Queen + Luciano Pavarotti - Too Much Love Will Kill You
From Pavarotti and Friends 2003 with Queen (Roger Taylor and Brian May) and Luciano singing Too Much Love Will Kill You, Amazing. Better than the first Pavarotti and Friends.

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Author mary spt (23 days)
Queen + Luciano Pavarotti - Too Much Love Will Kill You

Author Hereoax Someice (29 days)
รักมากเจ็บมาก แต่ๆๆๆๆๆไม่ตายหรอกเชื่อดิ55555 

Author Martina Kausch (27 days)
Queen + Luciano Pavarotti - Too Much Love Will Kill You

Author Runeguy33 (1 month)
My God..... Imagine freddie mercury an Pavarotti singing a duet....

Author maria giapi (2 months)

Author swissie1000 (1 day)
grazie per caricarlo

Author TheGiando90 (1 day)
670 people are crazy

Author Mark Knott (2 days)
Gotta love Bryan! I didn't know he sang more than a few choruses. My idol.

Author János Bolló (4 days)

Author Grigori Akopov (4 months)
Queen + Luciano Pavarotti - Too Much Love Will Kill You

Author Yayo Ortiz (16 days)
Freddie y Luciano cantan juntos en el cielo, los mas grandes!!

Author Nathan Barley (16 days)
Fuck me look at the size of that
guy...........................................s hair-do!


Author Tuula Westra (18 days)
Missing Freddy too...

Author Steffen Z. (18 days)

Author kalesa weatherby (23 days)
pav like no other! awesome!

Author Catherine McCabe (25 days)
Brian you did a good job ...........but RIP Freddy- and RIP
Luciano........both missed so much

Author Anabella Beatriz Elizondo (1 month)

Author Gennaro Guadagno (1 month)
non ci sono sostituti 

Author Ioan Blaga (1 month)
Incredibil, doi Giganti intr-o interpretare magica

Author Dra Simone Muciolo (1 month)

Author ratnasari dewi (1 month)
very beautiful,very nice, music…very beautiful, very nice song…great

Author woozee serpico (1 month)
what a pitty that freddie couldn't be there! It would have been an awsome

Author jak241298 (1 month)
Scommetto che da lassù Freddie se ne sarà innamorato

Author alina baykalova (1 month)
Amazing duet ! Wonderful !

Author Raquel Adela Ramos (2 months)
Do ...

Author James Miller (2 months)

Author Dany Lll (2 months)
Just beautiful;)

Author Ako si Lav (2 months)
bravo excellence 

Author MAXIMA BELLA TURILLI (2 months)

Author János Sólyom (2 months)
Feledhetetlen előadás volt. Mindketten nagyon jók, de akárhogyan is nézem,
Pavarotti lényegesen szebben, jobban énekel. Szerintem Ő a király!

Author Kandaon ColeiSancti (2 months)
I like it how Pavarotti is always close to tears while performing. I'm sure
he's not the only one.

Author halil şimşek (2 months)

Author Diana Huaman Laura (3 months)

Author Andrea Nicosia (3 months)

Author Louise Maxwell (3 months)
This song ALWAYS touches my heart

Author Raquel Adela Ramos (2 months)
Do ...

Author Nello Montella (3 months)
in questo giorno ero a teatro la sera per la prima di uno spettacolo ....
da buon batterista, lasciai il videoregistratore a casa a registrare 1 ora
e mezza prima dell'inizio della trasmissione per necessita' di andarmi a
preparare nei camerini....e mentre suonavo, pensavo :"chissa' se riusciro'
a registrarlo tutto...." ..... 

Author Wayne Martin (3 months)
I'm in my 60's now, music like this brings huge smiles and tears to my

Author Nicap2 (3 months)
Music is the universal language of love.

Author Kornélia Szekeresné ódor (3 months)
A Queen gitárosa nemcsak a zenélésből kiváló, hanem csodálatosan énekel
Pavarotti méltó énekpárja. Csodálatos ahogy énekelnek, már meghallgattam
legalább 10-szer, de egyszerűen meg kell hallgatnom mindennap.

Author Edmundo Martinez (3 months)

Author 김재희 (3 months)

Author Pawel Adamowicz (11 months)
Freddie would love this...

Author Ross Dickson (1 year)
My God!

Author Gasstelllo (11 months)
невероятно великолепные музыканты!!

Author Teh Magnum (10 months)
Holy shit is this Brain ?! I cant belive tah

Author celestialbodi66 (1 year)
First out beloved Freddie, then the angelic Luciano....The angles do sing
forever in Heaven...

Author Indy The Great (11 months)
Every damn Queen-related video has comment after comment about him, even
when the songs weren't written by him. Another One Bites The Dust, Radio
Gaga, etc. People are just stupid and make themselves feel better by
praising him. Little do they realize that he hated being considered the
leader or that Queen was "his band".

Author enterprise0709 (11 months)
Then why the Fuck is it labeled as QUEEN + Luciano Pavarotti?. If it's
labeled queen, fans will ALWAYS comment about Freddie Mercury, like it or
not. Besides. Freddie IS Queen, He propeled the band to it's Legendary
status. It's not Queen without him. Thats EXACTLY the reason John Deacon
decided to leave the band. Queen Without Freddie, is just Smile without Tim
Staffell. Those song's you listed, You honestly think they would have gone
anywhere without Freddie vocalizing them?

Author AZOUFF (1 year)
4:06 the camera is going to explode XD

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