CSS zombie escape ze_paradise

Counter strike source zombie escape ze_paradise.
server ip:

Call of Duty 4 skins:


(G3: )

(AK variants: )

(M16: )

(M21 All ghilled up: )

(MP5SD: )

(G36C: )

Modern Warfare 2 skins:

(Player skins: )

(Weapons pack: )

(AK47: )


Battlefield 3:
Black Ops 2: )

(Battlefield 2 and 2142 weapons: )

(GOLD AK47: )

(Galil weapon skin: )
For all of you asking about how to install skins to CSS search "how to install skins on css" on YouTube.

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Added: 4 years
Runtime: 6:36
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Author Mohd Nor Hisham Mohamed (2 days)

Author Stamkos91 Gamer (2 months)

Author Bl4cksm1thx (5 months)
what is the knife skin PLZ i beg you!

can you give me the link to downlaod the same knife as you?! i want it for
my css

Author Allan Gameplay (8 months)

Author Daniel J. Grossi II (5 months)
Zombie Escape - ze Paradise

This map was so much fun to play before intox change zombiemod from
Counter-Strike to Team Fortress 2

CSS zombie escape ze_paradise

Author Elyad Gharib (11 months)

Author narutoshippuden969 (2 years)
lol famas 25 ammo

Author Carlos Uriel (2 years)

Author Rafa B (3 years)
where are the zombies start?

Author willywonka610 (4 years)
pshhh hthis was not a real server... where was the zubies and other players?

Author Estherina Glory (2 years)
call of duty 2 mod?

Author blazerdude89 (1 year)
what is Call of Duty? COD doesnt belong in the same sentance as those other
2 badass games.

Author Fangz (3 years)
u prob should have told him to jump before jumping out XD

Author Dave Slamacow (1 year)
its in the description,idiot.

Author SzAtAnNeK1 (2 years)
grajcie na tym ip

Author Alan Del valle (1 year)

Author Kader Makine (3 years)

Author Farsdewibson D' man (1 year)
yup, my favourite game and uploaded on my birthday

Author razvans1000 (3 years)
nice video man

Author tibinicle (1 year)
read the fucking description!

Author jack krauser (1 year)

Author ThiefThe Boss (1 year)
they are in the description...

Author DemoN8886 (4 years)
what version of css does this server use now?

Author Fronz Maier (2 years)

Author C. Mickel (4 years)
From all of these CS zombie mods they all use characters from mw2 why is

Author cashpop500 (4 years)
you were with a freind in that helicopter. there was a SAM missle and
jumped, but he didnt......sounds like a movie moment

Author mrpiratebuy (4 years)
@supersonicklyx not getting eaten by zombies?

Author makarim farid (2 years)
please tell me how to download and play......pleaase........please.....i'm
searching for game for a year

Author Taimimings Kaboom (2 years)
there are many 9 gaggers here

Author vankus1995 (3 years)
plis download link sounds

Author Maximalnoob (4 years)
Yeah ^^

Author Minecraft1002 (2 years)
You pay -_-

Author epicpikachu870 (2 years)
i didn't get this

Author ThePirateFairRR00 (3 years)

Author Pedro Alexandre (2 years)
oi sou yasmim gataaaaaaaaaaaaa♥

Author ThedragonDeath344 (1 year)
good video.can you pass me the link of your pack of skins?

Author 4lk5t3r (2 years)
how to get zombie escape????,i just have a zombie mod

Author mouaboi (2 years)

Author Jack Ned. (2 years)
где скачать?

Author regina zuravljova (1 year)
2:33 is hacking in helicopter

Author Don Omar (1 year)
what patch?

Author Lucas da Silva (2 years)

Author данаким трофы (2 years)
they are 2 in the server

Author ZAMNman (4 years)
ok is the guy who says "Let's do this" in the begining of each round the
same voice as ghost in COD: MW2 ?

Author siguebrillandocosmos (2 years)
6 and 1/2 minutes of nothing.

Author SmartOne1996 (2 years)
U need to make the zombie escape mod by u self changing stuff in ur cver
for example only infection and not neemesis and adding escape maps

Author jack krauser (1 year)
I give good video I like and subscribe (buen video le doy me gusta y me

Author RedNeck Studios (2 years)
link for the skins

Author darkmagier1 (3 years)
can you please give me the radio sounds

Author Ac6476 (2 years)
@supersonicklyx The inside of the volcano was safe and all of the outside
world of Paradise is conflicted by the volcano. That means your great. :)

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