Dark Souls Lore- Havel the REBEL

MAD PROPS jebakz!

Let me clarify. The main point is not the name Havel. The main points are that Havel's personal weapon stash contains a weapon for hunting gods and he was locked away by an old friend... for his own good of course! All of the pieces lined up on this one in my opinion. It IS speculation, but there is far less evidence against this theory than for it. The biggest weak point is the role of the mimic... still pondering that one.

Some items you might want to read

Havel and Gwyn were buds.

Havel was locked in a basement by his "bud."

Havel hated Seath.

Gwyn favored Seath.

Occult weapons are used to hunt the gods.

About the real-life Havel, who is interesting in his own right!

And possibly related...

This is still speculation, but... I knew there was a plot against the gods, and I always felt like Havel was a key to the mystery. Almost a year later, and we are STILL finding stuff.

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Author Rodrick Anderson (4 months)
is havel's armor made out of dragon scales?

Author atreides213 (2 months)
I have a theory about Have. It's still in early stages, but it's
interesting nonetheless. The 'Havel' we fight in Undead Burg drops none of
Havel's gear except his ring. We find Havel's stuff, including his
distinctive Dragon Tooth, in a basement in Anor Londo. The Havel we fight
vanishes in a flash of light, much like the illusionary knights and giants
in Anor Londo. Furthermore, the key that leads to Havel's tower says that
there are rumors of a hero locked away bhy an old friend. In Sen's
fortress, we find the soul of a hero. A HERO.

So here's what I think happened. Have learned that Gwyn intended
to.imprison him for insighting rebellion, so he made a plan. He created an
illusion of himself, or had someone else do it for him. He placed his ring
on the illusion's finger to complete the trick, and shed his armor and
weapon in favor of some disguise.

After following the illusion of himself being led to the tower in Undead
Burg and confirming that the ruse had worked, he tried to make his way back
through Sen's Fortress to Anor Londo, perhaps to begin the occult
rebellion. Being a mighty warrior, Havel had most likely traversed the
fortress many times. But now, he was without his weapon and armor. All it
took was one mistake, and he was crushed by a boulder. Havel escaped
imprisonment with an illusion, but perished in Sen's Fortress as he
attempted to return to the city of the lords. At least, that's my theory.

Author mmichelangelo Tartanella (2 months)
holy shit i just got killed by havel and after he killed me he did a
GESTURE!!!! ive never seen that before

Author Hyperdrive (1 month)
It is true that the in-game character names have similarities and relations
with real life. Taking Ornstein, for example; with the name "Ornstein" and
a ring with a lion's head called "Leo Ring", we can safely assume that the
famous Russian composer, Leo Ornstein (1892-2002), is being referenced.

Author EresirThe1st (4 months)
The description of the Effigy Shield says that occult followers tried to
steal Nito's power, and the description of Leeroy's gear says that he was a
Way of White member on a mission.

My theory is that Havel used his Bishop status to get his men to take
Nito's power so that he could overthrow Gwyn.

Author SpectacularName (6 months)
Nice name.

Author Herobot (3 months)
He's locked in there because he became hollowed and was locked in there for
his own good.

Author bigwilliam1990 (4 months)
"Blew my mind...blew my mind, guys...."

I lose it, everytime.

Author Sergiu Volda (5 months)
Maybe the mimic was there simply to guard his secret/stash?

Author SoldierSaint91 (6 months)
Here's my theory on Havel and his men. In the item description's it states
that the armor was worn by both Havel and his soldiers, that's fact.
Dragontooth and his Greatshield are divine heirloom's used directly by
Havel. Since Havel and his men were supposedly of the same caliber they all
would have been strong enough to rip a tooth from a dragon, and their
ring's granted them the strength to wield these powerful and heavy items.
So who is the guy in the tower, and why do you find the armor, weapon, and
shield in a hidden room in Anor Londo?

The man in the tower basement is one of Havel's soldiers, not Havel
himself. My theory about this is simple, Havel was known to be a Bishop, a
Bishop is a high leveled cleric, who would have been an expert at using
miracles, this soldier in the tower doesn't use miracles, but only tanks
which (to me) validates him being just a soldier and not Havel himself.
Maybe he was sent their as a deterrent to the chosen undead to send him on
a longer journey, detouring the Hydra, which leads to Oolacile, directly to
Manus and the power's of the Abyss that the chosen undead was foretold to
inherit. Maybe Havel sent his most elite soldier on one final mission, he
obviously isn't trapped. When you open the door's, he only chases you to
the edge, he never leaves the tower, which means he can but chooses not to,
because he has his undead mission to guard the door to the basin, to
prevent you from fighting the Hydra and finding Oolacile. Plus he is a
Havel soldier, I am sure he could break down a wooden door if he wanted to.

Why were the armor, shield, and weapon left in a hidden room with a mimic
holding an occult weapon? The theories can range far and wide to why and
how the armor ended up their, especially with an occult weapon, but this is
what I speculate. Havel either fell a long time ago, or he left Lordran
with the God's a long time ago, I don't believe he betrayed his Lord's,
considering that he was unflinching you could arguably say that this meant
his physical demeanor, mental, and emotional. He wasn't a man easily
swayed, and his presence not being in Lordran no longer while his gear is
leads me to believe he hid them before he departed with Gwynevere, to
forever serve her. I believe Havel, being a Bishop believed in the power of
fate, so he offered the chosen undead two options. Take up his weapon,
shield, and armor and follow the path to unite the flame once more, or to
choose the opposite path....and risk everything for ultimate power.

Just my take on it, hope you guys like. :)

Author Darky (4 months)
For fuck sakes I hate when people say "Czechoslovakia" Its Czech Republic
ffs we've been a single country for like 20 years now

Author micah956 (4 months)
It haves to be Havel due to the description of the Watchtower Basement
Key.(look online)

The occult club looks obvious. it's havel weapon before getting the dragon
tooth. Another pointer, he went hallow and put away to the Basement. This
causes the theory of how he turned hallow. We can point out alot of things,
but I believe, Seath and Gwyn doings caused him locked up. Seath created
that Butterfly mage, and the key is in there. One of the man, (Magic divine
upgrade) looks like Havel's old friend who becomes cursed. That's all i
believe it is.

Author enema (5 months)
I'm pretty sure you find Havel's signature miracle Great Magic Barrier in a
hollow tree at Ash Lake. Maybe Havel was there to try and kill the
Everlasting Dragon? It's fairly safe to assume that Havel fought the
dragons alongside Gwyn, maybe he was there to finish the job?

Author Lucas Cottica Silveira (8 months)
I'm pretty convinced that the guy we find in the Watchtower is just one of
Havel's knight. Havel didn't use Havel's Ring (probably because he's
already strong enough), while his knights did.

Author Nath Maghinay (7 months)
Not sure if you ever figured out the role of the mimic, although i assume
you have. I would think that the occult weapon was placed in a mimic to
protect such a dangerous weapon from those who might accidentally stumble
upon it. If you meant rather who is the mimic, maybe one of Havel's most
ambitious confidants, made a mimic as a symbol to all of gwyn's enemies.
After all, mimic's are made from those who are overly ambitious, no? Not
completely sure, haven't read the description for the avarice head in ages.

Author Daniel Stern (7 months)
Hey, sorry to like, ruin your deductions and stuff, but they put Havel in
that tower because he was 350 lbs of the world's strongest man, gone
murderously insane due to going hollow.
That's all, no czeck revolution, and there's definitely about as much as
evidence to support this theory as the one that Paladin Leeroy and
Gravelord Nito are the same guy.

Author Ja zarek (2 months)
Ha I am Czech :D .... This is good lore

Author Knights of the Nine (1 month)
Havels a rebel, havels has an occult club, velka has a dark ember, rebels
greatshield has a crow on it, havels in the abyss in ds2. what does it all
mean >.>

Author Raphael Gauvin (5 months)
Tough we also have to take in consideration that the key to the tower he's
in is found on a petrified blacksmith in the forest wich could also lead to
think he was that ''old friend'' but nonetheless,Gwyn is also a viable

Author Mister Crow (3 months)
Another fact that supports this claim: Andre speaks of another smith in
the Darkroot Gardens who enchanted divine weapons. The only "smith" there
is just the petrified remains of another Astorian whom you find the
watchtower basement key. He was probably employed by Havel to ascend an
occult weapon, then punished for his treachery upon discovery of the plot.

Author xThunderxWolfx (4 months)
I think that was a Knight of Havel's room. or just non canon all together
since who would've added that room behind the fireplace without telling

Author Kevin Niland (8 months)
I think Seath convinced(or tricked) Gwyn into locking away Havel. we find
the Watchtower Basement key being ''guarded'' by the Moonlight Butterfly .
. . which was created by Seath.

Author Scaven7 (6 months)
lore interpretation skills +10!!!

so much awesome.

Author Havel la Rock (8 months)
Heh heh. It's not like I was planning to kill any gods or anything. :3

Author james ellerby (5 months)
isnt it interesting that he has a dragon tooth, maybe it was given to him
by the everlasting dragon to fight against lord gwen. A bishop turned

Author R Faw (7 months)
The Seath theory makes even more sense when you consider how far away from
home those crystal golems are in the basin. 

Author aidan duerr (7 months)
what if the mimic was thereto protect havels things frome robbers, like
idk, us.

Author TakashiAmaki (7 months)
I don't think that it was Havel, due to the armor and ring description
saying these items were wore by Havel's warriors as well, so there could
have been a traitor/occultist among Havel's men.
The reason for the mimic also makes sense, if someone suspects that your a
traitor/occultist its best to hide the evidence in a mimic, because if you
have someone looking around they will find the evidence but also the mimic
that then kills and eats them thus eliminating a witness and covering your
tracks in the process a

Author DeoMachina (1 month)
This theory makes no sense at all. Traitors are never treated with even a
shred of mercy or honour. Especially not traitors against the King (who is
also a god in this case).

Author alex jackson (4 days)
omg man shit ! i didnt know you could get all his armour his ring ,
if i had the shell too id be da juggernaut bitch !! lol

Author TJOAG (2 months)
im not sure if anybody noticed but in darksouls 2 havels shield has a heart
carved in it.

Author winkiller2 (8 months)
You only get the occult club by killing the mimic, could the mimic be there
to protect the occult club and hide it to keeps Havel safe?

Author Omniman8th (2 months)
Ironic since NOW some would argue the best greatshield is rebel... even
though this isnt DS2...

Author Infernalicon (1 year)
and while you go after the bed of chaos Manus just begins spamming his
black magic at everyone...ur already dead XD

Author yunieski48 (1 year)
Yes he, actually, does. When he starts walking back to his designated area
(back inside the tower) hit him or bump yourself against him and he will
follow you a bit further out. This trick works on any and every, humanoid,

Author LimiT (1 year)
What I want to know is how he tamed that asshole.

Author TykkMyuk (11 months)
Huh that's cool I guess.

Author Love von Melen Ekman (1 year)
"He was locked away by an old friend. For his own good, of course." If the
friend is Gwyn, then it could be for the friends own good, right? Except it
wasn't in the japanese version.

Author erectbovine (1 year)
Havel doesn't leave the tower...

Author king elite24 (11 months)
dude i think your both awesome but i just have to say your way funnier

Author EdikShepherd (10 months)
dark soul is aprety cool guy he kils demonz and doesnt afraid of anything

Author Jared Pauls (9 months)
wow quick comeback sport

Author ErnieSimp90 (11 months)
holy shit that is an amazing thought! good thinking

Author Chromodar (1 year)
Not only does it fit with the mimics, but also, moonlight butterflies live
in the crystal caves with Seath, and it's a moonlight butterfly who guards
the corpse of the divine blacksmith who has the key to unlocking Havel's
tower. Did Seath have the guy who had the key killed in order to prevent
anyone from releasing Havel? Everything just fits so well.. But in Dark
Souls lore you either have confirmation or only a theory, and the latter is
the case here. It's a good theory though.

Author R Goff (1 year)
it's Havel's airloom, but it could have been passed down.

Author collin robinson (1 year)
not to mention chester says hes from a different time(:

Author Hit-Next-n-Continue (1 year)
you can actually get havel to the bridge just after the bonfire. At least
that's as far as I could get him to come back before I slipped up and he
killed me....

Author Youssif Rouchi (1 year)
If you had to fight every boss in DS at once you would get destroyed

Author Marc Orkins (10 months)
It's time... to BEAT THEM WITH THEIR OWN KIND! I hope to Christ people get
that reference.

Author Cyrus Mehran (9 months)
When it says old friends, that can mean enemies as well. "old friend" seems
to be said in a way that just means they were aquainted, friends, enemies.
I think it means that havel knew the person who locked him up in some way,

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