Mario Party 9 Solo Part 5 of 6

Join me in my adventure to defeat Bowser while unlocking ShyGuy and MagiKoopa in Mario Party 9!

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Author Margaret Doyle (2 months)

Author Ricardo Mata (9 months)

Author Bijaya's World (7 months)
Cool I have that

Author Shakil Alam (6 months)

Author Shakil Alam (6 months)

Author SBS9067A (1 year)

Author Kolma (1 year)
Yeah this game seriously cheated What you don't see is all the attempts I
had made for part 5 and 6 lol

Author SBS9067A (1 year)
The dialogue is monotonous UNlike Mario Party 8, it's boring to just sit
there in a car, the mini-games are just press-this-button-NOW types, the
boards are all unappealing, I just can't STAND the thought of being in a
CAR the whole time, you can't steal Mini-Stars from others like a boss,
Happening Spaces now being Event Spaces are changes that are butchered, and
there are way less characters to choose from as compared with the 8th game.
Need I say more?

Author bowser troop (1 year)
Guess this place is sizzling!!

Author nuraffandi (1 year)
So you mean that Yoshi got all superstars?

Author SirJeivus (1 year)
Magikoopa's luck is unreal

Author SBS9067A (1 year)
This game is actually okay, I wouldn't mind paying SGD69 for it, but the
reason I hate it and why others hate it would be because the gameplay is
butchered. You call this Mario Party? I'd say this is Wii Party with Mario
characters! And the fun gets taken away by the lack of mini-games in
between turns. We are here also for the mini-games! I mean, why land on a
SPACE for mini-games?! And should I even mention the lack of Stars
(Mini-Stars are not counted) and the over-use of BOWSER?!

Author Natalia Bucko (1 year)
Author Yuwadee Chompituk (1 year)
shy guy noob

Author salman alotaybi (1 year)
No The Game Has Many Ideas from Wii Party this is just the Thread

Author salman alotaybi (1 year)
Is Boss Rush And Solo Mode in Wii Party? Is Extras And Mini Stars And
Bananas From Wii Party

Author Osnel Emanuel (1 year)

Author HIPPO HAMMER (1 year)
Then lucky at the end

Author Thailps28 AJ (1 year)
Yoshi fell at the end of a mini game

Author Arian Kennedy (1 year)

Author tidora (1 year)
This game looks shit

Author Lucero M. (1 year)
Yoshi WINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author bowser troop (1 year)
Hey captain yoshi,you got your ass burnt

Author Major Knot (1 year)

Author SBS9067A (1 year)
Well, no, but let me correct myself: "I'd say this is Wii Party with Mario
characters and other bullshit to make you THINK it is Mario Party!

Author sarasingerful love (1 year)
I love this video soooo much

Author Charlie Matthews-Grout (1 year)
F### Kamek and shy guy

Author magnumsrt6 (1 year)

Author Tomas Spacil (1 year)

Author HIPPO HAMMER (1 year)
So unlucky

Author Osnel Emanuel (1 year)
Ha ha

Author salman alotaybi (1 year)
I Hate The Magma Lair So If it at COM Players it,s useful and What Is The
Mean of Two Spaces Magma Rise They? Mean 2 Spaces up I like Which Way Wheel
So Every Player Can Chose The Way He or She Wants

Author Hani Salama (1 year)

Author alosha4321 (1 year)
i dont like how in mario party nine ur all in one car for that reason i
think the earlier ones are better

Author Brofavorite (1 year)
ok ummmmm

Author sarasingerful love (1 year)
Haha he shakes his bot

Author LALIT PURI (1 year)

Author Kolma (1 year)
Constructive Criticism is the best kind.

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