Monster 7,500 Lumens 100W LED Flashlight for under $10

I discovered that due to a lucky co-incidence of voltage and internal resistance, a 100W LED can be connected directly across the terminals of two 18V Nickel Cadmium power tool batteries. And that means you can build a 100 Watt (7,500 Lumens) flashlight for less than $10 (not including batteries).

Note: Don't try this with other battery types - you'll almost certainly fry the LED!

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Author Василий Григорьев (18 days)
Ну может и 10$

Author darryl barton (1 month)
I especially appreciate your battery holder. That's clever.

Author Hayqal Ali (2 months)

Author geodangleon (3 months)
Just bought a 100w led for AU$7.99 (for fun) and a 600w 10-60v to12-80v
Buck boost step up power supply for AU$20. My question is, do you think i
can set the power supply to the sweet spot of the led, and run the setup
from a 12v battery?
PS your videos are awesome :)

Author James de Luna (3 months)
Would love to see a more compact, rechargable and focusable version,
something to rival the led Lenser x21r .... Retails at more than £200

Author gabigowriel (4 months)
@Julian Ilett 1:12 OH SHIT, I almost fell of the chair...
100 WATT LED?! why?!
great video!

Author Garry M (4 months)
$10 if you dont include the very expensive cordless batteries which would
then just make it a bulb. If you want to make this you have to include the
cost of all parts else it makes it pointless.

Author Jared Connell (4 months)
cool video, I don't think the title is quite fair though because the
batteries alone cost more than that. I understand that you can use them
for other purposes but I don't think that if you mad this to use regularly
you aren't going to want to take the batteries out of your drill all the
time. I also wish you would've done something about a reflector and
lense, switch, heatsink, etc to make it more usable because I want to make
one to acutally use frequently and would like an example. 

Author Carl Talbot (4 months)
You sir have the world's weirdest thumbs.

Author Emmanuel Lopez (4 months)
Julian that is just awesome, thanks for sharing and also pointing us to
where to buy the LED bulb, thanks and hope to se more of your videos!! (Y)

Author denvera1g1 (3 months)
i used a $15 DC voltage transformer, and i didnt know this at the time but
the voltage in does not effect the voltage out, i originally tested a 50
watt 34v LED with an 18 volt 3 amp lab grade DC PSU, but when i measured
the output of the transformer it came in at 24v, so instead of fiddling
with the tiny adjustment screw on the transformer i just upped the voltage
on the PSU from 12 to 17v, and the output voltage didnt even register a
change with my digital meter still at 24.06v. then just for shits and
giggles i dropped the psu down to 7 volts, and holy hell the output was
still 24.06v. and even under load 9v 3 amps from the PSU came out as the
now optimized 32.5v, and bringing the PSU up to 18V 2.3A the output voltage
from the transformer was still at 32.5V, i am no electrician but i always
thought that the output voltage depended entirely on the input voltage.

anyways TL:DR invest in a 15USD variable voltage constant output
transformer, even though your battery's voltage might change you can be
guaranteed that the voltage at the LED will not

Author cdb8315 (4 days)
Nice build! Any thoughts about going into production?

Author thirdarc (4 days)
Can I get a model number for this??? i find it hard to believe you got
legitimate 100W emitter for under 10 UDS... 

Author M RealKing (5 months)
awesome , and you can drive it with PWM this will be more professional :)

Author Jerry G. (3 months)
It would be best to use a simple current limiting. I calculated from the
spec sheet shown a 1.2 ohm / 5 Watt resistor in series should work okay.
Once on a heat sink the LED will be allowed to seek its own quiescent level
in relation to the battery supply he is using.

Author norbu1987 (3 months)
is this led found in big screen led TV? or those led tv uses regular small

Author Chevez E (7 days)
Nice, and to think that there are much more powerful led chips out there
like Cree's monster 18,000 lumen CXA3590. I want them for my hi-beams.

Author Jonathan Dragon (8 days)
No pics at night?

Author 1977Harrier (13 days)
Just a thought but you could add some thermal paste in between the LED and
make-shift heat sink to improve conductivity. A small tube should cost no
more than a couple of quid.

Author A li (15 days)
try it on outside night time

Author Litruv (4 months)
Note that these batteries are like 70$+ each

Author James de Luna (3 months)
Would love to see a more compact, rechargable and focusable version,
something to rival the led Lenser x21r .... Retails at more than £200

Author geekchaser (17 days)
I used to use those same LED's for indoor growing.. 3000k is a fall light
spectrum. 6500k would be spring or summer. I would power them with simple
cellphone chargers. They worked great! 

Author Ron Picnia (4 months)
go buy a flashlight jackass

Author 109sciencefreak (17 days)
For high-powered LEDs I just use a heatsink + fan for cooling. It works
pretty well and might be useful for this.

Author RyuDarragh (18 days)
Internal resistance of the battery. Look at the C rating.

Author Ivano M (19 days)
100W led means at least 50W of heat. The heatsink is too little. How long
do you think the led can be operative before its temperature reaches

Author Brandon Bates (4 months)
I seen this same thing at Walmart for 49 cents. Why did you pay a POUND (I
know is british money. Im not talking about LBS for my fellow Mericans) for
that O.o

Author Marko Vucemilovic (22 days)
Can i run 100W Led with led driver: 34V - 2Amps (68W) .. is LED going to
burn / life will be shorten? Thnx for answer :)

Author Fred Suero (22 days)
that's a sick led !

Author NewTechnology Enterprisesdotcom (24 days)
Brilliant! Are you interested in doing a marketing share agreement on some
of the inventions you have created??

Author Kketansa Art (4 months)
I have a 50 watt LED spotlight, and to be able to keep it turned on
forever, it has a huge more than 2 kilo chunk of metal body as a heat sink.

Author Ruter Ralph (4 months)
Is this Guy retarded?

Author Atomkey Sinclair (4 months)
How to make this gadget of yours perform better - nice layout by the way.

Notice how the LED is very bright when first energized and gets hot very
quickly. You can kill three birds with a stone by building a driver circuit
to manage the voltage (not amps in this case). Your LED has maximum input
voltages (your sweet spot - see technicals)... Construct an oscillator with
a simple 555 timer or a couple of transistors and you will be able to send
an OVERVOLT (beyond tolerance) to the LED for a VERY brief moment, then the
power will stop for a bit and then repeat (basically a very fast strobe).
Doing so will overload the LED just long enough that it can recuperate
without burning out and also generating a greater blast of light. I said
three birds right? In the interim when the pulse is off, you will conserve
battery levels as well as moderately reduce temperature levels (two birds)
- You will also get a noticeable increase in lumens from your LED (third
bird). If you do this, you will observe a nearly noticeable strobe effect
if you wave your hand in front of it like you can with an old school CRT.
There are pre-built integrated circuits that will do this, but I recommend
building one from scratch on a prototype board first. Cheers. (Look up LED
driver/boost circuits on google)...

Author Дюша Метёлкин (1 month)
Шота мало 7500 люмен. То тут, то там в новостях проскакивают заявы
производителей о 100-120 люмен на ватт. (вот, например

Author Andrew Rogers (3 months)
I love Aussie accents....

Author Joep Swagemakers (1 month)
Oh yeah I bought a car tire for 40 dollars and I still had this car in my
backyard, so now I have build this car only 40 dollars!!!

C'mon man, get realistic, although the LED is cheap, you still need a
housing and a power source.

Author benlyons83 (1 month)
skip to 5:52

Author Jamie van Meer (1 month)
How about you show the light outside.. jesus christ what waste of time...
Thanks anyway.

Author roger brandt (1 month)
Would a heat sink from a computer work better?

Author Jim Jones (1 month)

Author Kyle Harris (1 month)
Sorry for laughing at your pain man, but I nearly choked when the LED
killed your camera... well your reaction. XD

Author 4x4hemi4x4 (1 month)
I love it. How can I order one from you. 

Author Gavin Curtis (1 month)
Makes an awesome mountain bike headlamp.

Author Николай Тарасенко (1 month)
Мудило, ебанное!

Author StinkyCheese9999 (1 month)
If that heatsink is adequate for more than a few seconds then it can't be
operating at 100W. If it is not operating at 100W, it isn't producing
7,500 lumens.

Author supertech2006 (1 month)
Watch his next video - HOW TO REBUILD A FERRARI ENGINE FOR UNDER $10 (Not
including Ferrari engine parts or tools). HAHAHAAhahhahahahaha......but
seriously - rethink your titles!

Author MrTuts4life (5 months)
I had no idea how sensitive leds are so I got a strip of 24 leds wired in
series and randomly put a 9V battery to the end and it worked perfectly!

Author FlevasGR (1 month)
Hey, is it safe to run this bad boy for 30 minutes?

Author YouWrasse IsMine (1 month)
Thanks for the info Richard Dawkins!

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