)

Author Rebekah Funches (1 month)
I totally love music like this!! >.<

Author джеффия горшкова (22 days)
у меня мурашки от музыки как музон называется

Author VanillaTV (4 months)
Jaka nuta?:)

Author Nom nommer (4 months)
can someone translate?

Author AGNOR KASSUS (1 month)
10/10 to chyba najlepsza muzyka jakiej słuchałem przez ostatni rok
good robota

Author Sally Sommers (2 months)
I love this. I copy some of the drawings.

Author Nydia Paiz (3 months)
Aaaaaaaaa molestia corran por sus vidas😲 AAAAAAAAAA...

Author luz el furby y jazmin (4 months)
cool pero falta scootaloo swerebelle y appebloom uuuuuu u.u

Author ALma Juarez (2 months)
Nice Music

Author ♥Tanya Love Nya♥ (6 months)
супер пупер дюпер класс!

Author Анна Орлова (3 months)
What's a name song?

Author Deimante Klemantaviciute (2 months)
grazi daina

Author Zuza Hura (7 months)
Fajna muza :)

Author Regi GTV (7 months)
Jó videó nézzétek meg!

Author Aimi Azhar (4 months)
this one is my favourite

Author Child of the night (5 months)

Author Natalia Zakrzewska (2 months)
ej posłuchajcie piosenki życie jest piękne serio mega epic odlot - I


Author ali tunç (4 months)
a m. N. 

Author lesha korolev (6 months)
птьмбсаьпт тьвбаьтипатвьатимитвьаип

Author Míša Hofmanová (2 months)

Author Karel Hans (1 month)

Author the snasza (6 months)
po pierwsze to jest EPIC !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author Barbara Hart (4 months)
Check out this video on YouTube:

Author Scootaloo Scoot (2 months)
Czemu nie ma znaczkowej ligi? :(

Author Hania Żuk (1 year)
super muzyka

Author madzia durlak (5 months)
kocham kucyki mlp

Author whitetiger fireone (4 months)
Song name?

Author Rainbow dash (7 months)

Author Sovushka _ Sova (6 months)
шикарное видео!!!!!

Author Elpida Charalambous (4 months)
Pour Gwynn

Author Watson [HUN] (7 months)
Epic hungarian bro hoof! For polish bronies.

Author minegracz 13 (8 months)
epicka nuta :)

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