Appoggio lesson routine in 14 steps by Franco Tenelli

Appoggio lesson
(by Franco Tenelli)


1. Correct(comfortable) standing(on the balance)
2.Diaphragmical breathing with lips closed(Appoggio imitation)-observe sandwich effect
3. Short resonant sounds produced with push down technique(best consonants are "b" &"m"
4.Pre warm ups (explaining necessity of creating individual pre warm ups)
5. Declamation of the known arias passages(like the drama theatre actor:to be or not to be)


6. Singing short passages with appoggio application (della mia bella...)
7. Understanding and feeling appoggio articulation(understanding both how appoggio feels and objective truth about appoggio mechanism)
8. Routine warm up (scales, Vaccaj)


9. Singing aria or song(letting go through without stoppage for the first time)
10. Emphasis on difficult moments and technical solutions
11. Emphasis on artistic value(Singing with pleasure, freedom)
12. Trying to combine 10 and 11(Singing both technically and expressively)*

13. Explaining priorities in learning new material(lowering the key of the difficult phrase up to 3 steps down and raising it slow and even higher then original)
14. Homework: Reminding to fix what was done in the lesson and learning new arias

*Explaining the freedom vs. style. Expl. What is expressive singing?

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Author Mati D (4 months)
I have question Rob Halford sings oper and it s can be sings appoggio of
his songs ??

Author Danielle Lev (4 months)
Thank u very very much. This is very helpful!!!

Author Guillermo Esqueda (6 months)
Franco there´s no way to thank you how useful your lessosns are for me,
really thanks maestro!

Author VIDEOHEREBOB (9 months)
This was outstandingly helpful.

Author Milton hebbert (5 months)
Thank you so much, maestro for these very valuable video lessons. My best
wishes on your musical journey

Author hotpil1 (10 months)
I have a question about your "lip appogio" exercise. When I try to do it,
my stomach extends a greate deal, but at the same time I fill my chest
pulling in. I think this is not a good thing, am I right? How can I avoid

Author Rock the Stage NYC (2 years)
Epic lesson!

Author Rosannasfriend (1 year)
thank you for these wonderful tips. I imagine using these 14 tips for years
to come.

Author Nguyen Son (2 years)
I'm confusing. Please tell me whether your opinion about appoggio and his
are the same? Thank you very much.

Author TenelliVoiceGuru (2 years)
Thank you. Classical technique for any instrument is considered to be
studed first(Oscar Peterson, Herbie Hankock etc) but in Vocal technique
only few realy took a swing at it first. Singing classical especialy opera
repertoir is the most difficult in terms of technique, but it doesn't mean
(like some may think) a classical singer can sing well a simple song.
Different styles require style knowledge(diff vibrato, color, not always or
never a chiaro scuro sound), so class. approach is more compl.

Author TenelliVoiceGuru (2 years)
2:30 Tension is no good unless it's appoggio one. Try to warm up slightly
mooving your head around, swing your body a little. then you can figure it
out if your neck tension is caused by singing

Author babystinky (2 years)
Thank you Mr. Tenelli, for your willingness, to share so much information,
free on the net like this. That is incredible. Just to pass something along
as well, I just came across a tenor, I have never heard of before, by the
name of- Angelo Loforese- he is still singing in his 90's
watch?v=ogWdRFrJmWM Also watch?v=s1v17tnCjmU I hope it inspires. Thanks

Author TenelliVoiceGuru (2 years)
thank you my friend

Author Steve Albrecht (1 year)
So many voices out there, especially in the classical world, and
especially tenors, who just sound awefull (white sound, forced, tortured,
way of singing.) and still make careers. I never wanted to be that way.
Since your videos, I am going back from scratch and making real progress. I
realise if I had hard times with high notes in eee vowel, or U vowel, there
must be something wrong. I always had high c at the end, but middle part
killed me and was not clean and was not pleasant to hear.

Author A Cappella Trudbol (2 years)
This was very interesting and fun to watch, thank you very much.

Author TenelliVoiceGuru (1 year)
if you try to open ribcage without deep breath you will feel unnecessary
tense.If you stand streight and you breath deeply your ribcage will open

Author Hector Lopez (2 years)
Mr. Tenelli, it is impossible to exaggerate the incredible help you are
giving. You are a consummate teacher, of great generosity.

Author TenelliVoiceGuru (1 year)
thank you for your comment:)

Author Cornelius Tinco (2 years)
I have a question: Are David Miller (il divo) and David Phelps( youtube .
com/watch?v=WWhVA4Rg2Fg&feature=player_detailpage#t=152s ) appogio singers?
could you please comment a bit on their techniques? thank you very much

Author Alain Bressers (2 years)
Maestro Tenelli, I always wondered since listening to Sherrill Milnes,
whether he also used Appoggio or not; he does seemingly have a
one-registral sound, although I'm not all too sure. Which also makes me
wonder, do you perhaps have any idea how he gives such a unique... sound
(for a lack of better wording) to his high notes in the passaggio? It's
unlike most other singers. Here's an example at 11:27, 11:38 and 11:49 -
/watch?v=kWFBugcQzA0 Thank you :))

Author TenelliVoiceGuru (2 years)
sure, diaphragm should develope slowly, when it's strong enough then you'll
hit higher notes

Author Milorad Vujosevic (2 years)
Thank you very much for such a quick reply, I got the point! All the best!

Author Xenia W. (1 year)
What also trains the diaphragm is to exhale on an S slowly or do the Ptk
soundless but with 'strength' of the lips/tongue if you want to call it
this way.

Author TenelliVoiceGuru (2 years)
try that:)

Author prog112 (2 years)
Maestro, great lesson! I found my problems in "E" vowel - I already slip at
dElla in 'della mia bella' if i try to extend this e. Should I make my
mouth wide open as for A and sing E?

Author Honken (2 years)
The reason why some muscles tense up without having any specific action to
help the movement is called irridation of tension. It is basically your
central nervous system recruiting other muscles in order to increase whole
body tension. Weightlifters and powerlifters do this consciously in order
to maximize the power output of the movement that they are performing and
to decrease the risk of injury (by stabilizing the bar path by means of

Author Demetrios John Tsinopoulos (1 year)
Maestro can this sandwich effect be observed when we try to blow air
through our nose with fingers closing it???

Author TenelliVoiceGuru (1 year)

Author Rock the Stage NYC (2 years)
it is also helpful to sing an "ee" vowel with an "eh" mouth position. This
way the tongue stay relatively flat and forward and does not bunch up in
the middle and pull the larynx up constricting the sound.

Author Robert Plas (1 year)
Great video! I think that you also must to lear by heart and understand the
aria! That is what i do first. Thank you so much, maestro!

Author jrllotak2 (2 years)
I have figured out that it's due to the elongated S on by spine for many
years of bad posture. If I line up my body correctly, my head is still
pushed forward. Thank you very much for helping me discover. (:

Author A Cappella Trudbol (2 years)
Everything is in the video description. :)

Author jamesmorgan293 (2 years)
Maestro Tenelli. I appreciate your very informative video courses. By the
way, one of the many questions I'll eventually have about appoggio, I can
sing up until the F after the middle C. However at this point my stomach
can't expand any further. Will I be eventually able to accommodate the F
sound with the stomach halfway out? I mean, now I can sing the F with a
full expansion of my stomach but as my diaphragm gets stronger with
practice, I won't have to expand my stomach to the fullest to sin

Author Gustav Karlström (1 year)
Thank you for this. I've been a professional jazz/soul-music singer for
about 10 years and have been looking for vocal enlightenment when it comes
to the technical aspects. I can't tell you how much frustration, yet with a
constant optimism of course, I've run into. Clearly, this is the holy
grail.. I say this based on my understanding and the results that I've
achieved in just a few days as opposed to all the lessons I've been taking
this far. Thank you again.

Author One1vision (2 years)
Maestro...just wanted to thank you for all of your video postings. They are
priceless! I'm in my 50's and wanted to start taking vocal lessons. The
amount of confusing information out there is overwhelming. Your clarity is
refreshing. It was definitely instrumental in helping me to choose a local
vocal coach.

Author Steve Albrecht (1 year)
What I want to sayis this: If your videos were to go away or you were to go
away, it would be like the loss of a real dear friend, at the very least.
At least this is how I feel.

Author SHA8UTIE (2 years)
I am not Tenelli but I know Phelps very well as an artist and I would
imagine that he has to be an appoggio singer.

Author TenelliVoiceGuru (2 years)

Author jrllotak2 (2 years)
Dear Maestro, Is there any way that you can help me with posture? I learned
that appoggio relies heavily on posture, such as the noble position. When I
do this position, I find painful tension in the base of my neck, and my

Author TenelliVoiceGuru (2 years)
to sing a simple song, one doesn't need that voice but sensitivity and
creativity. One has to be a master of interpretation. Opera singers
unfortunatly lost ability to interprete due to intensive coaching and come
scritto(like written) approach. 99.99 % of classical singers rely on they
coaches who show them how to sing, even they never sang themselves.

Author Alain Bressers (2 years)
Absolutely wonderful - this video made me understand what you meant in the
other videos! Side-views and close-ups are definitely helping :) I do have
one small question that remains however: when your belly goes out as seen
at the beginning, under no circumstances should the diaphragm area/the
horizontal line between your belly and ribcage move in as you press the
belly out? I wonder, because I think that when I push out, I do it in a too
low position in my belly. Thank you, Maestro!

Author kirtanyogi (2 years)
Maestro, after some months following your videos and singing as never
before in my life, to the point that my teacher asks me who am i studying
with, i come up with a stupid and simple question... What about the rib
cage? Do you feel it expanded as an opened umbrella or relaxed? Thank you,
thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you and so on till you
open your mouth again and i shut mine to listen

Author VIDEOHEREBOB (1 year)
Mr. Tenelli , this has helped me greatly and I am not an opera singer.

Author Rock the Stage NYC (2 years)
Maestro - is there a way to get a copy of that paper?

Author TenelliVoiceGuru (2 years)

Author TenelliVoiceGuru (2 years)
I'm happy if my expertise opens mind and gives some insight:)

Author zuzuzeko (1 year)
Very helpful, but how about the ribcage? My teacher is telling me to open
the ribcage, but if I do it, I don't really support down. But, if I breath
low , ans as slowly slowly my appogio is getting stronger, I can feel both,
the abdos and ribcage muscles are working. Is that right? It's very
confusing. Thank you for all your advises! I am a fun of yours :)))

Author Milorad Vujosevic (2 years)
Dear Mr. Tenelli, in your opinion, what is the best vocal technique for
modern singing styles e.g. pop singing? In one of your videos I saw (and
heard) you demonstrate various contemporary singing styles and I was amazed
that each one sounded so natural and so in the style, not like opera singer
trying to sing a pop song. Could you please make a video on that matter
soon? Thank you for unselfishly sharing your knowledge!

Author dleddy14 (2 years)
Great video. Thank you!

Author TenelliVoiceGuru (2 years)
sure, in Montreal

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