Beyblade Metal Masters Episode 46 - Charge! Hades City English Dubbed (Full)

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Beyblade Metal Masters Episode 46 - Charge! Hades City English Dubbed (Full)

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Author lightshadow liang (26 days)
:o aquaria helps finally in metal masters

Author Gundam Pahim (1 year)
the hades city is like a huge beyblade with a tower on top

Author Hawaiian MineCrafter (2 years)
dont get your pantis in a bunch

Author Samuel Hedrick (11 months)
Why don't they just kill people with their Beyblades power?

Author Sirmel11 (2 years)
Good episode. I would've put Kenta, Hikaru, Benkei, and Nile on the ship...
Tsubasa was like "random grappling hook!"

Author naruto1234ninjapro (2 years)
wow flying city

Author rmsalg5 (2 years)
where is ryuga?

Author Kaka CarrotCake (2 years)
that garcia kid is annoying... "amazing, huh?"

Author pooppoo (2 years)
hikaru: ... me: ... LOL!!!

Author Lordacus Craft (2 years)
The Beyblade Company is using Bayblade for money too they sell it LOL.

Author Crysis Fantal (10 months)
19:38 somebody's short

Author duseanmable (2 years)
Waz here

Author joshua kim (2 years)

Author Hassan Sayed (2 years)
ur right thx

Author alex armah (2 years)
they should have left

Author Dragonwolf Jones (1 year)
why did you roll it on tv

Author Marvin Leshrat (2 years)

Author TeLaMoN321 (2 years)
at 14:48 , kyoya saids im not done with you two times, then it looks like
he is smiling :D

Author FlameDragon1337 (2 years)
hikaru hasnt used her bey since season 1

Author Li Juan Xiao (2 years)
O /I3\ /\

Author 3PWND (2 years)
18:10 thumbs up if u recognize this theme

Author MrWeare121 (2 years)
he is awsome enzo is cool

Author SonicBlue92 (2 years)
Bladers Assemble!

Author Silver Zephyr (2 years)

Author Floblo Herondale (2 years)
mayb annoyin but cute i like kenta's chubby chubby cheeks :)

Author joshua singh (2 years)
This is like beybalde world war 1 !!!

Author sahhelwa (1 year)
Me too i will battle number one in UAE

Author Minion of the East (2 years)

Author CartoonWorld11 (2 years)

Author TheBeyblade786 (2 years)
why storm aquario in benniging

Author tendarkshadows (2 years)
you just got told

Author cocoscookie (2 years)
World war 3 is going to start because that kid is so annoying xD

Author tvesrb (1 year)
so zigurot observed their battles and used them for his research. why does
that piss them off so much?? observation and experimentation are how
development is made. other than that, their outrage is completely justified.

Author Laserwing00 (2 years)
18:58 do you see the PEACE?

Author Abdulaie Cham (11 months)
You re code

Author MrWeare121 (2 years)
no yu sucks enzo is amazing he is the best

Author MultiOreo2 (2 years)
your videos are a bit off sync, but its still good :)

Author sahhelwa (1 year)
Really nic

Author Govanni Benitez (1 year)
is showed storm pegasis at 17:25

Author storm pegasusx (2 years)
thanks uploader i coudent find this episode for a while

Author Food&Liquor (2 years)
Thank you for all the uploads you've done. I love how intense the series
has gotten!! And apparently the WBBA has a crap ton of jets that can make
you instantly appear where everyone else has been for a while

Author williukea (2 years)
this episode is amazing huh :D

Author NotXpertTheif (2 years)
I like where this is going

Author moises angelo gabutin (1 year)
amazing huh!

Author michael hutter (1 year)
who would dislike this you shouldnt even watch it then thumbs up if you

Author Sung Oh (2 years)
cool thanks

Author BumpinMyMuzik (2 years)
I dont like team garcias even Enzo Yu should have won against him.

Author So many Striders (1 year)
To: The Garcias. Move bitch, get out the away. Get out the way, bitch get
out the way

Author kaygirl2016 (2 years)
Mei-Mei got something right. WTF?!

Author TheBeyblade786 (2 years)
you got that right

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