Beautiful Iranian Girls

PERSIANS arent good, we are the best
PERSIANS arent cute, we are sooooo BANGIN!!!
PERSIANS dont play, we win
PERSIANS dont dance, we grind
PERSIANS dont talk bad, we talk dirty
PERSIANS lips arent just hot, they're the lips u wish u could kiss.
PERSIANS dont just do it, we do it best
PERSIANS dnt have fun, we ARE fun
PERSIANS r da best dancers
PERSIANS arent nice, we r sweet
PERSIANS arent just friends, we r lovers
PERSIANS arent cool, we r awesome
PERSIANS r smokin Hot
PERSIANS were blessed when they were born cuz now were proud to tell
everybody dat we r 100% PERSIANS.
Iranian girls are some of the best looking in the whole world. This video is dedicated to all my beautiful brother and sisters.

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Author Mina Tarki (1 month)
yes we are pretty :)

Author Siddiqi Aliya (7 months)
Irani afghani and kashmiri girls are beautiful

Author Remigio Moncayo (7 months)
WOW, gorgeous girls, too bad it's a muslim country :(

Author jas alass (8 months)
Most of them are not iranian because iranian girls cover their hair and if
they don't they'll go to jill.

Author Chris Brad (1 year)

Author GodBlessNYC (1 year)
Yea if they're really Iranian 

Author Iranian Prince (2 years)
persian gulf for ever

Author farshidmt (2 years)
Well, Iranian Girls use technology. Otherwise we should live on the tree
like monkeys.

Author Mike Ele (2 years)
Ohhh those Persian beauties .my guess is that vanity was invented by
Persian women..Good for me, I'm married to one of them...she glows every
day, no wonder why they are a true bread of Venus, i guess Venus was a
Persian beauty..

Author reza najmi (2 years)
ur one just one of them looser and fuck urself, iranians are warriors and
woman are brave and strong, come and attack iran and iranians will show u.

Author Parthianshots (3 years)
@TheArabianGulf4ever Jealouse habbibi? While the Americans and isrealis are
shovin ther cocks up your mothers and sisters, bulldozing their assholes,
this faggot is here o youtube obssesed with us, and he also has no friends.

Author MiddleEasternBeauti (2 years)
@billyglide5000 no they are all from Iran

Author ahmed razaq (2 years)
if usa declares war iran, I don't think they will complain about going over
their.. they will enjoy themselves

Author Ali M (1 year)

Author Forooz Feri (1 year)
Are you laughing at your own beauty? OK lets laugh together.

Author Ali Etesami (2 years)
look at u :)

Author 19distinct19ut (1 year)
хехе Почему?!Иранки же шииты как и Азербайджанцы!=)

Author Forooz Feri (1 year)
And what your Alah said to do to women? cover your selves and stay at home
like a sex slave and let men live their lives and marry with 4 women? Your
Alah said in your qoran that men have wright to bit their wives and do not
let them to go out of house. Do you know who is bitch? men who have more
than 1 wife, they are bitches.

Author MiddleEasternBeauti (2 years)
@theend1245 yes :)

Author MiddleEasternBeauti (2 years)
@alzym1 he is a fake not an indian what kind of indian would say iranian
sare black and indians are white ? LOL

Author TheBfaulk92 (2 years)
Let's pray to God that America collapses

Author Parthianshots (3 years)
@hegadem Persian is both an ethnicity and nationality. That's like saying
are you Arab or Saudi, dumb gayrab faggot. Searh your history, see how long
the Achaemenids, Sassanians, Parthians and safavids ruled you. We also
ruled you first and our soldiers were constantly bulldozing your women's
assholes and vag, so you got our blood in you, hence why all gayrabs look
different depending on the country.

Author alzym1 (3 years)
@johhnnyrtrtrt lool , go back to ur dirt u slumdog shit , every one knows
about you indians ,ur girls smells like curry all the time nd they need to
trim down there which they dont give a shit , lool you guys are so dirty nd
have no clues about spoon nd forks ,hahaha, just fuck off dirty face.

Author TheArabianGulf4ever (2 years)
@zippoOoO18 well, well, well.. the poorsian culture is like the greek
one?!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA i like when an idiot like you try to show some
knowledge on youtube so I could unclothe whats in your smelly stinky
brain!! So you're trying to say that god from the seventh sky, chose your
evil land to have the "rich culture" that you're talking about?! i wont
discuss it more than the statement i've typed cause what you've said
confirm that you guys are zero and poorsia doesn't even exist!!

Author Parthianshots (3 years)

Author 27sman (2 years)
such delicious and beuatiful body, I would die to fuck an IRAN GIRL.

Author MiddleEasternBeauti (2 years)
@ketazferros funny crap coming from a mexican ;)

Author DokhtareAhvaz (3 years)
@purpleluvr4ever dude obviously kurdishpride52 is sperm of arab and turk
mixed so he is wild ;)

Author PABLO ESCOBAR (2 years)
aksareshun ke kharaban!! az ghiafahashun mikhune adam!! khak tu saretun

Author MiddleEasternBeauti (2 years)
@dlh60 she is 100% Iranian. all the photos are Iranian and i'm sure that
photo is from an Iranian girl since i have seen it in many videos !!

Author Atish Sharan (2 years)
In Iran a revolution should be started where women could enjoy equal rights
as men and freedom. Useless religious bigots have destroyed humanity. Do
not listen to them.

Author TheMisscherry666 (2 years)
turkey albanian GULF arabia are yes but iran women and mediteranean arabs
are hot people

Author MiddleEasternBeauti (2 years)
@TheArabianGulf4ever go kill urself u saudia sand nigger :D see it rhymes
so well saudia sand nigger :D

Author Alejandro Latinos (2 years)
no way iranians girls looks better than turkish girls ( yes for me )

Author Forooz Feri (1 year)
What about Arab women who they are belly dancers? Are they Mohamad( profit)
girls? LOL Are you jealous to our beauty?

Author Ali M (1 year)

Author zippoOoO18 (2 years)
@ketazferros Shermine shahrivar Iranian girl WON MISS europe, 2. ramona
amiri, also iranian won miss canada and samatha tajik.. here u got 3
iranian girls who won miss germany/canada or smth , just google u
motherfucker and u will find out, being a hater doesnt take u anywhere in

Author KurdishPride952 (3 years)
@purpleluvr4ever i saw her on many kurdish videos, she is kurdish. she even
looks kurdish, persians do not have looks like that.

Author Farshad Samin (1 year)
iranians girls are most beautiful girls in the world.

Author 27sman (2 years)

Author MiddleEasternBeauty1 (2 years)

Author MiddleEasternBeauty1 (2 years)

Author Edem Mapper (2 years)
cool one i want fuck them

Author MiddleEasternBeauti (2 years)
@ketazferros What????...shut up you stupid mexican...your brown yourself
and for your stupid information i am VERY fuck you!!!.I am not
even a sand nigger,but guess what??your a nigger yourself!!!!....

Author zippoOoO18 (2 years)
@TheArabianGulf4ever haha go back to cawes and eat lizzard u dirty arab,
persian culture like the greek one, one of the oldest, u seem to not know
any information or education at all..whats arab culture? KILLING, EATING,
HAVE SEX, = like animals! so shut the fuck upp and shove that
''arabiangulf'' pride in ure prophets ass

Author TheArabianGulf4ever (2 years)
@MiddleEasternBeauti if we're niggers then why your mom and sis beg us a
visa to come in our Arabian nations to get fucked and suck some Arabian
cocks to feed you back in POORSIA!! you poor people truly need someone like
ahmadinajad to piss on your faces if someone open his mouth with a one
singe word!!! You're all nothing but shitty envious, nasty, crapy
creatures!! I dought that poorsians are humans, poorsians are less than
dogs in our culture!!

Author FKhorasani87 (2 years)
Hahaha, nice answer. ;)

Author Lee Wang (2 years)
do you think an average chinese guy would have chance with an average
persian girl? (there's one in my company.)

Author MiddleEasternBeauti (2 years)

Author nobrainQQ (2 years)
sadam said the same.

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