Appoggio lesson routine in 14 steps by Franco Tenelli

Appoggio lesson
(by Franco Tenelli)


1. Correct(comfortable) standing(on the balance)
2.Diaphragmical breathing with lips closed(Appoggio imitation)-observe sandwich effect
3. Short resonant sounds produced with push down technique(best consonants are "b" &"m"
4.Pre warm ups (explaining necessity of creating individual pre warm ups)
5. Declamation of the known arias passages(like the drama theatre actor:to be or not to be)


6. Singing short passages with appoggio application (della mia bella...)
7. Understanding and feeling appoggio articulation(understanding both how appoggio feels and objective truth about appoggio mechanism)
8. Routine warm up (scales, Vaccaj)


9. Singing aria or song(letting go through without stoppage for the first time)
10. Emphasis on difficult moments and technical solutions
11. Emphasis on artistic value(Singing with pleasure, freedom)
12. Trying to combine 10 and 11(Singing both technically and expressively)*

13. Explaining priorities in learning new material(lowering the key of the difficult phrase up to 3 steps down and raising it slow and even higher then original)
14. Homework: Reminding to fix what was done in the lesson and learning new arias

*Explaining the freedom vs. style. Expl. What is expressive singing?

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