Monster 7,500 Lumens 100W LED Flashlight for under $10

I discovered that due to a lucky co-incidence of voltage and internal resistance, a 100W LED can be connected directly across the terminals of two 18V Nickel Cadmium power tool batteries. And that means you can build a 100 Watt (7,500 Lumens) flashlight for less than $10 (not including batteries).

Note: Don't try this with other battery types - you'll almost certainly fry the LED!

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Author readyrepairs (4 months)
not 10$ ... youve got 2 50$ batteries... and a dollar of wood... and 5 or
so dollars of other materials. change the title.

Author MrTuts4life (4 months)
I had no idea how sensitive leds are so I got a strip of 24 leds wired in
series and randomly put a 9V battery to the end and it worked perfectly!

Author peatear42 (5 months)
Is that the "powerplus elephant" in the back? 

Author MrKaschi (5 months)
you dont use led driver? have you chek the current?

Author gamerpaddy (5 months)
check the china step-up converters (search for 150W stepup on ebay), it
transforms 12V to the 33V needed for LED. i built 2-3 flashlights with it,
check my channel.

Author James Wilson (5 months)
Imagine that built into either a Projector, Disco Light or used for a
general Light in your room!!

Author Jared Connell (3 months)
cool video, I don't think the title is quite fair though because the
batteries alone cost more than that. I understand that you can use them
for other purposes but I don't think that if you mad this to use regularly
you aren't going to want to take the batteries out of your drill all the
time. I also wish you would've done something about a reflector and
lense, switch, heatsink, etc to make it more usable because I want to make
one to acutally use frequently and would like an example. 

Author Garry M (4 months)
$10 if you dont include the very expensive cordless batteries which would
then just make it a bulb. If you want to make this you have to include the
cost of all parts else it makes it pointless.

Author James de Luna (2 months)
Would love to see a more compact, rechargable and focusable version,
something to rival the led Lenser x21r .... Retails at more than £200

Author Sumutiu Marius Xmaster (4 months)
You need electric pulse to keep the LED lighting and not burning. 5 - 10 Hz
to keep the LED lighting for 2-3 minutes without burning itself. It would
be like light-pause-light-pause-light-pause-light-pause-light-pause/second
Don't use sinusoidal fwaves. It will burn your LED.

Author Loris Cianni (4 months)
Hi, i have one 18v and one 12V, it would works?

Author Litruv (3 months)
Note that these batteries are like 70$+ each

Author Kketansa Art (3 months)
I have a 50 watt LED spotlight, and to be able to keep it turned on
forever, it has a huge more than 2 kilo chunk of metal body as a heat sink.

Author BitBastelei (6 months)
@z1power I've don't this in the past. I used some thermal glue to add a old
CPU fan, the projectors fan will do the rest. Biggest problem is the light
distribution - leds emit usually a very narrow beam so you might get a
bright center and dark edges without special lenses

Author Brandon Bates (3 months)
I seen this same thing at Walmart for 49 cents. Why did you pay a POUND (I
know is british money. Im not talking about LBS for my fellow Mericans) for
that O.o

Author Carl Talbot (3 months)
You sir have the world's weirdest thumbs.

Author darryl barton (14 days)
I especially appreciate your battery holder. That's clever.

Author orbiter8 (John) (6 months)
Interesting build there Julian, I've got a couple of those 100W LEDs too.
Just waiting for a project to come to mind to use them on :)
I was considering getting a couple of the lenses you can buy from eBay for
these LEDs just to focus the light a little better. Have you tried the

Cheers mate


Author norbu1987 (2 months)
is this led found in big screen led TV? or those led tv uses regular small

Author jusb1066 (6 months)
cameras also tend to turn off if you point them at the sun, i guess its to
protect itself. I do have 3 small 12v lead acid, this may be a fun torch to
make with those

Author Ruter Ralph (3 months)
Is this Guy retarded?

Author Artemus Rodricq (4 months)
what about a peltier cooler?

Author Andrew Rogers (3 months)
I love Aussie accents....

Author Jerry G. (2 months)
It would be best to use a simple current limiting. I calculated from the
spec sheet shown a 1.2 ohm / 5 Watt resistor in series should work okay.
Once on a heat sink the LED will be allowed to seek its own quiescent level
in relation to the battery supply he is using.

Author Julian Ilett (6 months)
Build a 100W LED Flashlight for less than $10

Author M RealKing (4 months)
awesome , and you can drive it with PWM this will be more professional :)

Author electronicsNmore (3 months)
That is one big LED. Many LED chips inside that 100w LED. The only problem
is the high current draw.

Author Caleb Engineering, LLC (6 months)
You could certainly temporarily blind an intruder with that light. It
could be a non-lethal weapon. :-)

Author TopCityGear (5 months)
Awesome build! I had no idea that LED's like that were available at such a
low price point.

Author paulham (6 months)
I like your personalised torch, where did you get your name printed on it?

Author StinkyCheese9999 (27 days)
If that heatsink is adequate for more than a few seconds then it can't be
operating at 100W. If it is not operating at 100W, it isn't producing
7,500 lumens.

Author Re (3 months)
Three standard 12V lead acid batteries will do the job too 

Author mrzazzaable (1 month)
that 7500 lumens looks more like 600.

My 400 lumen lightbulb even looks bright

Author BlastGrip (2 months)
If you want to use that as a spotlight outside your personal military
compound go ahead. I could make something bright enough in a normal sized
flashlight tube that could put out at least 500-1000 lumens.

Author Mark Treagus (3 months)
Who needs a maglight when you can have this, lol 

Author basspig (3 months)
It seems like this particular LED array might lend itself to retrofitting
the HP lamp in a DLP projector. Of course the HV supply would have to be
replaced with a regulated 36V supply and there is the issue of colorimetry
and satisfying the fail safe programming in the firmware, but I can see
definite possibilities here..

Author cheekymonkey69er (4 months)
That's extreamly bright! 

Author Natesmodelrailroad (2 months)
Really, the only time you need to worry about current limiting is with the
1W LEDs and above. The little ones, you can just put one the right resistor
and hook them straight to a car battery without any problems.

Author radiofun232 (1 month)
Good idea, works properly, but the minimum safety measure that you need
here is a fuse (fire/scorch risk due to the high current that the batteries
can deliver). 

Author Brian Treliving (3 months)
Andrew that would be an English accent. 

Author Doug Loughren (4 months)
Hey... That's pretty cool. Good job, well done !

Author Redd Pepper (5 months)
Believe it or not, but WalMart has all types of lighting. One particular
looks like this unit featured here! If you go to there web site, do a
search, as I did, it surprised the hell out of me! Look for Strobe Lights
in your search. If they do not have it, they at least were kind enough to
show you the links to click on.. I go all the time to their sporting goods
for ammo, never thought of looking around for lights! 12 volt on up, also
FYI most party strobes are 12 volt, they just have a trans former in them
to make them 110-120 volts. The prices are not bad either. It's worth
checking out, as they can be altered for field use also. Later on, Good
Vid! TY, Redd... 

Author James Wilson (4 months)
That's mad! I'm gonna try it!

Author James de Luna (2 months)
Very useful for me thanks so much !

Author Anand Rajamani (5 months)
Did you use thermal grease to attach the led?

Author Kopsu (4 months)
I'm curious, couldn't you achieve the same result with four 9v batteries?
Would be a lot more compact design.

Author Emmanuel Lopez (3 months)
Julian that is just awesome, thanks for sharing and also pointing us to
where to buy the LED bulb, thanks and hope to se more of your videos!! (Y)

Author Mark Bartlett (5 months)
Love anything to do with torches / electronics etc, even from when I was a
young child, about 4, fitting a small halogen torch bulb & PP3 battery,
fitted in a lego caravan, pulled by a tractor.. lol. Anyway, I digress, do
you know if the cost would be considerably more for an infra-red LED? I was
thinking along the lines of low cost CCTV lighting for night.

Author Mortæææn (5 months)
can you buy an try an 1000w led please xD

Author luap ynneb (4 months)
Just for the record, can you put an amp-meter on there just to see what
amps the led is pulling. Thx 

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