Monster 7,500 Lumens 100W LED Flashlight for under $10

I discovered that due to a lucky co-incidence of voltage and internal resistance, a 100W LED can be connected directly across the terminals of two 18V Nickel Cadmium power tool batteries. And that means you can build a 100 Watt (7,500 Lumens) flashlight for less than $10 (not including batteries).

Note: Don't try this with other battery types - you'll almost certainly fry the LED!

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Author PhantomAct (12 days)
Seems useless to build an LED that you can light up for a couple of
seconds... can you make it light up for longer?

Author OlivierAstuces (1 month)
If I'm not wrong, when you touch the copper at the end, you are touching a
wire that supports a 36V 3A current. Does it hurt ?

Author Marty Vargo (1 month)
Polish the metal to a mirror finish and then use thermal paste in between
the metal and led and you will have great heat transfer.

Author OfficialHardtechnoChannel (2 months)
Sorry Julian, but this is sensless since there is no current limitation in
the circuit. Even in short turn-on intervalls, the led can (and will) take
damage due to the hughe amount of current.

Author Chris Weghorst (22 days)
you moron use a freaking resistor already, 220 ohms 200w should do the work

Author Jefferson Asejo (1 month)
its hard to carry your flashlight because it is very big

Author darryl barton (3 months)
I especially appreciate your battery holder. That's clever.

Author Fabian Feilcke (1 month)
Not particulary suprising. Batteries are a power source rather than a
voltage or current source. You simply cannot draw more than a certain
wattage from it, as the internal resistance rises with the current.
So as long the maximum power the battery can supply is lower than the LEDs
Ptot there won't be any issues with the LED.

The problem is that if you use this kind of current limitation, a
significant part of the power is heating up the batteries rather than
producing light. 

Author Charagrin (1 month)
I am trying to figure out how you got 40 volts out of 2 18 volt batteries
using a inline connection, since creating an in-line connection just adds
the AH together and does not "double the voltage." The crossflow of each
battery is still capped at 18 volts as that is what they allow to pass
through them, just like how flashlights can have multiple batteries stacked
inside and yet still operate at 1.5V for example assuming normal household

I understand the difference between series and parallel connections, but in
practice if I stack 3 AA batteries in a line I still only draw 1.5V
according to my 3 different made testers. SO I am just trying to understand
how the voltage magically doubles despite the battery itself being designed
to only let so much voltage through.

Author Shorty15c4007 (17 days)
3:30 You just nuked yourself. 

Author ЭДИК РУСИН (20 days)
с таким охлаждением сгорит за 10с. проверено!

Author liquidthex (25 days)
Under $10!
Except the wood
...twin 18v battery packs...
all just sitting around my garage (carport?) :)

Cool video anyways! enjoyed it

Author James de Luna (5 months)
Would love to see a more compact, rechargable and focusable version,
something to rival the led Lenser x21r .... Retails at more than £200

Author Jared Connell (6 months)
cool video, I don't think the title is quite fair though because the
batteries alone cost more than that. I understand that you can use them
for other purposes but I don't think that if you mad this to use regularly
you aren't going to want to take the batteries out of your drill all the
time. I also wish you would've done something about a reflector and
lense, switch, heatsink, etc to make it more usable because I want to make
one to acutally use frequently and would like an example. 

Author Carl Talbot (6 months)
You sir have the world's weirdest thumbs.

Author spudxxx1 (5 days)
what kind of driver would i need to power 10 100watt leds

Author M RealKing (7 months)
awesome , and you can drive it with PWM this will be more professional :)

Author norbu1987 (5 months)
is this led found in big screen led TV? or those led tv uses regular small

Author Jonathan Dragon (2 months)
No pics at night?

Author Litruv (6 months)
Note that these batteries are like 70$+ each

Author Nathan Tremblay (19 hours)
nice, a whole 6-10 seconds sounds like a whole lot...

Author geekchaser (2 months)
I used to use those same LED's for indoor growing.. 3000k is a fall light
spectrum. 6500k would be spring or summer. I would power them with simple
cellphone chargers. They worked great! 

Author James de Luna (5 months)
Would love to see a more compact, rechargable and focusable version,
something to rival the led Lenser x21r .... Retails at more than £200

Author Hayqal Ali (4 months)

Author Bonnie Flory (11 days)
I need a watt translator.
A 100 watt of this LED light would equal how many watts of an incandescent
bulb ?

Author Justin Steer (3 days)
Would be far better to limit the current correctly with a resistor allowing
longer use and longer life of the led. Also if you cut lots of slits into
the metal, you could easily increase the surface area of your heatsink, and
therefore its efficiecy. However this is no flashlight the word flashlight
implies a portable handheld device .... this is not :) Nice though.

Author Josh Ross (3 days)
yeah but dose it blend

Author Piramerd Arete (10 days)
China invests hundreds of billions of dollars each year in research for
making things affordable and practical. Today China not only make things
for the world, but also started to design new ideas - A BBC documentary.
Thank you China!

Author Brandon Bates (6 months)
I seen this same thing at Walmart for 49 cents. Why did you pay a POUND (I
know is british money. Im not talking about LBS for my fellow Mericans) for
that O.o

Author Budd Rollins (10 days)
How about getting a led driver so you can plug it in, no¿

Author Kketansa Art (6 months)
I have a 50 watt LED spotlight, and to be able to keep it turned on
forever, it has a huge more than 2 kilo chunk of metal body as a heat sink.

Author taylorID1 (19 days)
Twin & earth mains? Forgive this American for not speaking "English" but
that looks like our 14-2 UF except color coded red/green vs black/white. Is
that wire in common use for residential indoor or outdoor application in
the UK (assuming that's where u are)? With its moulded ground, that would
be used underground here in the US

Author Ruter Ralph (6 months)
Is this Guy retarded?

Author Andrew Rogers (6 months)
I love Aussie accents....

Author Pablo Saquero (15 days)
buena Tesla

Author Duane C (27 days)
Between the cost of those batteries, and the short lighting time, I think
buying "16" 9 volt
batteries ($8) ? set up in 4 "4 packs" at 36 volts in parallel would give
you a longer lasting light in a more compact system.

Author santos cota becerra (20 days)
Poder The fucking led

Author j7ndominica (18 days)
I was sure he's not gonna point the camera at the bright light. But then he
goes and does it. And the camera lives, apparently.

Author Stacy Williams (1 month)
Could make a super joule ringer and use smaller batteries or just one drill
battery nice design . 

Author vincent sit (26 days)
wouldnt this + a 12v battery or PSU be a more suitable power source?

Author geodangleon (5 months)
Just bought a 100w led for AU$7.99 (for fun) and a 600w 10-60v to12-80v
Buck boost step up power supply for AU$20. My question is, do you think i
can set the power supply to the sweet spot of the led, and run the setup
from a 12v battery?
PS your videos are awesome :)

Author FulvioGal (24 days)
Could not you add a switch?

Author Harry de Vokone (23 days)
Hello Julian i build a 10 watt version and i moutend the led on a pretty
big heatsink with thermal paste but the top of the led is getting so warm
that it is too warm for my finger is this normal?

Author Victor Silva (29 days)
I would have at least checked the voltage drop across the LED. Turning it
on for a few seconds and seeing it light is not enough to declare it a
working flashlight.

Author stmounts (28 days)
Your torch is so ugly, who would want to carry that load of crap around?
Why not modify a 'proper' torch, e.g one that takes a 6V lantern battery,
so it doesn't look like a piece of crap???

Author hilton_marc (28 days)
How do you charge the batteries ? 

Author Roy Thorne (1 month)
A simple addition of a pc CPU heat sink and fan, and a case. and you're

Author StinkyCheese9999 (3 months)
If that heatsink is adequate for more than a few seconds then it can't be
operating at 100W. If it is not operating at 100W, it isn't producing
7,500 lumens.

Author Randy H. (1 month)
Window Licker!

Author MrTuts4life (7 months)
I had no idea how sensitive leds are so I got a strip of 24 leds wired in
series and randomly put a 9V battery to the end and it worked perfectly!

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