The Famous SOUL Train Line Dancers - In Memory Of Don Cornelius

The Founder of the soul train line dancers is dead. Yes Don Cornelius is dead of apparent suicide. Soul Train the famous television Music dance show featuring classic soul and disco inspired a generation of youth and teens in black america and was a major influence on pop music and dance. soultrain was the hippest trip show and it's soul train line dancers were the most imitated by black and white youth. Black music dance would never be the same. The famous pop music show featured singers like Aretha Franklin,Michael Jackson, Marvin Gaye and Jackson 5. The entertaining african american dance show which won many awards ,ran from 1971 to 2006. It watched by most american youth in the 70s and 80s. The Soul train awards is a big event annually.

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Author jerette09 (6 months)
Now every guy has a chance to get laid...Shy Man's Guide To Getting Laid

Author chocoletecake136 (6 months)
Damn I want a time machine.

Author jakeenan (1 month)
Jesus, why so many damn edits? Cool your jets and hold on the dancers. We
want to SEE some dance moves.

Author Ann Romney BotoxQueen (4 months)
I grew up on Soul Train as a White Teenager in L.A.. This REMIX will blow
yo Mind !!!

Author Sir Percy (3 days)
I use to watch it as often as I could, and still do!!!

Author lakeisha lake (7 months)
70s soul train is the best, forget the 80s lol

Author 317er (1 year)
damn, i want to see greatest dances, not greatest edits.

Author iLOVEadamANDaj (1 year)
not sure about song title..but i am sure u know...its james brown..

Author Naked Jake (1 year)
it's all on my vimeo or my clients channels and my own website. if you DM
me i'll send you the links, can't post in the comments.

Author Houstain (1 year)
Bahahaha! Editor sure! Anyway I feel the cuts are actually well done. It's
not a showcase of what the dancers of doing but of the line dancing itself.
You're focusing too much on what you want to see instead of seeing what you
are shown! I'm an editor too, numerous AMV's and an actual video when I was
in high school. All set to music.

Author sfjohn5 (1 year)
wonder where some of them are today and what they are up to O.O

Author boubou yariri (10 months)
qui pourrais me trouver le nom d'un groupe qui chantait SOS !

Author HARUKA7254 (2 years)
Dear !!

Author Robert Jango (1 year)
Over cut. I wanna see dancing not editing.

Author boubou yariri (10 months)
Merci beaucoup c'est bien ça !

Author KEEDAH GIANNETTI (1 year)
You did well. The fun was looking for myself and friends, and flashing on
the years and guests. It's just fun and I thank you for sharing your
version. Love, Peace and Sooooul :-)

Author Lysia1961 (1 year)
I grew up in DC also. I went to Suitland High School. I'm 51.

Author Naked Jake (1 year)
I do very fast cuts when it calls for it. Search The Word by The Wideboys
it's a video I shot and edited. It has very fast cuts. This hasn't saved
any time it's 15 minutes long. Didn't need to fit all the clips in, just
the best of the best. That's part of editing. Knowing when to "kill your

Author haikel ouali (10 months)
si je ne me trompe pas c'est Aretha Franklin Rock Steady

Author sammy7819 (1 year)

Author John Doe (10 months)
To fast cant watch it.

Author jeanette williams (1 year)

Author Richard Brighton (1 year)
yeah.. nice editing... you can play any funky music with this, and it will
sinc up... I know what you have done here... 10 out of 10

Author Renee Hinson (1 year)
This song brigs back memories to me. I was just amazed that I found it at

Author Dennis Fangine (1 year)
video is way too fast. but a great sons g

Author TheGustoluv (2 years)
We all will miss you!!!!!

Author bilnext (1 year)
You're wrong pal... You're a little out of date...The way Jerette09 did
this video is the way it's done now a days especially on youtube....Fast
mixed cuts..You've got to save time and space

Author Denise W. (1 year)
a fantastic tribute...I'm an editor too and ...there should be no what you picked some of the baddest ass moves
... way kool.

Author boubou yariri (10 months)
sublime !

Author Richard D. Ruttenberg (1 year)
A wonderful tribute to a true legend. Soul Train remains the only time when
television was truly cool. Well done, Mr. Cornelius.

Author kenneth Crockett (10 months)
Like this vid. I grew up on hardcore funk, jazz, Jimi Hendrix funk,Latina
funk. This vid, is Hardcore funk. Bass guitar was put up front with congas
and percussion; with the front door kicked in.

Author msreenie (2 years)

Author Littlelambism (1 year)
The four that put their thumbs down: You know that YOU CANNOT DANCE!!!

Author karenknn (2 years)
Thank you for posting this! EVERYONE watched Soul Train every Saturday. I
wish they'd repeat those episodes ~ they were great!

Author 111FatCat111 (2 years)
was that Michael from Goodtimes @ 0:38 ?

Author jerette09 (1 year)
I checked out your channel of uploaded videos.. I see no examples of your
music editing skills... Why are you hiding your skills from the world

Author ILoveItKinky (2 years)
This looked like so much fun!

Author irememberdisco (1 year)
Papa dont take no mess,James Brown

Author Gravity1418 (2 years)
@srercrcr The Dance clips sync with the MUSIC Perfectly. To Your question
what's the hurry. They get MORE Dance FOOTAGE in the Video

Author boubou yariri (10 months)
qui peux me donner le nom du groupe du deuxième morceaux ?

Author JJoh4040 (10 months)
Hearing that from a european but not an african says something!

Author Iris Cooper (1 year)
Nice memory for Mr. Don Cornelius. I loved the way he talked and blended in
with the kids and entertainers. He was one "cool cat." Sorry about his
untimely death. Iris

Author bilnext (1 year)
First look at the likes on this video 144 to 4 dislikes... Seems like most
viewers don't have a problem with this vid....Check out jerette09 's "best
of Michael Jackson " in the video response above... This is damn near the
best music Video remix on youtube... Same thing... Fast cuts... See my
friend Your graphics have to flow with the music.. ..Put the exact search
for your video in double quotation marks "like this" Is it a youtube video
? What's the exact title when i find it.

Author Janet Stradford (1 year)
bilnext is right guy... jerette09 creates a unique reality for these
dancers... See get this guy...the snippets of motion from dancers sync with
the rhythm of the music .. This video is very innovative

Author jeffery junious (1 year)

Author Iris Cooper (1 year)
Thanks, Jerette for sharing. Was this show out of Chicago? Hard to believe
that these great dancers are in their 50;s and 60's just like me. Oh, my
poor back . . . Back in the day I was a pretty dancer in the D.C. area. Iris

Author Flamenco Funk (1 year)
List of Tracks: 00:00 Dancing Machine (7" single) (1974) by The Jackson
5ive 02:33 Rock Steady (1971) by Aretha Franklin 05:44 Jungle Boogie (1973)
by Kool & The Gang 08:18 Papa Don't Take No Mess (part 1) (1974) by James
Brown 12:46 West Coast Poplock (vocal version) (1982) by Ronnie Hudson &
The Street People ("Just raise those fingers in the air, I swear is getting
mighty funky out there. There's a party over here, There's a party over
there, Can I get a 'right on', Gus?") :)

Author Michael Cooper (1 year)
Rerun @ 0:54

Author smoothpants (1 year)
I see what you were trying to do. I liked it. :-)

Author iLOVEadamANDaj (1 year)
i miss this show..i grew up in the suberbs of detroit a white
kid who loved motown..i got alot of my moves for friday night roller
skating from soultrain..and my love for hotass black girls..just being

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