Haunted Gaming - Shi Ga Matte Iru (CREEPYPASTA)

Hey guys and gals, me Mutahar again! This time we do a creepypasta about a Japanese game centered around demon killing, make sure to take some painkillers before you watch this video! Thanks for watching!
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Intro Music: "Ice Demon" by Kevin MacLeod
Background Music: "Aftermath" by Kevin MacLeod
Outro Music: Written and performed by noDj

Game on-screen: Far Cry 3 (Ubisoft)(PC, 360, PS3)

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Author justarandomyoutuber (17 days)

Author Oneupgamer (24 days)
I punched Death Awaits into a translator and it said Shi Ga Matte Iru was
the correct translation so....points for that.

Author CreepyPastaOctavia (5 months)
"A haunting most Mario..."? XD

Author KS3385 (2 months)
According to Google Translate, 'Shi ga matte Iru' means 'City is waiting.'

Author craziefuzi (3 months)
it means death are waiting<---- yes i did mean to put are, that is exactly
what it means

Author Tyler Switzer (1 month)
That croc was scarier than the Pasta.

Author Ben Calderone (7 months)

Author Nic Parker (2 months)
It is "Death are waiting" technically because Japanese always translates
linking verbs in the plural sense, but for the most part, yes, the
translation "Death is waiting" is accurate

Author Sputterbugz . (2 months)
meh not scary at all

Author Shadowfire (3 months)
any one excited for FC4

Author suzukablade (9 months)
@Joanne Maitland: I did! And according to it. The actual translation of
"death awaits you" is "Shi ga anata o matte".

Author NoMoreUsernamesSucks (6 months)
Wait, Next thing you know Zack was lying dead on the ground with police
officers around him.... Yet his body was never found? .....Were they blind?

Author Carter R. (7 months)
「死が待っている」means "Death is Waiting".

Author GoreTheSweetestJerk (7 months)
The idea is great, but breaking the 4th wall and no build up just killed
it. If more thought it was put into it, it could have been better.

Author Arctic Wolfe (5 months)
how about Mr.WideMouth?

Author Alexander Radcliffe (6 months)
I know you like to be nice about the creepypastas, but this was just utter
bullshit with almost no effort or thought put into it at all, just
terrible, my question is why did you not mark it as a shitpasta?

Author TheRezro (2 months)
Most creepy part of this story is fact that author know this, even when
only person present when that happened was victim.. it's kill suspense even
more then demon itself.

Author Hunter Seager (6 months)
It means you are next 

Author taylor trammell (7 months)
the 0)_(0 is from "funny face"

Author NOPEGate (7 months)
I can tell this Zach kid is going to get into Harvard someday. He's a real

Author airevoleader (7 months)
死 が 待って いる = Death is waiting so the title means death is waiting

Author Robloxian Gamer (8 months)
Shi ga matte iru means city is waiting

Author Ultima Heartless (8 months)
Kinda lost the realism once you find out his body was never found....How'd
the whole story be created again?

Author TG19877 (8 months)
Pause the vid at 7:00 exactly and you'll see haunting most mario is that a
creepypasta? If it is S.O.G. You should totally read it

Author Ryan Baker (8 months)
The text that blinked up at 7:00 said "a haunting most mario...".

Author Symphonic- Remedy (8 months)
I came close with "Shi ga matteimasu," meaning "Death is waiting"

Author Kapoalp (8 months)
し が まって いる (Shi ga matte iru) most likely means "Death is waiting"

Author weegee meme (8 months)
a game a but a demean hunter? u me devil may cry or shadow of the damned

Author turtlemangames (8 months)
it is the right translation

Author Sara Lundy (4 months)
Hey look, the star of david is the thumbnail

Author SoraHero05 (8 months)
Is the protagonists Daunte

Author GameGlitchersGames . (9 months)

Author Scarlet Midnight (9 months)
I know that 'shi' means 'death' ((because I was taught that in japanese,
the number 'four' is known as the number of death because the pronunciation
of 'four' in japanese is 'shi')) and I've always known that 'matte' means
'wait' or 'to wait'. Currently you have 'death' and 'wait'. 'Iru' means
'are' or 'is', and 'ga' is a sentence modifier. Put all of that together
and it is 'Death is waiting' or 'Death waits' or something along those

Author Daniel Vandre (9 months)
This creepy pasta sucked. There is nothing remotely scary about
nonchalantly breaking the fourth wall.

Author Neiko The Lucario (9 months)
this didnt scare me a bit most of them dont but this one didnt even make me
get chilly

Author Tiff The Bishop (9 months)
Am I the only one who was more freaked out by the guy in the video games
thumb BRAKING ITSELF at :46. I'm not familiar with Far Cry 3, can someone
explain this for me? D8

Author Joanne Maitland (9 months)
Did anyone else go on Google translate? xD

Author David Ganceres (10 months)
It means city waiting

Author David Ganceres (10 months)
It means city waiting

Author vemu01 (7 months)
well that esculated quickly

Author Ze Übermench (9 months)
Also, b-b-b-b-b blood blood blooood, yaay!

Author Ze Übermench (9 months)

Author Stan Livingston (1 year)
Here ya go, hope you enjoy!

Author Pealz Heer (1 year)
Devil May Cry?

Author TheJubbjubb11 (1 year)
LOL in the picture for the video its a holy sign not the unholy upside down

Author Zexonyte (10 months)
I'd start with finding lessons or a teacher. It's not a good language to
try and pick up on your own. If you can, I'd use a textbook called Genki.
If you're willing to put in the effort, it's really not that hard to learn,
but that also depends on your natural ability for language, somewhat. Then
again, this is coming from someone who's studied for 10 years and is still
nowhere near fluent, so... yeah... take that for what you will.

Author dgdude8 (1 year)
any one get the static around 5:55

Author Deangelo Flores (1 year)
There is it is called devil may cry.

Author Kefka Palazzo (1 year)
Okay, did anyone else notice the glaring logic flaw in this creepypasta? It
keeps telling us, in fairly great detail, what happens to poor ol' Zach
during the events of the game, but then it goes to tell us that his blood
was found at the scene, and that THERE WERE NO WITNESSES PRESENT. So
there's no possible way for this to be written in a way that knows what
Zach was doing at certain points during the events of the game. I was fine
with the rest of the 'pasta, but that REALLY killed it for me.

Author scelotor51 (1 year)
a haunting most Mario that's what it says towards the end

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